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    Fair Oak 6 mls north Soton.
  1. Very dark clouds to the east and gusty winds here in fair oak.......c'mon thunder n lightning.....make it very very frightening!!...;-)
  2. Well this event was overhyped to say the least all ive seen here is a couple of distant lightning strikes and moderate rain......thurs eve was better. Ive had better storms a few weeks back with the west to east sunshine and convective showers stuff.But well done to those of you that did get a decent show ;-).
  3. Good to hear sleet n snow in the west,nice surprise! Currently 6.4C here,showers looming.
  4. Great to hear some peeps getting some wintry stuff over the last couple of hours,stark contrast to the model output discussion where its almost wrist slitting time for coldies,as we all know that can change and as a cold lover hope it does to give at least a decent taste of winter.... instead of endless wind and rain.
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