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  1. Hi Tom - no didnt have a tricast on those 3 in the 4.40. Not a bet i do to be honest. If i'd have been at home in Bristol, on my usual Saturday, i suspect i'd have had a few more bets, for sure. And Mitchum Swagger would prob have been a standalone e/w bet.

    Looking forward to Saturday when i'll be back in full-scale betting flow😉👍

  2. 5 hours ago, Bristle boy said:

    Managed to place a couple of phone bets from here:

    1.35 Ascot - Sands of Mali win only

    4.40 Ascot - Escobar and Glen Shiel, both win only

    E/W double Sands of Mali and Escobar

    Best of luck to all today. Hope some of us empty the bookies' satchells!👍😀

    BOOOOMMMM!! Just arrived at Fuert airport for home flight and just checked the 4.40 - nice!

  3. Well guys, here are my selections for the 4.40 tomorrow. We leave the rented bungalow (Fuerteventura) at 4.00pm tomorrow; thankfully the owners let us stay until late afternoon, so i'm hopeful of watching some of the races and may try and sneak a phone bet if the betting co doesnt realise i'm in foreign climes😉

    4.40 Ascot

    1. Glen Shiel  2. Mitchum Swagger 3. Escobar

    Tom, Presume you need a NAP for tomorrow? If so, Advertise in the 1.35.

    Best of luck to all👍

  4. 51 minutes ago, DAVID SNOW said:

    I think you will find climbing onto an underground train especially in those circumstances IS illegal

    The protest we are talking about today was not peaceful.

    I don't think peeing off the civil population(as in this case) is a very effective tool.

    The true message is lost and unfortunately it becomes a them v us scenario.

    Watched the vid earlier and the waster on top of the tube train kicked out first, so when dragged off was given a slap or two. I mean, who decides to go to the East end of London (home of the Hammers) to hack off locals trying to get to work? Should've chosen Kensington tube or similar; probably would've had an easier ride, so to speak😀

    Anyway if plod were doing their job a lot of the disruption the last week or so wouldnt have escalated. Our very own plod here in Bristol actually assisted the climate crew setting up their pink boat road block the other month, before Bristol's week of disruption - i am not making this up.

  5. 28 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:

    Right folks...try this, from the WWF? Mine was 78%. Whatever that means!


    The planet is in crisis - from climate change to the pollution in our oceans and devastation of our forests. It's up to all of us to fix it. Take your first...


    112%, but aint gotta clue what it means:olddoh:

    Guess if you are under 100% you are some way to reaching "acceptable" level.

    Recycling we are brill, as our local Tory council set up separate collections and different boxes, bags a few years ago. Bristol City council 'next door' is Labour and their recycling is a mess compared to South Glos. But...

    Heating and water heating we aint v good i'm afraid and as for flights/annum, well,....the less said about that 😮. Gas central heating and gas heats our water, from a 25 year old Baxi boiler. Thing is the old Baxis are super reliable, whereas new condensing or combis are v unreliable and built to break down frequently. I've been considering a new all-electric heating system from Sweden, which is meant to be top notch, and v environmentally friendly but it is expensive and i have concerns re power cuts, esp in Winter, when you need the heating to be on.

    Some kind of government financial grant/incentive to switch to a more energy efficient system would be beneficial, but that costs the taxpayer.

  6. 2 hours ago, Paul said:

    I think the issue with these protests, and what will not get people to support it, is that they're stopping people getting to work, going about their daily lives etc. And this isn't just people who are rich, on massive salaries etc, it's a wide range of people - including those on very low wages, who maybe don't get paid if they don't get into work. Or people on tight schedules for things like childcare etc etc etc. 

    The point of a protest is surely to draw attention to the subject being protested about and draw people into the cause, but with this, is that the case? I'm not so sure, most people are just talking about the protest itself, the issues caused by it, and so on. XR have every right to protest and it's a cause worth protesting about but, for me, they have the balance wrong, and are making it too much about them, too much about what they're doing and not enough about the point of it all. 

    And allegedly some of them are being paid by XR funds. Today is about disrupting The City of London financial sector; one of the biggest tax giving sectors that helps fund the NHS and Welfare state. Go figure.

  7. The issue with American involvement or not always creates a "damned if they do (interfer) or damned if they dont (interfer)". They cant win with some people. 

