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  1. Makes a change for VAR to go against Liverpool
  2. "Potential"!? How about that classic NW Winter phrase of "we might need a 2nd or 3rd bite of the cherry". Maybe this Winter by the time the "cherry" turns up it'll actually be cherry-picking time
  3. I used to like his Friday night show, way 'back in the day'.
  4. Clive James, poet, critic, broadcaster, has died aged 80, a statement from his agent has announced. He had been battling cancer for a number of years.
  5. Just popped to our loo for a Jimmy and missed the goal!
  6. Get Hoddle out of the BT studio at half time. "Glenn! Get warmed up!"
  7. Jose's honeymoon period ends abruptly, in v quick time.
  8. I'd get Andrew Neil to interview Poch to find out the truth, get straight to the answers and Neil wouldnt take any BS or let Poch waffle.
  9. Oh yes! For any post read by any NW member bookmark this segment. It will really help to manage your weather expectations for these wonderful islands we live in.
  10. Agreed. I was saying to a neighbour earlier today that the last 6 weeks or so have been the wettest here for many years. Maybe it is just perception, but the last 2 to 3 years seem to have been relatively dry. Mid -late Autumn, this year, has been wet and quite cool. My Winter preferences have changed markedly in last couple of years. I still love a cold, snowy period, but if it has to be a No-Snow Winter give me a December 2015, for all of Winter, i.e. v mild, and throw in some sunny days courtesy of the AH.
  11. Just seems like a typical December chaos re model output. It always seems worst for December days. My extremely simple take is that December is the time weather in UK and Europe begins to try to sort itself out for Winter, hence model chaos, and lots of chopping and changing. Not very scientific i know, but i'm a simple soul. December in UK is normally a mix of dry, coldish days and wet, mild ones. Probably the form horse for Dec 2019.
  12. He's already thinking about the brick laying jobs he has this coming week
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