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  1. Sky outside here in Milton Keynes is orange??? Anyone know why?
  2. Giant house spider found at work.
  3. Really intense shower here just now!
  4. Noticed this too at 06:30 this morning whilst driving to work with low clouds racing past. Also as you said later coming home very well defined cloud bases despite the lack of sunlight.
  5. Oh yes, would be a massive bonus considering the East wasn't favourable for storms in earlier forecasts! Will be dark too so may get a good light show later.
  6. Lots of heat for storms to tap into too.
  7. I think it's going to hit you and go up through Northamptonshire maybe?
  8. Hmmm is that cluster heading for E Mids/ E Anglia?
  9. Yes me too I gave up with it and now just use the netweather one.
  10. It's a good omen, the ants have seen the forecast and are getting things sorted before the storms....
  11. Good luck moving mate it's not easy saying goodbye to a place that holds so many memories
  12. Thank you, what a great site, even has animation!
  13. Is there a site that has these strike rate maps for historic viewing? As I would like to look up around July 2013 Some terrific storms developed during one evening that year. Edit just found the date 23rd July 2013
  14. Just heard booming thunder here in Milton Keynes