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  1. Should be an easy decision now 2-0. Time to bring out my disguise from Tues eve after the Bayern drubbing
  2. Just checked the date.......it is October 4th. Start of Winter is 8+ weeks away. If anyone thinks any single person on here OR any weather guru/scientist in the whole wide world can predict Winter weather for these islands in the N Atlantic 2+ months away then ur living in cloud cuckoo land.
  3. Early selections from me, as spending tonight in Seaton, Devon, meeting up with friends we havent seen for 2 years, so not sure if i'd have time tom morn before heading home to Bristol late morn tom. Newmarket 1.40 Eva Maria 2.15 Indian Creek and Under the Stars 3.25 Laurens Ascot 2.00 Dakota Gold (NAP) 2.35 Morando 3.10 1.Raising Sand 2. Casanova 3. Gulliver Redcar 2.55 Summer Sands and Troubadar Longchamp 3.25 Enbihaar 4.35 Dee Ex Bee
  4. CATEGORY 4 MID-AUTUMN HANDICAP DOUBLE 1st LEG: CHALLENGE CUP HANDICAP - SELECTION 1. Raising Sand 2. Casanova 3. Gulliver 2nd LEG: CESAREWITCH HANDICAP - SELECTION 1. Mr Ajudicator 2. Timoshenko 3. Barbados STAKE - 9 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles(3x3).
  5. I knew i should've watched Great British Bake Off. Spurs hit for six! I'll get my coat!
  6. Crazy to think that 10-15-20 years ago tonight's match would've been an absolutely "must-watch" for me, despite not supporting/following either Man U or Arsenal; some epic tustles back then. Tonight i watched 1st half casually, whilst surfing the net, only looking up occasionally to watch the 'action', and then went downstairs at 9 oclock to watch Celeb Masterchef with my wife Yes, Man U v Arsenal these days on a par with a Monday night live match such as Southampton/Crystal Palace How the once mighty have fallen
  7. SUN.29th SEPT CURRAGH 4.00 - Innisfree EPSOM 3.05 - Torcello 3.35 - I'm Available (NAP) 4.10 - Ocala 5.15 - Dourado Best of luck to all
  8. Still here, luckily; going out in 30 mins so here's my Chester picks: 2.10 Gabriel the Tiger 3.20 Involved Best of luck to all
  9. Newmarket 1.50 Year of the Tiger Tom, if ur thinking of replacing any Haydock races with today's cards elsewhere i am out all morning and until 1.30 so prob wont be able to do late predictions. Regards BB
  10. Haydock track inspection at 07.00am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.
  11. Cambridgeshire replacements: Jazeel and Good Birthday Tomorrow's other races to follow later, but a warning, that Haydock looks doubtful.
  12. FRI.27th SEPT. NEWMARKET 1.50 - SELECTION - She's Got You 2.25 - SELECTION - Promissory (NAP) 3.00 - SELECTION - Daahyeh 3.35 - SELECTION - King of Comedy CATEGORY 2: 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE LEG 1: CHEVELEY PARK STAKES - Selection 1. - Dark Lady Selection 2. - Tropbeau LEG 2: MIDDLE PARK STAKES - Selection 1. - siskin Selection 2. - Earthlight STAKE OPTION: Stake Option 2 - 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles (2x2). Best of luck to all. Not sure if i'll have a bet today, as i have guys here laying extra drive in place of front lawn (sadly, but street parking issues dictate), and they are very slow over last few days and it's stressing me out, so prob get out of house for the day with my darling wife. Cheers BB
  13. Been dry here from early morning, until last 30 mins, when we've had a couple of showers. Strange thing is all forecasts said shower activity would die after lunch, but sky is darker, cloudier, looks more threatening right now than at any other time today. Scratches head as to why, and how many, NW members get the blues when seeing a Winter LRF, with Winter still 2 months plus away
  14. I wrote in PL thread that it is time for change and Poch should go; this eve's calamity reinforces my view. Resignations may be flavour of the month over coming days
  15. If anyone, professional meteo or not, thinks they can predict the weather for 3 to 5 months in the future, for a set of islands situated in NW Europe with the Atlantic to its West, and a warm gulf stream very close by, then think again. My advice? Ignore the Winter forecasts, this far out. If we get to early December maybe take more notice, but mid-late Sept forecasts predicting for Jan/Feb for these islands?! Forget it!
  16. I did post a reference in here towards end of last season that i thought he should go. He hasnt stopped whinging all Summer and looks like he's trying to engineer Levy into doing more in the transfer market. So, the irritation you refer to, seems more like it is coming from him and effectively being passed on to the players. That's my interpretation fwiw. Today's offside var that went against Spurs would've been a goal pre-var as the striker would've got benefit of the doubt, as level to the naked eye.
  17. Pathetic! 90 mins to beat Leicester - no excuses, VAR or not. Time to change things at Spurs, me thinks.
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