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  1. This dreadful Spring has put paid to Newbury races this w/e. Hotel and raceday tickets booked 5 months ago for tomorrow. We were so looking forward to day at the races and night in hotel. Me and wife gutted! 

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    2. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      We've decided to go to Newbury. The racecourse beer festival is still on - they have shed loads of Ales and ciders to get rid of. Entry is free; it's £2/pint. Live bands. Midday til 6.  Then in the town afterwards, for dinner, etc. Night in the hotel. Life's too short!

    3. Spikecollie


      Oh dear, how disappointing. There should be some sort of bonding available to all travel and accommodation deals, like an attached insurance for a small fee. I do that for train travel here in France for €5 for each trip and it obviates any hassle of missed or late trains. booking.com allows you to cancel your hotel reservation very close to the date. Perhaps it's worth thinking about independent travel elements...

    4. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Hilton deal. Usually comes with strings attached, and to be fair i knew that when i booked. We've stayed there loads of times in last 20+ years so we know the score.

  2. Johan Cruyff, Dutch footie maestro had died at the age of 68, his family has just announced. A true great and one of those great footballers never to have lifted the World Cup.

    1. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      Real shame, what a great player he was.


    2. Daniel*


      A legend RIP

  3. Lloyds bank customers beware this morning. Text messages claiming to be from Lloyds are not. My wife currently in conversation with Lloyds fraud dept.

  4. Sports Direct inside Debenhams Bristol refused to exchange my brand new trainers i received as a gift for Christmas because not in the original box. And i had the gift receipt - not happy.

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    2. DisruptiveGust


      Not surprised, most things that come boxed or whatever when first bought and then possibly returned for any reason need to be in original packaging and suitable for re-sale, depending on the item. 

    3. lassie23


      That is a bit harsh, you need to do some research on your consumer rights.

    4. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      I'm planning to take a look at moneysavingexpert this evening when i get home.

  5. Arise Sir AP McCoy - richly deserved for success in jump racing, unlikely to ever be matched; 20 times champ.

  6. Just checked my utility bill for 22nd Dec and it's £40 less than the same bill in Dec 2014. Love the mild temps!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      My gas bill is £72 lower :)

    2. cheese


      Kind of pales in comparison to the £1.5bn of flood damage though caused by the wonderful mild winter weather. 

      The hearing in my house has been on daily all month. Regardless of how mild it is, the incessant rain and never ending gloom combined with frequent wind does nothing to make it feel warmer indoors.

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      so am i Thunderbolt_, January is looking less mild, and a repeat of Jan '14, need that russian high to bugger off fast

  7. Shortest daylight day today. The days get longer from tomorrow(ish). 

  8. 75 years ago tonight that Bristol suffered its first bombing blitz of WW2. Over 200 Bristolians lost their lives that night. Further bombing blitzes on the city during the early years of the war claimed over 1000 lives in the city.

    1. chrisbell-nottheweatherman
    2. MP-R


      And so began the poor-quality reconstruction of the city. R.I.P.

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      I reckon post war planners were more responsible for destruction of heritage. A couple of unbelievable decisions in my local large town in the 1950's.

  9. Spurs and Scotland legend Dave Mackey dies, aged 80. A stalwart ofthe great double-winning Spurs side. RIP big man.

    1. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      aye lad - when footballers were footballers not like the mollycoddled over paid perfect pitch performing pansies of today!

  10. Brummie-imported cloud here this morning in Bristol.

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    2. Karl83


      Sun is beginning to shine through. Hoping for another mint day!

    3. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Dww - yeah i know the source but it's passed thru' Brum on the way down here. Anyway the sun has done its job here in the last hour.

    4. Dancerwithwings


      Yeah NO WORRIES

      Mr sky blue up here as well,

      HAPPY DAYS.!!!

  11. Explosions at finish of boston marathon as reported a few mins ago in newswires

    1. Kain


      What the hell is wrong with people...

    2. NUT


      It seems it's defo not an accident either at least 3 dead and possibly another device at a boston hotel.........

    3. lindy2017


      It was in the trash can....a runner said on news

  12. Ok cold, enough is enough! If there's to be no snow just GO!

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    2. Karl83


      It will be worth the wait once some warmth arrives.



      Indian Summer then?

    4. MP-R


      Funny how it's one of the longest winters but one of the worst for snow.

  13. Gareth Bale - Genius. Have i said that before?

    1. NUT


      2 outstanding goals again. He is the Lionel Messi of the premier league just now. Nobody can touch him

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Watched that game last night and when he scored that 2nd I said wow! He's on fire at the moment I can see spurs getting in the champions league next season I bet Chelsea are having second thoughts now about sacking AVB

  14. Gareth Bale - genius.

    1. A Winter's Tale

      A Winter's Tale

      Agreed. The best British player this is right now.

    2. keithlucky


      Gareth bale is a unlucky he see a world cup saddest sight the great Giggs paying to go through the turnstiles in the world cup.

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I wish Bale was English he's just what the England team is missing now

  15. V Windy but balmy here at 8.30pm Monday 28/1 - clicked heating off at 7 as house was sweltering. Nice for this time of year - keeps energy bills low - i like

  16. 34 years ago i was at a NYE party at the age of 17 and walked home after one of many amazing blizzards of that winter 78/79. 34 years on, and for the first time in 34 years i havent been to a pub or house party to celebrate NY. Currently watching Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast!

    1. skyblusam


      ive just been chilling with a few cans and watching bellies and bullseyes all night on espn classics while the other half is out getting wasted.

    2. UV-RAY


      It was a truly memorable winter BB, we had drifts of over 15 feet.

  17. Nice one - a great day to have a birthday!

  18. TEITS value your contribution on this forum. Always insightful; always enthusiastic. BB

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