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  1. If anyone, professional meteo or not, thinks they can predict the weather for 3 to 5 months in the future, for a set of islands situated in NW Europe with the Atlantic to its West, and a warm gulf stream very close by, then think again. My advice? Ignore the Winter forecasts, this far out. If we get to early December maybe take more notice, but mid-late Sept forecasts predicting for Jan/Feb for these islands?! Forget it!
  2. I did post a reference in here towards end of last season that i thought he should go. He hasnt stopped whinging all Summer and looks like he's trying to engineer Levy into doing more in the transfer market. So, the irritation you refer to, seems more like it is coming from him and effectively being passed on to the players. That's my interpretation fwiw. Today's offside var that went against Spurs would've been a goal pre-var as the striker would've got benefit of the doubt, as level to the naked eye.
  3. Pathetic! 90 mins to beat Leicester - no excuses, VAR or not. Time to change things at Spurs, me thinks.
  4. Love this Ayr meeting; must try and make the long trip North one year and stay on the West coast of Scotland for a few days. I'm a great lover of the flat season big handicaps; a good chance to have a good punt on some bigger priced fancies. Already backed Channon's Barbill e/w in the Ayr Gold Cup; i'm sure i'll do a few more tomorrow morn across the Gold cup and Silver cup. Best of luck to all tomorrow HANDICAP DOUBLE LEG 1: AYR GOLD CUP (21st Sept) - Selection 1. - Barbill Selection 2. - Growl Selection 3. - Good Effort LEG 2: CAMBRIDGESHIRE(28th Sept) - Selection 1. - Forest of Dean Selection 2. - Star of Bengal Selection 3. - Fifth Position NEWBURY 1.45 - SELECTION - Dakota Gold (NAP) 2.20 - SELECTION - Desert Encounter 2.55 - SELECTION - Mystery Power 3.30 - SELECTION - Forest of Dean AYR 2.00 - SELECTION - Smile a Mile 2.40 - SELECTION 1. - Venturous 2. - Lincoln Park 3.15 - SELECTION - Lambeth Walk 3.50 - SELECTION 1. - Barbill 2. - Growl 3. - Good Effort
  5. Hundreds in Bristol centre today. Our local tv station interviewed some young kids, 13, 14 years of age - they werent particularly articulate about why they were doing it. I'm being kind....they didnt have a clue, other than spouting some fed-drivel about "we want to save the planet because the old arent bothered". As a side to today's demos - we avoided Bristol centre today. We were going to go to Bristol docks for lunch and drinks via the train, but decided to avoid the hoardes protesting and got in the sports car and spent money in Tetbury. So because of the protesters businesses in Bristol missed out on £40, we polluted the air from here to Tetbury and back, and Tetbury pub got our dosh.
  6. Ta. So pretty much last minute. And to see some NW members on other threads are already in mourning about a couple of Winter 19/20 LRFs, despite the start of Winter being nearly 3 months away
  7. Watching Villa/WHam on Sky Sports HD via Virgin Media and the play on tv is 6 seconds behind actual play (can see that as i'm online to my Bet365 account) - is this a Sky Sports delay issue or VM issue? Anyone know?
  8. Raining on and off for last hour or so in BS34 - was this forecast today for late afternoon?
  9. Blue skies, sunny, a bit of wispy cloud coming and going this after, and temp reached 22c this after. Luverly. Hope it continues for next few weeks
  10. CURRAGH 1.55: Goddess 2.25: Soldier's Call (NAP) 3.00: Love 3.35: Pinatubo 4.10: Cross Counter LONGCHAMP 2.50: Anapurna DORTMUND 3.50: Magical Touch Drew a blank yesterday in my real bets. A Momentofmadness was my main win only bet, so a bit gutted he couldnt quite hold on. No bets today for me. Best of luck to all
  11. Doncaster 1.50 A Momentofmadness and Teruntum 2.25 Shine So Bright 3.00 Royal Crusade NAP 3.35 Sir Dragonet Chelmsford 2.45 Turn 'n Twirl Leopardstown 3.05 Mogul 3.40 Mount Everest 4.15 Headman 4.50 Space Traveller 5.25 Laurens Woodbine 10.42 Awesometank Having returned from a 2-week holiday in The Algarve on Tues eve, and a betting-free holiday i was really looking forward to the St Leger festival this week at Doncaster, but have only had 2 bets over the last 3 days, as it has been a bit lacking imho. Still, tomorrow looks better. Best of luck to all
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