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  1. I’m in a bit of a dilemma as being in West Cambs I’m almost in the Midlands, thus I often lurk in here. I understand the caution by many members in here, as every Easterly I’ve witnessed Essex and Kent getting smashed and my location bone dry and cold ( especially Dec 2010 with heavy snow to the North and South of me) so hoping this cold spell breaks the trend and we all see some proper snow and cold. Ive seen the chart you’ve mentioned and agree it’s rather odd how snow makes it all the way across the North yet only 50 miles inland South of the wash, I’m wondering if it’s the longer sea track for the precipitation further North that has been picked up here?
  2. Yes I remember Dec 2010 we never had a single flake here whilst to the North and South of the region had snow. There was a dry slot in between the two streamers, I’ve not seen any heavy snow in this part of Cambridgeshire during an easterly since living here from 1992 Is there anyone who can remember what it was like during Feb 91 in the West of our region it would maybe help calm the nerves!
  3. Oh please just happen, once in a lifetime event😀
  4. I was at work when the snow started in the afternoon. With us we had a guy from Africa who had never seen snow, his face was a picture when we opened the factory door and he saw the horizontal snow falling on that day. We quickly abandoned work to head off home, the traffic was chaos!
  5. Looking good for Norfolk!
  6. Yes I remember how the heavy snow was horizontal, was at work and had a South African guy with us who had never seen snow! When we opened the factory door to see the snow his chin literally hit the floor with amazement, then we all got sent home, the traffic was gridlock and I thus parked up on a quiet street and walked the two miles home.
  7. Sounds like you had a lucky escape! Remember this well. As 15 year old boy I spent the night alone at home in Braintree Essex because Mum had gone to my Nan's funeral in London. All I had with me was our German shepherd in the house. Being alone I decided to sleep downstairs on the sofa. Was woken just after midnight by wind and rain hitting the windows, went back to sleep and woke again at 02:30, the electricity supply was failing and our video recorder clock was flickering on and off. The dog was whining and the wind was vicious outside with the sound of debris crashing all around. Did not sleep anymore and by dawn to my delight was informed by the neighbours that school was closed. Me and friends spent the whole day observing all the damage in the local area. God i wish I had taken pictures that day of the trees that had not just been uprooted, but thick trunks actually twisted in half. You couldn't walk more than two feet without standing on broken roof tiles. Live electric cables hanging and arcing out on the road. The strange thing though was that my Nan was terrified of wind and she had passed away the day before the storm!
  8. Rain has quickly turned to snow here with rapid accumulations......
  9. Windiest spelll I can remember since storm Doris.
  10. Really heavy snow in Cambs, everything quickly white!
  11. Nice one. A lovely area that part of Essex near the coast. I spent the first 17 years of my life in the Braintree area.
  12. Amazing pic, where is your location?