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    Horse Racing. Finance. politics. The UK - A Corbyn/McDonnell axis would be disasterous. Carvoeiro, on The Algarve, Portugal. Corralejo on Fuerteventura, the Canaries, Rock Cafe- i could easily live in Corralejo.

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  1. Sports Direct inside Debenhams Bristol refused to exchange my brand new trainers i received as a gift for Christmas because not in the original box. And i had the gift receipt - not happy.

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Did they have the original labelling/tags on etc or had you removed them? If removed then I'm not too surprised they refused. 

    2. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Removed. I thought gift receipt would be enough as it would find the original purchase code and match up. Debenhams store manager also refused. JLP would've accepted. That's why JLP are top dept store in the UK.

    3. Yarmy
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