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  1. Blue skies, sunny, a bit of wispy cloud coming and going this after, and temp reached 22c this after. Luverly. Hope it continues for next few weeks
  2. CURRAGH 1.55: Goddess 2.25: Soldier's Call (NAP) 3.00: Love 3.35: Pinatubo 4.10: Cross Counter LONGCHAMP 2.50: Anapurna DORTMUND 3.50: Magical Touch Drew a blank yesterday in my real bets. A Momentofmadness was my main win only bet, so a bit gutted he couldnt quite hold on. No bets today for me. Best of luck to all
  3. Doncaster 1.50 A Momentofmadness and Teruntum 2.25 Shine So Bright 3.00 Royal Crusade NAP 3.35 Sir Dragonet Chelmsford 2.45 Turn 'n Twirl Leopardstown 3.05 Mogul 3.40 Mount Everest 4.15 Headman 4.50 Space Traveller 5.25 Laurens Woodbine 10.42 Awesometank Having returned from a 2-week holiday in The Algarve on Tues eve, and a betting-free holiday i was really looking forward to the St Leger festival this week at Doncaster, but have only had 2 bets over the last 3 days, as it has been a bit lacking imho. Still, tomorrow looks better. Best of luck to all
  4. Here u go Tom: GROUP 1 TRIXIE LEG 1: ST.LEGER - Selection - Sir Dragonet LEG 2: IRISH CHAMPION STAKES - Selection - Headman LEG 3: PRIX DE L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE - Selection - Enable You have the choice of 2 Stake Options - Option 1 - 3 x 50p WIN Doubles, 1 x 50p WIN Treble.
  5. UK climate is maritime, gulf stream nearby, so default is mild, rain, wind in Winter OR the Azores high nudging in. My expectations (for snow and cold) are always low for UK Winter, but if we get snow and cold it's a bonus.
  6. Werent Meto updates from around New Year 2019 constantly mentioning chance of cold and Easterlies later in forecast period last Winter. Those Easterlies were forever on the horizon, not really materialising, so i cant get concerned in September about Winter that is still 3 months or so away.
  7. Hmm....i'm not yet up to speed with gender neutral stuff. Felt very proud to accompany my wife this lunchtime to pick up our grandaughter from reception year school, as she was handed over to us by her teacher, dressed in the girls' school uniform, consisting of a lovely dress, blouse and very feminine red cardigan.
  8. A sequel series will be filmed apparently, called Firefighter Samantha. The lead role will be voiced by Sturgeon, her two main direct reports will be voiced by Caroline Lucas and Harriet Harman. Fireman Sam is to be demoted to chief teamaker and general dogsbody who will be the subject of continuous sexist jokes, and suffer daily, being subjected to bottom-pinching
  9. Never. Not healthy. Too many good vitamins go 'missing'.
  10. Absolutely rubbish performance. I swear Harry Winks is being visited nightly by the ghost of Ray Wilkins. Reads really negative i know, but i reck Winks will end up being one of those players who never quite fulfil their potential.
  11. Zaki wins the first; Tom you're red hot this week
  12. Here in BS34 it has defo NOT been a washout; far from it. Yes, August has brought days as wet as those in 1st half of June, but we've also had plenty of warm, sunny days. End June into almost whole of July was warm and sunny. 1st 5 days of August was warm and sunny. Since early this week it has been increasingly warm, with a few warm sunny days ahead. The worst parts of Summer have been 1st 3 weeks of June, plus mid-August. No washout though.
  13. I've worn shorts every day since mid-May. Some peeps have very short memories. Here in BS34 we have had 2 rubbish weeks in August. First 5 days were warm and mainly sunny; middle 2 weeks were changeable, with a couple of dreadful wet days; since Wednesday this week it has been fine and increasingly warm. The next 5/6 days look v warm and sunny. So, in summary, August has NOT been as bad as some are saying on NW - yes i am being imby. In fact, i reck that by end August the 31 days will record just as many warm, sunny days as the opposite.
  14. York 1.50 Wissahickon (NAP) 2.25 First in Line 3.00 Shine so Bright 3.40 1. King's Advice 2. Wells Farhh Go 3. Raheen House 4.10 Alligator Alley 4.45 Selection 1 Forest of Dean Selection 2 Tudor City 5.20 Selection 1 Wedding Date Selection 2 Count D'Orsay Goodwood 2.05 Skardu 2.40 Shadn Best of luck to all
  15. YORK 1.55:SELECTION 1. - Corelli SELECTION 2. - Genetics 2.25:SELECTION: Stradivarius 3.00:SELECTION: Threat (NAP) 3.35:SELECTION - Battaash 4.15:SELECTION 1. - Dubai Mirage SELECTION 2. - Fox Duty Free 4.50:SELECTION 1. - Dark Vision SELECTION 2. - Seductive Moment Best of luck to all
  16. Tomorrow's York selections: 1.55 Under the Stars (NAP) 2.25 Selection 1 Rayong, Selection 2 Love Destiny 3.00 Selection 1 Vale of Kent, Selection 2 Petrus 3.35 Enable 4.15 Search for a Song 4.50 Selection 1 Whitefountainfairy, Selection 2 Rux Ruxx Good luck to all
  17. Trixie: 3 x 50p Win Doubles,1 x 50p Win Treble. Double: 4 x 50p Win doubles
  18. 1.55:SELECTION 1. - Justanotherbottle SELECTION 2. - Marnie James 2.25:SELECTION - Persuasion 3.00:SELECTION - Logician (NAP) 3.35:SELECTION - Crystal Ocean 4.15:SELECTION 1. - Dubawi Fifty SELECTION 2. - Charles Kingsley 4.50:SELECTION 1. - Pop Dancer SELECTION 2. - Rose of Kildare Best of luck to all
  19. York Group 1 Trixie: Juddmonte International: Crystal Ocean Darley Yorkshire Oaks: Enable Nunthorpe: Battaash York Handicap double: Spring handicap: Selection 1- Justanotherbottle, Selection 2- Marnie James The Ebor: Selection 1 - Kings Advice, Selection 2 - Raheen House Tomorrow's races to follow
  20. If the ball had not hit the Man City player's hand it would not have reached Jesus, so the VAR decision was correct. Justice done in my unbiased opinion
  21. 1:50 Newbury - Thunderous (NAP) 2:05 Ripon - Hyperfocus and Dalton 2:25 Newbury - Durston 2:45 Newmarket - My Style 3:00 Newbury - Ripp Orf 3:15 Ripon - Richenza and Staxton 3:35 Newbury - Glorious Journey Sunday 2:50 Deauville - Arizona 3:25 Deauville - Coronet Best of luck to all
  22. Your views are as valid as any other posters on here, Roger. Your posts invite debate which is healthy. Keep posting
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