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  1. my wife has just driven on the A2 from Canterbury to Dover, at Barham she turned off by accident as she couldn't see the road, total white out. Yet 3 miles away from there and i have a snow shield over Eastry. Nothing yet, although i feel it's incoming.
  2. must admit the ramping made me get the sledge out for the kids. I've popped it away again now. Been an enjoyable spell of weather all the same though.
  3. sandwich don't even have a dusting yet, a few snow flurries earlier, but nothing on the ground.
  4. well for me it's having a snow drought for past 5 years, then about 50 miles away heavy snow, yet nothing for us, and the kids are off school today as it's teacher training day.
  5. i've got a feeling that east and south sections of Kent coast will only get a dusting at best, the wind needs to be a little more north which ain't going to happen. might have to pack up the sledge again.
  6. weather radar looks like the activity is shifting a little to bring the whole of kent in to the play area.
  7. Well i’ve Just been out in the cold all night, that east wind is making it feel bitterly cold already.
  8. Well i’m Going with the current met office update at 23:00 for snow on Friday and highs of 2c in sandwich.
  9. i usually don't write in this thread, i usually just enjoy reading the posts here as i'm no expert. But, does this not all hinge on how quickly the cold air passes by the UK, and how quickly it engages the low pressure, and if it interacts with it??? to my untrained eye, the more the low interacts the more likely it is to travel north as it winds itself up. Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. just noticed that Dover, Deal and folkestone are the only east coast towns NOT in the met office warning area for snow. wonder if it will play out like that.
  11. LOL, just had the first white covering of the winter, and it was from a hail storm.
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