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Severe Siberian icy blast

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    football , sports , going out for food with the better half . Drinking !!! Love the gym . Own my own barber shop in stow on the wold.
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  1. Another dreamy easterly? No thanks id rather punch myself in the balls, one northerly 3 day toppler mid month with snow in the usual wishbone places with a more noteworthy cold spell in March, not anything like last year's beast but it can can snow heavily on low ground In march no probs, Think this year has been the biggest let down of all, mainly because of the fact we obsess over background signals and everything seemed to point to a good one, but unfortunately the weather has so many different factors involved(many scientists have not yet discovered) it's impossible to get it right alot of the time, Think it's better left like that rather than creating another debate, as always lessons learnt and professionals and amateurs alike look back at what went wrong so to speak, as long we all learn from the experience then something good has come out of it, Id rather 10inches of snow outside but it's just not our year this year, maybe 1 or 2 days of decent snow cover left in it yet but growing increasingly confident it's a live and learn type of winter!
  2. Guys Basingstoke (spelt wrong!) Has been hit hard have you got recent pics of the area as it just be bad by now!?
  3. Just got to work in stow to heavy snow 3inches deep but at mine back home 1cm painfully 5 miles outside the band all night!!! Think I'm gonna stay at work today lol or the local pub!!
  4. So so painfull iv moved to a village just north of evashum it's been 5 miles from me all night this is so painfull
  5. Ok, I have to reply to this because it's misleading the entire thread, iv studied radars and the weather all my life, the low pressure that formed along the south side of the main low is pushing east, so whilst at the min it looks like it's fizzling on the western edge it's tempory, the front is beginning to pivot and will push northwest, with lots of moisture been dragged into the front ahead of it I expect it to pep up in the evening, Never take radar as gospel, it's a developing situation, don't give up hope
  6. Just a hunch, but I'm strongly inclined to suggest possible height rises immediately to our north inside t144 in the next 24 hrs, been studying something and I honestly don't see how it's not been picked upon my models at the min, I stand to be told different, The vortex positioning along with low pressure through the heart of uk to our south through Europe is crying out pressure rises having a big influence on our weather, keeping it cold next week
  7. I agree with you, I guess iv just been worn down by the continued day 10 chases, it's been a really tiresome winter for me tbh iv really struggled with how wrong it's gone so far, perhaps it's because I allowed myself to get reeled in early doors and done quite a lot of personal research into this winter and really thought we would have a good one, along with the complete inability from the more knowledgeable ones to hold hands up and just agree with the facts of how wrong things have gone rather than be in complete denial and slag off the ones that's calling it the way we/I see it, Just getting sick of it all, but time to draw under it all I think so I will have a think of what road to take; either let it go and start a fresh slate or give it rest for a while, I have been very negaitve I agree, but I have my reasons!
  8. What a silly post, 5c and cold rain on low ground doesn't quite spell a cold spell in January does it? Oh I have 0.3cm on the floor that's melting before sun rise. Great cold spell
  9. Iv got a barber shop in stow! How funny. You stil live nearby ?
  10. Abotts Salford, the back of Salford hall, how about you?
  11. No mate i live just north of evashum now very low ground gutted big time!
  12. That is hilarious good night on the mountains then tell me the post code I'm on my way ???
  13. Mark and Mr Morgan (first name sir!?) Redditch and alvechurch does a lot better than where I am now (5 miles north of evashum)but last year everywhere did well so if we get a deep cold spell it will stil affect, but won't be hear for ever, trying to find a hill to move to lol
  14. Oh coming mate pipe down ???? you know what I'm on about lol
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