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  1. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Get in my Son!
  2. Will they shift much this Winter? Hasnt the Spanish equiv of our Meto predicted a dry winter for Spain which is indicative of a Euro High in situ for the Winter? Currently in Fuerteventura where we have clear skies, sun and shade temps around 22/23c last few days. Same time last year it was cool(17c) and showery. Locals here complaining that last few Winters here have got progressively cooler, so they're hopeful of Spanish meto winter prediction.
  3. Bristle boy

    In Memoriam

    Buzzcocks gigs in last 15 years or so were great fun. Saw them on numerous occasions here in Bristol. RIP Pete.
  4. Erm....March 2018?! 6-8ins of Snow and below zero temps at 14.00 here in Bristol, SW England? Short memories and all that!
  5. Bristle boy

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Watching WBA v Brentford....what is Kieran Gibbs doing in the C'ship? Premier League player, for sure.
  6. Rotten weather here today. V mild, breezy and rain on and off. Thankfully we're off to the sun and pleasant warmth of Fuerteventura on Wednesday for a week.
  7. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    And the Clown gets sent off!
  8. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

  9. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

  10. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Dier scores and stirs 'em up! Love it!!
  11. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    It's like watching Classic Spurs....defence all at sea....'led' by Vertonghen. Can't work out why he is playing; he only plays well when playing alongside his Belgian buddy.
  12. Bristle boy

    Winter 2018/19

    Pete, who is this Gav guy? Is he a pro or an internet weather 'hero'?
  13. Bristle boy

    Winter 2018/19

    Seems to be hedging his bets, having just read it.
  14. Bristle boy

    Transferring from Samsung s5 to s8

    95% ok in the end. Lost email "sent" history though. But could be a Virgin media email issue. Spent numerous phone calls to VM over last few days trying to sort but no satisfaction! Been advised by many 'techies' to ditch VM for googlemail, permanently.