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  1. If the ball had not hit the Man City player's hand it would not have reached Jesus, so the VAR decision was correct. Justice done in my unbiased opinion
  2. 1:50 Newbury - Thunderous (NAP) 2:05 Ripon - Hyperfocus and Dalton 2:25 Newbury - Durston 2:45 Newmarket - My Style 3:00 Newbury - Ripp Orf 3:15 Ripon - Richenza and Staxton 3:35 Newbury - Glorious Journey Sunday 2:50 Deauville - Arizona 3:25 Deauville - Coronet Best of luck to all
  3. Your views are as valid as any other posters on here, Roger. Your posts invite debate which is healthy. Keep posting
  4. Will United be the 'surprise' package this season?
  5. First showers of the day here in BS34. Looks like a stream of showers coming in, off the Bristol Channel, for next couple of hours.
  6. Newcastle hospitals on immediate stand-by
  7. Tom - i'll be in for the mid-late August one. But on Wed 28th Aug we're off to The Algarve for our usual end Aug/early Sept break, so will not participate in an early Sept one. Regards BB
  8. Eriksen either ran out of steam last third of season last or wasnt too happy to play for Spurs - thought he looked disinterested towards end of last season. Prob looking for a move away. A fresh start at United will do him good and will be a v good signing for United i feel.
  9. Clouds and sun today; breezy but temps of around 22c in BS34. Summer has been decent here, bar the 1st 3 weeks of June. Yes, we've had a few odd days of rain. If you add in a couple of weeks in mid-May, as well, which was warm and sunny, it has been pretty good. Doesnt look great for end of this week, but hey it is August. One noticeable aspect of late June and July was the balmy late evenings; we havent had many chilly nights. Our daytime temps have varied between 22c and 26c; very acceptable.
  10. Yep. As per normal (last 10 years or so).
  11. Means zilch all if Sept is warm and mostly sunny. Then Sept becomes an extension of Summer.
  12. Beautiful here. Sunny, blue skies and a temp of 24c. Cloud almost gone completely Sat outside local supping ice cold pint of Blackthorn cider
  13. 24c and sun now out fully. Cloud burning off rapidly Sat outside my local supping a cold Blackthorn
  14. 1st day of "dull" August and it's clear blue skies, sunny and already 16c here in BS34. Luverly
  15. Turned into a decent afternoon here in BS34. Still breezy, but sunny, blue skies now and a temp of 22c
  16. Hi Tom Wont be taking part i'm afraid. We're on kids duty for next 3 days, with grandson, grandaughter and great niece. Not sure i'll even be watching Goodwood til later in the week. Best of luck to all
  17. And normally late in August, weather reports usually forecast warm, sunny conditions for much of September, as Autumn is put on hold ...hopefully
  18. Cloudy, warm, but only fleeting glimpses of the sun here in BS34. Looks much brighter to my South West towards Yatton, Clevedon, Portishead areas, which are just to the south and south west of Bristol.
  19. 2.25 Ascot Beatboxer is a NR. Please substitute with Wings of Time and make it my NAP.
  20. 1.50 ASCOT: SELECTION - Summer Romance 2.05 YORK: SELECTION - Love Dreams 2.25 ASCOT: SELECTION - Beatboxer (NAP) 2.40 YORK: SELECTION 1. - Savalas SELECTION 2. - Gulliver 3.00 ASCOT: SELECTION 1. - Kaeso SELECTION 2. - Vale of Kent 3.15 YORK: SELECTION - Regal Reality 3.40 ASCOT: SELECTION - Enable Best of luck to all
  21. Will post selections later this morn. Trip to the tip first
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