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  1. Temps holding up tonight. 3c at mo; it was already at freezing point this time yday eve. Minus 2c this morn at 7.30am; cloud moving in this eve, so i reck temps here will prob only get down to +2c by early morning. (BS34)
  2. Covered in the Ben Fogle prog last Tuesday eve on Channel5. A Ruskie scientist is chopping down some of the pine forests in Siberia, as his scientific research, found that forests actually accelerate permafrost melting, whereas returning Siberian countryside to grassplains protects the permafrost, as he claims any sunlight in their 'Summer' reflects more off grasslands. I posted the findings in another climate change thread on here, last week. If you have a TV catch-up service just go into the Chnl5 guide and watch it - interesting stuff.
  3. A greenhouse gas 12,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide and generated mainly in China and India is being released at record levels, a new study claims. The study led by the University of Bristol contradicts reports that the gas, called HFC-23, was almost eliminated from the atmosphere in 2017. It is a particularly potent gas, with one tonne of its emissions equal to the release of more than 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, study authors say. Starting in 2015 India and China announced ambitious plans to end emissions in factories of the gas and in 2017 said they'd succeeded. This study, looking at the amount of HFC-23 in the atmosphere globally found that not only had it not been removed, but that levels had significantly increased. Scientists were expecting to see global emissions drop by almost 90% between 2015 and 2017 as a result of the India and China claims.
  4. Clear sunny day, feeling crisp. Temps forecast to only reach 5c here today, but actually topped out at 7c just after lunch.
  5. But 'Broadbrush', the last 3 years or so have been drier than norm down here (Bristol), except for last 3 months. The wet spell from early Oct through late Autumn and early Winter feels like wettest spell for years.
  6. Maybe, but it isnt 7 years ago. Short memories and all that
  7. Actually they were pretty accurate for Europe, as a whole, and UK. I found their updates last Winter pretty good, and insightful.
  8. Not seen a single snowflake here this Winter, yet parts of Spain's Costa Blanca has seen heavy snow, just a few miles inland from its coast, and not all at height either!
  9. Maybe the "myriad of factors" and the now infamous background signals, have scientific flaws, and are no longer to be taken as genuine. Just maybe.
  10. Liverpool are a class (or two) above any other team in PL. In fact, a lot of PL teams would probably struggle in French Ligue One!
  11. Ascot 1.50 - Magic of Light (NAP) 2.25 - Soul Emotion 3.00 - Allysson Monterg Haydock 2.05 - Edwardstone 2.40 - Vintage Clouds 3.15 - Pentland Hills ______________________ Leg 1 - Soul Emotion Leg 2 - Vintage Clouds Leg 3 - Allysson Monterg 2 real bets, so far, for me today - single win onlys on Soul Emotion and Allysson Monterg. Plus, a double on them. Best of luck to all today. Let's hope we empty the bookies' satchells
  12. Musselburgh 3.00 - The Mouse Doctor 3.30 - Graystown Newcastle 3.45 - Optima Petamus 6.15 - Be Proud (NAP)
  13. Hmm.....the guy featured on the prog is a Russian scientist. He is NOT denying climate change. In fact, he is saying climate change is affecting the permafrost. I think you are confused.
  14. Purely as an observer; during the past few years..... internet weather 'hero worship' has seemingly become a growth industry. JC was always being touted as some kind of weather 'god'. Plenty of other global weather gurus touting themselves on twatter; often quoted in model tweets thread. A little bit of due diligence wouldnt go amiss
  15. Prob good idea Tom re Chepstow. We're 15 mins across the bridge to Chepstow and rain is torrential here, and has been for 2 hours. Suspect Chepstow races wont be on tom.
  16. Very heavy rain, squally winds, here in BS34. Thoroughly miserable. Pub beckons at 4 for a couple of pints of the black stuff, me thinks. Only 2 months to go before we head off to Fuerteventura for 8 weeks stay - tempted to say "Cant wait", but i dont like wishing my time away.
  17. Ludlow 2.55 - Winter Getaway Newcastle 3.55 - Ice Pyramid Newcastle 6.30 - Gunmaker (Nap) Cheers BB
  18. THURS.16th JAN MARKET RASEN Race 4 - 2.10 - Ballinsea Bridge WINCANTON Race 5 - 2.35 - Storm Home Race 6 - 3.40 - Coningsby (NAP) Couldnt resist a fiver on my nap today, Django Django, got 17/2 at lunchtime - left the winnings in my online betting account; gives me the ammo for Saturday's meetings Best of luck to all
  19. And in December 2017 it recorded one of its coldest periods, for that month on record. January 2017 also recorded record minimums. It is not all 'one way'.
  20. Quotes about Russia and unseasonably mild, so far; veiled references to it could become 'normal'. It is one Winter (so far); last 10 Winters (before this year) in Russia HAVE been "normal" for there i.e. cold, snow, below freezing during days. Not unusual for Russia to have a milder Winter, every 10 years or so. It is fairly normal.
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