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    Horse Racing. Finance. politics. The UK - A Corbyn/McDonnell axis would be disasterous. Carvoeiro, on The Algarve, Portugal. Corralejo on Fuerteventura, the Canaries, Rock Cafe- i could easily live in Corralejo.

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  1. And it is worth pointing out that one's skin is waterproof. Always makes me laugh when on a beach and it starts raining and people wrap a towel around themselves. The shower stops a few mins later and they have a soaking wet, heavy towel, whilst those who didnt do that have wet skin for just a few mins.
  2. Sure did. Too damned hot for me. My tolerance level to heat, over 25c, has waned in recent years, but the irony is i dont mind it when on hols abroad!
  3. Morning all. Well my 80/1 placed horse, Seattle Rock, saved my bacon yday. No bets for me today as the fam are around ours later for my wife's special Greek-style lunch; even managed to get some Mythos beer from Lidl yday. Salisbury 1.40 - Happy Power 2.15 - Tone The Barone 2.50 - Salayel 3.25 - Motakhayyel Thirsk 1.55 - Mighty Spirit 2.30 - Musicka Curragh 3.10 - The Lir Jet
  4. Been sunny all day, so far. 30c now, better day than yday, for sure. A few bubbles of cloud popping up.
  5. A few outright punts today and as usual i ignore my competition picks 1.50 Ascot - Dazzling Dan 2.25 Ascot - Hateya 2 40 Hayd - Certain Lad 3.00 Ascot - Eddystone Rock All above are win only 3.20 Nmkt - Seattle Rock, e/w Best of luck to all.
  6. Found The Lounge this morning. It is 'hidden' in Community Chat. Ascot 1.50 - Dazzling Dan 2.25 - Via Serendipity 3.00 - Red Force One 3.35 - Fox Vardy Haydock 2.05 - Tomorrows Dream 2.40 - Global Giant Newmarket Danilova No bets yet for me; looks tricky today, isnt it always? Will post my real bets later, for those interested
  7. 3 of the first 5 in the Stewards. I'll take that
  8. A few bets for me today; you'll notice that a number of them do not match my competition selections 1.50 Gwood - North Wind, win only 2.25 Gwood - King's Advice, win only 3.35 Gwood - 5 selections, yes, 5! Barbill, Chairmanoftheboard, Kimifive, Silent Echo and Brian the Snail, e/w Best of luck to all
  9. Saturday 1st August Goodwood: 1.50 1. Batchelor Boy 2. Call me Ginger 2.25 1. Laafy 2. Mordred 3.00 Enbihaar 3.35 1. Barbill 2. Silent Echo 3. Stone of Destiny 4.10 1. Cold Front 2. Mister Snowdon 4.40 1. Golden Flame 2. Tasfeeq Newmarket: 2.05 Mahale 2.40 Indian Creek 3.15 Katara 3.50 Withold
  10. Argghhh!! Thought Frankie was going to just hold on. A mug's game
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