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  1. Bristle boy

    World Cup 2018

    Great to see the Argies surrender with tails between their legs. Adios!
  2. Bristle boy

    World Cup 2018

    Modric! Class!
  3. Bristle boy

    World Cup 2018

    There are no stand out teams in the World Cup. I never thought i'd say this but England have as good a chance as anyone. Whichever team really grasps every opportunity, and wants it enough, will win. As for Messi v Ronaldo, i've thought Ronaldo was, and is, a better all-round player last few years. World class wise, Ronaldo is best player since Maradona in his pomp.
  4. Bristle boy


    Hi Tom. Currently in The Algarve on hols and my online betting accounts wont let me access due to detection i'm abroad. Wont be back in UK until Wednesday so will have to opt out i'm afraid. Regards BB
  5. Beautiful day here and a fresher warmth than days ago. Sunny, blue skies with some wispy cloud; temp around 20c in shade but who sits in the shade on a comfortably warm sunny day?
  6. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Chelsea put plans on hold for new stadium due to Abramovich's visa problems.
  7. Steady rain here now; no thunder or lightening though
  8. Nowt here yet in Stoke Gifford; v warm and quite humid though.
  9. Heavy torrential rain and thunder here. Not a lot of lightning though. Hoping it all clears v soon as we have visitors coming for 1 oclock and hoping to sit and eat outside. Any thoughts on post-midday guys?
  10. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Ramos is one of those players who gets away with things but then most footballers roll over claiming injury only to get up seconds later when play continues. I tend to ignore players getting tackled or fouled because half the time they're cheating.
  11. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Liverpool weren't good enough tonite. Bale - just been interviewed live by BT's Des Kelly whilst rest of RM team are all together away from his interview; last part of his interview seemed to be a "come and get me PL top club" for next PL season.
  12. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    And to think Spurs destroyed both these teams at Wembley. What might have been.
  13. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Can't see the goalie being given the freedom of Liverpool
  14. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Super sub ex-Spur stuns the Scousers!
  15. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Those goals have opened the game up, for sure. Should be a cracking last 30.