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  1. I mentioned earlier how deplorable both bbc and met office forecasts and giving the fact we pay for this service I do feel we are getting short change
  2. I don’t think I can remember a time when forecasting from the met office and bbc has been so poor as it has been this last 18 months . I actually belive weekly forecast were more accurate in the 90s than they are now , it says it all really when both our main forecasters use different models the give us a forecast ...... and to tho k we pay for this too ?
  3. I will say as I have before only to be shot down in flames I belive both the Met Office and BBC have performed quite poorly for 18mnths now forecasts used to be much more accurate prior to this .maybe too many models to look at or information to feed into there computers..... just saying
  4. Hammering it down with rain here and dew point up to 2.6
  5. Dee point risen to 2.c here so rain from incoming front
  6. Dew point risen to 2.c here so rain from incoming front
  7. wonderful post and so true I went to bed at 12 last night and reading posts in here you think we were going into an ice age and 7 hours later its all doom and gloom.
  8. It’s Mr Morgan to you ..... nah Keith mate I did mention on the mad (mod) thread and still belive we are in for a special winter this year plenty of cold and snow blasts to come think we will all be looking forward to spring by the end of March ... watch this space
  9. Like Alvechurch Mark do remember him asking me every day in school in winter is it going to snow today mr morgan lol I never got it wrong back then ? impressed he is still as obsessed with snow
  10. Unfortunately my old mucca convection is low and winds light through the Irish Sea so whilst they will continue to form due to sea and land temps differential they won’t have much legs to gain or sustain across land some sweet spots will enjoy a couple of cms the majority will miss out
  11. Not better than earlier unfortunately will die as it tracks SE
  12. Met office 1 us amateurs 0 radar showers have broken up very quickly and nothing else of any substance forming
  13. Nothing but rain here in Alvechurch and dew point has risen again
  14. Poured down with rain for an hour and dew points back up again ah well there is always t240
  15. Dew point rising steadily here wasn't expecting that
  16. Hit and miss to the east in my humble opinion but you might get a slice of the pie in Melton. ?
  17. Could be a lot of nice surprises for west, south and north midlands later on in regards to snow fall ...if you like snow that is
  18. Hi Mate great to see you ?? Fingers crossed for today. I am in micro climate Alvechurch do have a good feeling about the rest of this winter and you could well be in a sweet spot down in Evesham ???? And you mark in mountainous Brum lol
  19. This front coming in has a very clean sharp edge to the back of it which is indicative of much colder air digging in
  20. Where’s your bro mark do miss his input tell him Mr Morgan is telling him to get his ass on here
  21. Temp risen to 4.2 and dew point to 2.5 from 2.2 and 1.6 so definitely rain to start Alvechurch
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