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  1. Hi Tom Wont be taking part i'm afraid. We're on kids duty for next 3 days, with grandson, grandaughter and great niece. Not sure i'll even be watching Goodwood til later in the week. Best of luck to all
  2. And normally late in August, weather reports usually forecast warm, sunny conditions for much of September, as Autumn is put on hold ...hopefully
  3. Cloudy, warm, but only fleeting glimpses of the sun here in BS34. Looks much brighter to my South West towards Yatton, Clevedon, Portishead areas, which are just to the south and south west of Bristol.
  4. 2.25 Ascot Beatboxer is a NR. Please substitute with Wings of Time and make it my NAP.
  5. 1.50 ASCOT: SELECTION - Summer Romance 2.05 YORK: SELECTION - Love Dreams 2.25 ASCOT: SELECTION - Beatboxer (NAP) 2.40 YORK: SELECTION 1. - Savalas SELECTION 2. - Gulliver 3.00 ASCOT: SELECTION 1. - Kaeso SELECTION 2. - Vale of Kent 3.15 YORK: SELECTION - Regal Reality 3.40 ASCOT: SELECTION - Enable Best of luck to all
  6. Will post selections later this morn. Trip to the tip first
  7. Be nice to get back down to 20c-23c range asap.
  8. Interesting? I have over 100 vinyl LPs from late 70s and 80s.
  9. Cant quite believe some of you are getting worked up about whether a temp is 32c or 35c OR whether temps drop if cloud appears. Chill out with an ice lolly
  10. Beautiful day here. A much nicer 25c heat with sunny skies. Shame the ultra-high temps and humidity have to return tomorrow.
  11. Loud cracks of thunder, lightening and now heavy rain. Stoke Gifford, N Bristol.
  12. Hate this humid type of heat. Hopefully we'll return to the 20-25c range and drier heat of back end June/1st 2 weeks of July v soon.
  13. 31c here. But getting muggy. Not my fav type of heat; hopefully some storms tonite.
  14. Sun breaking through here but the air is so muggy. Loved the warmth of last few weeks - this heat is going to be the unbearable type.
  15. Drizzly rain on and off here in BS34 - was this forecast? V warm and muggy though.
  16. With the added bonus of ex-goon goalie flapping and ending up in the back of the net
  17. Evening all. Well, we had our first heavy rain day for over 3 weeks here today; in fact it's been a washout. Living just 2 miles from the infamous M4/M5 motorway junction just north of Bristol means today and tomorrow will be horrendous traffic wise with schools finishing around the country today for summer hols. Anyway rant over, here are my selections for tomorrow: 1.50 NEWBURY:Selection - Pondus 2.10 MKT RASEN:Selection - Longhouse Sale 2.25 NEWBURY:Selection - Who Dares Wins (NAP) 2.40 NEWMARKET:Selection - Sparkle Roll 3.00 NEWBURY:Selection - The Tin Man 3.20 MKT RASEN:Selection - Gortroe Joe 3.40 NEWBURY:Selection 1. - Separate Selection 2. - Ventura Rebel I've had my customary punts on The Open golf. I had Molinari last year and usually do ok. My punts before they started yesterday were Justin Rose and Tony Finau, and both remain firmly in the mix. Good luck to all
  18. End of the fab 3-week warm, predominately sunny spell, as currently we have monsoon-like rain here in BS34.
  19. That forecast was a pile of doggy-do for first 2 weeks of July
  20. Lewis Dunk? Give me 5; i'll 'google' him
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