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  1. Thunderstorm here in Cambourne Cambridge. Really gusty winds when the rain arrived. Sun now back out and humidity has rocketed.
  2. Hmmm wonder if they’ll keep going all night? Could be a few surprises for those in the North of the region.
  3. Yes was a total surprise this morning and a nice walk to work in the snow!
  4. Stevenage has some nice elevation, been there a few years back and seen some cracking snow.
  5. Yes it’s coming your way, only up the road here in Godmanchester
  6. We had the dreaded email from school yesterday outlining the risk from the forecast of 1 to 3CM lol! I’m quite optimistic about Beds and Cambs area later for snow!
  7. Noticed the lighter sky whilst walking home from work this evening. And it was bloody freezing too, with a frost already forming on all surfaces here in Cambs.
  8. Was lethal in Cambs at 07:30 this morning rain was freezing on contact with the ground!
  9. Well not bad for a N’Westerly this was at 19:45 here in Godmanchester.
  10. Amazing when you think about the sun strength in comparison to last March and the beast.
  11. Going dark to my west here in Godmanchester Cambs. Feels very nice and tropical out too.
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