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  1. I really hate this weather, it causes more disruption than a heavy snow fall, I have 3 dogs and they are feeling it too, I have a camping weekend starting tomorrow been planing for ages in Kent, with temps approaching mid ninties f this is going to be a problem until Saturday by the look of it. On top of that we had no rain here since June 2nd, and the very weekend I go away its gonna be the hottest day of the year and its gonna chuck it down with rain as well.
  2. I just watched BBC Look East weather report for the weekend, currently they forecast a few snow/sleet showers to pass through early morning Saturday then late Saturday night into Sunday a weather front from the south pushing up meeting the cold air and then they sounded unsure what type of precipitation, could be rain or sleet or snow!. In my location a saw gritter trucks this morning applying salt to some of the roads already so they must be expecting snow or ice i guess.
  3. Thanks, living at the bottom of a hill that runs for almost a mile means flash flooding for sure, seen it several times already this year but about 14 years ago we had a good hour of real heavy rain and the road became a river about 2ft deep.
  4. John Hammond said storms moving in during the evening/night time Saturday could be extremely severe with several inches of rain out of them causing serious issues, anyone have more detail on this?
  5. 2013 Annual Ipswich, Suffolk. Very dry this year, just 164mm so far. Source: http://www.ipswichweather.co.uk/Current.htm
  6. Agree re above, also there are reports of dogs becoming very sick and worse because after a walk they lick their paws and ingest the salt which can lead to severe de-hydration and the de-icing chemicals can be fatal to dogs. Screen wash contains ethylene glycol. I love the snow, but but it may be a good idea to wash/wipe dogs paws in fresh water before they lick themselves.
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