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  1. How do we know that "background signals" are reliable though? Against a backdrop of our little islands on edge of the Eastern (North) Atlantic surely it is virtually impossible to call our weather months in advance (or even weeks)?
  2. I wondered where the gales forecast were. They've just arrived here in last 20 mins.
  3. Agreed. No where near stormy. I'd call it a typical North/South split Winter....if u see what i mean
  4. Winter 17/18 reminds me of many 70s Winters. A North/South split. Down here '71-'77 were 'Virtually No Snow' jobs.
  5. Looks good for my landscape gardeners on their third week at chez BB
  6. Latest Meto musings paint a picture of 'as you were' for next few weeks. Cool, wettish...and not a lot else. This Winter is already shaping up to be one of "plain old average" (imby). Move on please, nothing to see here. Hoping for an early warm Spring to arrive before Winter's 'official' end.
  7. Winds gusting here now; heavy rain shower. Feels colder than 4c.
  8. Dry, sunny, but cold wind here. Happy for it to remain dry all week as i have garden landscapers in for next 2 weeks. They had a good start last week with it being mainly dry. Be nice if the AH nudges in by the w/e.
  9. Typical UK winter fare next week. North/South split. Windy, cold(ish), rain in South; sleet/snow at times in North with accums on high ground. Nowt to write home about and certainly not "epic". Later in the month? Who knows if real cold and snow to wider areas will happen?
  10. Looking at the projected windflow next week it kinda veers more westerly as it hits the Irish sea near south part of Ireland, so i'm wondering if there's a chance of Bristol Channel streamers setting up on occasions next week.
  11. Temp reached a max of only 4c during daylight hours here today; up to 8c now.
  12. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Bristol 1 Man City 0. John Stones England defender and likely WC squad member makes a rash tackle - donkey!
  13. The severe winter of 1978-79

    I remember clearly the NYE snow blizzard here in Bristol. I was walking home early hours NYE morning from my girlfriend's house. Biting winds, powder snow falling and blowing across the roads like sand coming off a beach. When i awoke later that morning snow was a foot deep and shaped liked sand dunes, with drifts 2/3 foot high against garden walls. NYE night temps fell to well below freezing. January saw another 3 blizzards (i think) here; not quite as severe as NYE but not far off. I cant remember if February was so memorable as January but it did remain cold right through to March.
  14. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Croissants flying across the changing room apparently!