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  1. Extremely light here at the moment but those bands to the N/NE are filling in rapidly. They also look like expanding westwards at the same time.
  2. Looks like something may be developing off the Suffolk coast - could be of interest later to areas slightly further inland in Essex/Kent.
  3. Convective activity to begin in earnest on Monday? In 2010 Essex got hit by multiple streamers - hoping to miss the rush hour chaos this time..
  4. I was pretty much bang on here.. rain turned to snow around 5. Been settling on all surfaces for about the last 45 minutes!
  5. Nice big fluffy flakes, settling in most places (although can't see the road from here).
  6. good to see that light purple line moving south along the suffolk coast and north towards the yorkshire coast. another 'cold spell' could definitely lower some temperatures to around 3-4 in the wash area
  7. By the way couldn't agree more with your post the other day. It put into words (rather more elegantly than I could) what I've been thinking for a while about the models only really being useful when predicting general hotter/colder themes.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. haha, my parents tell similar stories about the 'winter of discontent'. less about snowmen and more about having to dig the car out though :lol:
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