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  1. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Pathetic! What do they see in Aurier?
  2. Bristle boy

    Premier League Discussion

    Burnley 1-0 Spurs playing tiptap football and not getting ball in pen area enough.
  3. Bristle boy

    Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    They're already "timid"
  4. Bristle boy

    Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    I was merely asking if they'll be practicising what they protested against. Somehow i doubt it. And i suspect most headteachers who sanctioned the time off for the protest wont be so lenient with parents taking kids out of school to go on hols. As for the Churchill ref i presume you are referring to the one half of the Marx Brothers putting his jackboot in to Churchill last week?
  5. Bristle boy

    Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    I wonder how many of them will refuse to board their 'holiday plane' in the Summer, as their parents drag them screaming and kicking to the plane? And will their headteachers be so tolerant if their parents take them out of school before school holidays actually start?
  6. Bristol forecast to be 13/14c for 5 days in a row in last third of February. Even for these parts that is a v mild, unusual spell of weather for late Feb. The forecast longevity seems to be increasing.
  7. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Just after M City took the lead Schalke were 25/1 to win the match (in play).
  8. That's my expectation starting point every Winter - Gulf Stream and large modifying (temps) body of water to our West usually influence in some form or other. It really is that simple.
  9. Bristle boy

    UEFA Champions League

    Bayern were very disciplined; Liverpool pretty clueless. Still, Liverpool score one in The Allianz and Bayern have to score twice.
  10. Bristle boy

    EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Manure on way out against Wolves.
  11. Sure was. But in more years than most it keeps our Winters relatively mild. I'm 57 and i can count about 10 exceptional Winters in terms of cold and snow for the UK.
  12. Agreed Frosty. Damned Gulf stream; it just wont go away😉
  13. It's time for my Chuka Umunna moment and time to throw in the towel on this Winter😁👋