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  1. Without any doubt whatsoever the Secret Service was complicit in the EXECUTION murder of JFK! Their lack of performance went way past negligent. They set JFK up...they put him PURPOSELY in the line of fire. They put him in an open topped limo right out front...they removed rear protection on both sides...and they even put his personal physician in the LAST car in the motorcade. They allowed a 110 deg left turn which slowed the car down in the "Shooting Gallery" which was Elm St and they then played an active role in destroying evidence and corrupting a crime scene.....then they ILLEGALLY remo
  2. I studied the jfk and rfk assassinations for 30 years now. Why have secret files locked away until 2017 if it was a line nutter? Why not treat the limousine as evidence instead immediately cleaning it and getting it rebuilt, why wasn't kennedys clothing used as part of the autopsy?, why not audio record oswalds interrogations, why ignore certain witness testimony(see Barry Ernest girl on the stairs), look at the altered cropped and faked photographs and films (zapruder) - why do it. I agree with data. There is too much to say no one else was involved. Oswald was handled by someone. But the pro
  3. I didn't know about the undelivered package to Oswald. Another element to suggest Oswald was being manipulated. The book by john Armstrong (Harvey and lee) is highly recommended.
  4. And here is a very good read http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/11/24/his-brother-keeper-robert-kennedy-saw-conspiracy-jfk-assassination/TmZ0nfKsB34p69LWUBgsEJ/story.html
  5. Paul mcgann regenerated into john Hurt who last night we saw regenerate into Chris eccleston. Look up the litte mini episode using the red button.
  6. Good post by Weather-history To find further connections look up general lands sale and William Harvey. Military intel who were reportedly present in Dallas that day. Also look up the bush connection. Jfk ii on YouTube Was George Bush photographed in Dealy Plaza. He went on to become director of the CIA.
  7. Could the mob change the motorcade route so it would go by the building where they have the patsy? Could the mob arrange for the body to be hurriedly taken from Dallas to Washington? Could the mob arrange to have the autopsy done by two people who had never done autopsy based on gun shot wounds before? Could the mob influence the national media not to ask more questions about the assassination other than the official line? Could the mob set up the warren commission? I think mob connections could have been involved but they were part of a plot run by a larger organisation.
  8. That's a great video find from Parkland hospital when Oswald died. Remember Ruby had been stalking Oswald all weekend. Then, when surrounded by policemen Ruby can get close enough to fire one shot. Unbelievable!
  9. I too believe Oswald was involved but in no way on his own.
  10. If you want to know what the Smoking guns are in the JFK assassination case then read about: 1. The hole in the windshield 2. The shooting of officer JD Tippet and Oswalds arrest 3. The botched autopsy 4. The first weapon taken from the book depository was a German Mauser not an Italian Carcano rifle. 5. The Zapruder film - evidence it has been a fake (as with other Photos) 6. Was Oswald photographed in the doorway 7. If you witnessed the assassination your chances of living a long life were statistically dramatically reduced 8. There were two Oswalds!!! 9. The secret service just did not re
  11. True, that's the shame of it. What bothers me the most is the cover up of many aspects of the case. Oswald was in no way a lone gunman. If he was why all the secret documents? Not available until 2017 and then only by presidential order. The USA government has a lot to protect. Myths are created out of lost hope. Kennedy did inspire greater public service.
  12. In August 1963 JFK delivered a speech at the American university. "We all live in this small planet, we all breath the same air, we all cherish our children's futures and we are all mortal" It is clear in 1963 JFK moved towards peace. Tip o Neil , speaker of the house, recalls JFK's moves to get all advisors out of Vietnam by the end of 1964. A war he inherited. Look what happened with the USA military complex after the assassination. Conclusion, war makes a lot of money. Jfk 50 reasons for 50 years Google or YouTube jfk 50 reasons for 50 years Or use this link http://www.blackopra...ch
  13. Jfk signed an executive order to remove advisors from Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson sent the troops there. Google or YouTube jfk 50 reasons for 50 years Or use this link http://www.blackopradio.com/archives2013.html
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