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Severe Siberian icy blast

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  1. Considering the over night runs are consistently dog poo, it's an improvement, Let's look for a better day, and good 12z
  2. That rings true, and most my life iv been between redditch, Alcester and evesham and now wellseborne, I did live in the cotswolds with my x for about 7 years and my fate drastically improved, now I watch snow showers avoid wellseborne like the plague iv had nothing more than a sprinkling of snow recently and its painfull watching showers doing there very best to avoid the area. I'm moving to brum in a few years near my bro, just wanna find a country area rather than built up? Any ideas
  3. Tbh I fully expect the cold air to win, the signals had a wobble on the models we use recently, but this mornings 0z is the strongest yet how many times have the over night runs done this? Also the last weather on BBC1 with carrol, with new graphics as it changed from the one before it, did a rare and extended look into next wk where she says they are expecting the cold air to run, that was with the over night runs on her graphics, I expect a shuttle shift over the next day or 2, a milder day or 2 yes, but with cold air fighting back
  4. Iv missed the streamer line for the last 24 hours by about 3 miles and still not in it. I'm honestly cursed I hate living in low ground with a passion
  5. I'm afraid on this occasion that's not the case. It's melted. The surfaces are wet when an hr ago they were white, as soon as they Feb sun plays out it melts
  6. Why do you look at a weather app its pointless. Stick to radar and models,
  7. 2 streamers in the mids, one setting up now toward Nottingham, Amber warning put out to start at 6am, The other one through Peterborough into Warwickshire, im directly under it toward the southern tip, so they real heavy stuff stays toward Kettering etc, but iv got a dusting and it's been snowing most the night blowing around. Let's look forward to further developments today and hope to have widespread disruption!
  8. If u look the last few frames I'd deffo say its picking up now. In all honesty I do live in Warwickshire still lol but I was in your thread last night and woke up to it pinging this morning lol, so i just get involved lol especially when it corms to weather lol.. I'm actually in the streamer going through Peterborough into Warwickshire atm which strangely the stuff to the south is beginning to interact with it a bit. Wondering if il have an updated warning here soon as it's certainly a streamer just not sure it Warren's an Amber warning yet, the thickness values drop now between he
  9. I think your jumping the gun scot. Let this play out. It was only at 12am I was looking at updated charts offering 15cm widely now your telling me 4 hours later and all the models have dropped the activity? And if so then does that show how fickle they are anyway and as always it's a now cast
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