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  1. Wind here has really got going in the last hour, not seen it this bad for a couple of years.
  2. Snowing here in Milton Keynes and leaving a dusting
  3. Well well nice to see a bit of falling snow since dropping the kids off at school !
  4. Your location is perfect for Snow and storm's I'm just a bit jealous!
  5. Ice on the inside of our old metal framed single glazed windows now there's a memory I'll never forget. Watching patterns and shapes in the ice whilst slowly peeling the net curtains off the frozen glass.
  6. It's cold out with a good frost, but even though my car is 6 years old I shall not be scrapping it just yet :-) Sorry couldn't resist :-)
  7. Noooooo, please don't give up, the models are struggling with this pattern meaning anything can pop up out of nowhere:-)
  8. Was thinking this too, if we had got the colder uppers in from the East first, just imagine the totals for this weekend. Some of us would have been buried!
  9. Before I discovered this site I genuinely thought I was a bit nutty for being so obsessed with the weather. But it's reassuring when I see how many people are on here are just as crazy about snow and storm's. I think maybe the weather ignites some fond memories and just brings them back. As a child who would have thought that when older, we would be talking to fellow weather fanatics through a computer or phone screen!
  10. Wet snow in Milton Keynes for an hour now but the precipitation is just not heavy enough to settle
  11. Just got to work in Milton Keynes and rain has turned heavy.