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  1. Bristle boy

    Hurricane Leslie

    In Fuerteventura at the mo. Been Sunny and very warm. Wind picked up this afternoon (nothing unusual for here). Forecast of showers tomorrow so guess we'll be getting tailend of Leslie.
  2. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

  3. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    What was Lloris doing??!! Has he been on the lash again?!
  4. Bristle boy

    horse racing

    Sky own At the Races together with Arena racing. Arena own around 20 Brit racecourses. At the mo At the Races shows some of the French racing so not sure it's that big a deal. But.... It's been rumoured in racing circles that Sky want to 'big up' their UK horse racing coverage. At the mo Racing UK are main racing channel with At the Races picking up the scraps. Sky will prob rebrand At the Races to Sky Horse Racing in 2019 and are rumoured to be coveting ITV's current coverage and contract. I expect Sky to make a big play for ITV's contract when it is up for renewal.
  5. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    1-0 up and coasting. Spurs then failed to score a couple of half chances to increase their lead; strolled around like they'd already won the match and then got what they(we) deserved imho.
  6. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Defensively, it's like watching a Spurs team from the past! Rose doesnt look like he even wants to play! Time to switch over to ITV for today's horse racing!
  7. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Before kick off i looked at both starting elevens and thought "There's only one United player i'd put in the Spurs team and that is Pogba".
  8. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    LOL!! Who needs pre-season transfers?
  9. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

  10. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

  11. Bristle boy


    Today's selections: 1.55 Lord Glitters (NAP) 2.25 Berkshire Blue 3.00 Above the rest 3.40 Saunter and Montaly 4.15 Sabre 4.50 Alfarris 5.20 Marnie James 2.05 Goodwood Stormy Atlantic 3.25 The Curragh Flag of Honour Best of luck to all and a big "Thanks" to Tom for running the competition.
  12. Bristle boy


    Drew a blank yesterday in the 'real' betting stakes, after a decent first day. Compensation came in the form of Jerk Chicken, rice & peas yesterday eve in Bristol city centre, followed by Kevin Bridges at the Bristol Hippodrome - he was brilliant!! Hopes for better luck on horses today, so here are my selections: 1.55 Pacify 2.25 Stradivarius 3.00 Shine So Bright 3.35 Blue Point 4.15 Sky Defender (NAP) 4.50 Corrosive
  13. Bristle boy


    A decent day for me in the 'actual betting' stakes as i had 2 winners in Old Persian @12/1 ( a bet 30 mins before 'the off'), and Ginger Nut @9/1, plus an e/w pick up on Thundering Blue at 66/1. Tomorrow's selections: 1.50 Angel's Hideaway 2.25 Kodyanna 3.00 Firmament 3.35 Sea of Class 4.15 Lah Ti Dar (NAP) 4 50 Summer Icon
  14. Yet another dreadful short term weather forecast for this part of world. Been drizzling on and off since 7 oclock. Wasnt forecast and nowt showing on radar. Same happened yesterday.
  15. Bristle boy


    BB is back!! Here u go Tom: 1.55 Copper Knight 2.25 Watan 3.00 Cross Counter 3.35 Poet's Word (NAP) 4.15 Genetics 4.50 Ginger Nut