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  1. Hit 25c here in BS34 today. 3 weeks of mainly sunny, dry and warm with mid-after temps reaching between 23c and 26c most days. All change from tom though....sadly.
  2. Autumn hasn't started on September 1st for many years. September has evolved into a Summer month weatherwise.
  3. Mostly sunny and 25c here at mid-after Making the most of it as appears to be the last day of the 3-week warm and dry spell. Showers and rain forecast for next few days and into w/e.
  4. With mid-after temps here ranging from 23c to 26c in the last 3 weeks and mostly sunny on most days it's been more than pleasant here
  5. In last 10 years or so i've always viewed September as an extension of Summer. Even into early October it's rarely felt like Autumn in recent years. More of the same please.
  6. Looks decent enough to me, Matt we're having a decent spell of weather here already.
  7. Here you go Tom SAT.13th JULY 1.45 ASCOT - Selection: Tis Marvellous 2.05 YORK - Selection: Copper Knight (NAP) 2.20 NEWMARKET - Selection: Victory Command 2.40 YORK - Selection: Weekender 2.55 NEWMARKET - Selection: Shared Belief 3.15 YORK - Selection: Escobar 3.30 NEWMARKET (BUNBURY CUP) 1st Leg of HANDICAP TRIXIE. - Selection: Solar Gold 3.50 YORK (DIAMOND JUBILEE CUP) 2nd Leg of HANDICAP TRIXIE. - Selection: What's the story 4.00 ASCOT - Selection: Beat the Bank 4.40 NEWMARKET (JULY CUP) 2nd Leg of GROUP 1 TRIXIE. - Selection: Dream of dreams LEG 1: BUNBURY CUP - Selection - Solar Gold LEG 2: JOHN SMITH'S DIAMOND JUBILEE CUP - Selection - Whats the story LEG 3: MOET & CHANDON INTERNATIONAL STAKES - Selection - Hajjam STAKE OPTION: 3 - 3 X 50p Win Doubles.1 x 25p Each Way Treble. Best of luck to all today
  8. Yet another fine day in Gotham City We're well into 3rd consecutive week of warmth and sun here. Sunny and cloudy at times, with a high of 25c today. Beautiful late evening now, clear skies and decent outside beer drinking conditions.
  9. Today was forecast to be 21c here, and that was from a forecast only 48 hours ago; it actually reached 25c mid-after. So why take notice of charts 7 days in advance? Just saying Now into 3rd week of sun and warmth (imby) - decent Summer building.
  10. Will post selections later or in morn. Sorry Tom but not sure how to reply to post-it notes.
  11. Final will be free-to-air on Channel 4, as well as Sky Sports so available to all.
  12. Downhill?! Not here for sure. The last 2 weeks have been mostly dry, sunny and warm. I think this is yet another day where temps have reached an above average 24c. Bar the 1st 3 weeks of June it's been v pleasant indeed and add in last 2 weeks of May to these last 2 weeks and we have a decent Summer so far. I think expectation levels on here are set way too high for a British Summer; last Summer was really an exception, just as the v wet Summers of a few years ago were also exceptions in their own right.
  13. Group 1 Trixie: 1 - Enable 2 - Dream of dreams 3 - Enable  3 x 25p Each Way Doubles, 1 x 50p Win Treble Today: 1.50 SANDOWN: SELECTION - Muthmir 2.05 HAYDOCK: SELECTION - Sir Ron Priestley 2.25 SANDOWN: SELECTION - Greenside 2.40 HAYDOCK: SELECTION - Highgarden 3.00 SANDOWN: SELECTION - Muchly 3.15 HAYDOCK: SELECTION - Koeman (NAP) 3.35 SANDOWN: SELECTION - Enable Best of luck to all, esp if you are actually betting. Havent done a full selection yet for today's real bets, but one i've already bet on early doors today is Koeman - really fancy it at a nice 14/1. Good luck
  14. Thankfully i live in the outer suburbs where MLE wouldnt be tolerated. Any local young 'uns talking like that in my local would prob get told to speak properrrrrrr Bristle by most of the other young lads
  15. 45th. That figures. I'm orig from East side of Bristol, so accent very strong Bristolian. When i was at work years ago did some recording stuff for training purposes and i hated sound of my own accent. When i was about 12 my dad threatened to send me to speech lessons to try and tone down my accent. As others have mentioned in latest posts that mock Jamacian accent some of the white kids put on these days winds me right up - why do they do it?!
  16. A very 'useable' day here; temps around 22c and sunny intervals with cloud coming and going. Right now we have clear skies and it is surprisingly balmy at 21c.
  17. The warning signs were there in the 48 hours leading up to the match itself. As usual the media, the manager, the fans just getting ahead of themselves, expecting to win.....then....... Crash! Back to earth. It takes a 100% plus performance to beat reigning world champs and No.1 ranked team. Our nation just cant help itself from feeling superior. #realitystrikes
  18. Israel will probably launch strikes on specific Iranian military sites; the Israelis dont mess about once they have enough evidence.
  19. Count me in Tom. Hit form immediately, after my return from hols, with Who Dares Wins in The Northumberland Plate.
  20. Cooler air seems to be in process of arriving here; ahead of schedule by a good few hours?
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