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  1. Shame as yesterday’s fax had the winds converging right through E Anglia but it seems to have disappeared from the latest one. Winds look like they’re going back to NE again so maybe see a few flakes tonight.
  2. That was a good one, also do you remember the Jan 2003 NNE that left people stranded on the A14 and M11? Got a pasting from this.
  3. Same here been snowing all morning but not settling. After dark this would have been a few cm’s by now.
  4. Well been under the streamer all morning, was all fine flakes but now has suddenly picked up a bit with bigger flakes. Not exactly white out conditions but was expecting zilch here so very nice to look at.😀 FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Good to see snow starved Cambs getting some from an Easterly for change! Forecast looking pretty good too, currently moderate snow here settling on all surfaces.
  6. Keep chin up mate you never know another streamer may line up over us.
  7. There was a Twitter post on here today that mentioned energy/convergence backing through the region overnight, I can’t find it though as so many pages have mounted up.
  8. Christ that’s plenty of work for plumbers and boiler engineers right there.😲
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