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  1. Remember doing this as a kid living in Essex, when storm's came up from France overnight.
  2. Same here yesterday, those elevated storm's skimmed past to the west. Had some amazing clouds and the storm's were frustratingly close too.
  3. Just got soaked by this little beast lots of local flash flooding too.
  4. Strange constant thunder here
  5. Anybody notice the sky is a beige colour and it's making everything here look orange. I feel like I'm in an old photo lol!
  6. I've been working here for six weeks and have already seen three thunderstorms, MK the storm capital lol
  7. Oh yes!
  8. Yes this is infuriating! He absolutely should be in the box.
  9. Not since France 98, have I enjoyed watching England this much. They look free of pressure, but yes, we need to put it to bed with a couple of goals.
  10. In Milton Keynes and about to take a direct hit yikes!
  11. Heavy wintry shower here just turned to heavy snow for ten mins Massive flakes too!
  12. Sleeting here in Godmanchester woo hoo...
  13. Woo hoo heavy rain here...
  14. Well I thought it was just me getting old lol but have to agree with you as I witnessed many drivers going 70-90 mph on the A14 in thick fog. I wonder what they do with the extra 2 mins they gain when they get to work?