    I'm afraid it's all about strategic importance when it comes to Turkey, plus a Western concern about that strategically located country maybe one day becoming 'fully Islamic", so to speak. 40+ years ago they illegally invaded Cyprus and no one did anything about it, and they still illegally occupy Northern Cyprus. I signed a promise declaration in Nicosia in year 2000, when on honeymoon with my wife, to never visit Turkey or Northern Cyprus whilst the Turks occupy N Cyprus.

    2nd largest army in NATO i believe.

    But agree what they are doing and planning to do with the Kurds is bang out of order, and like you say Russia is standing by to fill a power vacuum....again. Sad times, and worrying times.

  8. No luck in the Cesarewitch today but managed to sneak a phone bet ( couldnt access online from here) on the 2.40 York on Aberama Gold at 12/1. Watched it as well, as our rented apartment here has a sneaky tv box with main UK terrestial channels. I had AG last week at 66s e/w, so decided to back it today (last night it was 20s).

    Selections for Sunday:


    2.05:SELECTION - Tango (NAP)

    2.40:SELECTION - Fancy Blue

    3.15:SELECTION - Make a Challenge

    4.25:SELECTION - 1. Nessun Dorma                    2. -        Royal Illusion               (IRISH CESAREWITCH).


    3.40:SELECTION -  Gambon

    4.50:SELECTION - Severance


    3.40:SELECTION - 1. -       Ange Guardian                  2. -              Rathlin Rose                  (CZECH REPUBLIC GRAND NATIONAL).


    4.35 1. Internal Transfer                2. -              The Big Lense        (MUNSTER GRAND NATIONAL).  

    Best of luck to all👍


    2.20:SELECTION - Volkan Star

    2.55:SELECTION - Miltary March (NAP)

    3.30:SELECTION - 1. -   Pinatubo                          2. - Witchita

    4.10:SELECTION - 1. -  Mr Adujcator               2. -  Timoshenko                            3. -Barbados


    2.40:SELECTION - Aberama Gold

    3.15:SELECTION - Big Country

    3.50:SELECTION - 1. Aplomb                2. -     Summerghand

    Had a couple of real bets on Cesarewitch on Tues eve before coming out here (Fuerteventura), and they're different from my orig selections for this comp.

    Win only on Time to Study at 20s and e/w at 66s on Billy Ray.

    Best of luck to all👍


  10. CATEGORY 6                               MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE

    LEG 1: FILLIES MILE (11th Oct.) - Selection 1. -     Cayenne Pepper                               Selection 2. -                Powerful Breeze

    LEG 2: DEWHURST STAKES (12th Oct.) - Selection 1. -        Pinatubo                              Selection 2. -       Witchita                      

    STAKE OPTION: OPTION 1 - 4 x 50p WIN Doubles (2x2)

  11. 12 minutes ago, BornFromTheVoid said:

    The fossil fuel industry itself can pump millions into anti-science campaigns, pollute vast swathes of the Earth, hide their own research that they will cause a climate crisis, execute campaigners in developing nations, infiltrate government agencies and change laws to suit them and avoid paying for their damage.

    Yet the protestors are the ones hated and called criminals. The power of propaganda is as strong as ever.

    Maybe they should protest in those countries where campaigners are being executed, or the countries that are making nil progress on this issue, but

    do you really see XR campaign progress in driving a non-taxed, de-commissioned fire engine, spraying a building, street and one innocent bystander with fake blood? Will that, and today's disruption to people's working lives really achieve increased support for their cause?

  12. 43 minutes ago, Nath said:

    I have nothing but pure hatred for that mob of criminals.  

    I do believe climate chance is real, but I dont believe in disrupting other peoples lives and livelihoods the way this lot go about sending their "message" 

    Whatever we do in this country (And compared to a most countries we do a lot) it wont make the slightest bit of difference whilst China etc dont do the same.

    Agreed. The plonks cant even control a fire hose spraying fake blood, or bother to tax the said vehicle - naughty people. Plus, in an era where parts of London are blighted by knife gang warfare, XR action has, and will continue to use, huge police resource. Meanwhile people going about their daily lives to earn a crust to pay their rent, mortgage, buy food, support families/friends, etc are having their lives disrupted by this 'alliance' of the rich liberals and the great unwashed, supported by Brand Khan (in London anyway).

    Meanwhile back in Chez BB our recycling is sorted, plastics in one bag, bottles, jars, cans in another, paper/cardboard in another, food in another - phew!! Must remind our neighbour to be a love to ensure it is all put out on the pavement Friday for collection, as we take off on our 11th flight this year on Wednesday. Adios😎

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