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  1. Friday's choices: 1.45 Spiritofthegames 2.20 Style de Garde 2.50 Black Corton 3.25 Balko des Flos 4.05 Top Gamble 4.40 Chef des Obeaux 5.15 Mister Fisher Nap: Top Gamble
  2. My selections: 1.45 Cyrname 2.20 We Have a Dream 2.50 Double Shuffle 3.25 My Tent or Yours 4.05 On the Fringe 4.40 Tommy Silver 5.15 Dissavril Nap: Cyrname
  3. Looking after our lad's Labrador today Tom; will post selections this eve when i have plenty of time. Cheers
  4. Travel Insurance

    Insurance co.s look at cases and risk assess; after all that is what insurance co.s do - balance between risk and safety. Re your existent condition if it still is a condition, even though as you say you've "been stable" they will still regard it as a "condition" for insurance purposes. Someone else mentioned annual cover. I've used annual multi-trip for years but you must, and i stress must, inform the co if there are any changes to your health during that 12-month period or suddenly you begin treatment for a medical condition after you've purchased an annual policy. Dont assume an annual policy covers you, in full, for a whole year. Travel insurance policies linked to bank accounts (freebie policy with some current accounts) are often basic policies; read the small print. Does it cover for trips outside of Europe, for example. And on another point, some policies now exclude countries you might think are automatically included. Mexico is a classic example; a popular UK visitor haunt esp for All Incl. But some co.s are NOT covering for Mexico. And here's a surprise one in "no longer covered"........ The Canary Islands. No joke. Some travel ins co.s wont cover for The Canaries because docs on some of the islands send sick tourists to private hospitals on the islands.
  5. I'm in Tom. Raring to go, after my Cheltenham successes (real gambling as well as your fine competition).
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Done 'em on their own turf....at last!
  7. Premier League Discussion

    Brilliant from Dele.....again!!
  8. "Deep freeze" at end of March/early April in the UK!?? I think you need to lower your expectations.
  9. Yes i think the very southern part of SGlos and Bristol were literally just out of snowzone.
  10. Complete thaw here; a few patches of snow in back garden where sun doesnt get to. Drove up A38 earlier and villages like Stone and Falfield in S Glos fared pretty well - some quite large drifts in fields and sideroads. As i posted last night my snow/cold benchmark Winter for here is 78/79 for the whole of a winter, but these two events in March stand out for any March in my lifetime for our neck of the woods (remember for Bristol March 13 was coldish but bone dry). Cheers all. One suspects that is it for snow until next Winter.
  11. Last night dumped a fresh couple of inches but there must be some relative warmth in the patio and drive as it has all melted, unlike the other week. Just shows it is best to have cold days before snow comes.
  12. Hope not. Flying out of Bristol airport to Fuerteventura for a few days on Saturday lunchtime.
  13. Wifey just gone to bed; i've promised i'll follow in 30 mins after just one more guinness. But at the age of 56 i'm a big kid when it comes to snow and i cant stop staring out of window watching it fall. Magical, just magical
  14. Love it when it is snowing so hard at night and you dont need to look at lampost to see it falling outside your window