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Severe Siberian icy blast

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  1. I'm sorry showing a warming repeatedly at 384hrs is absolutely useless, we can't even get these to come in fruition within the 200 mark so what's the point?
  2. Gents, two completely different ideas hear of the same model, Not good for newbies, Feb91, look at the bigger picture, the Pacific ridge relocation, waxing And waning lobes of the vortex and ridges causes mayhem with the models, best to sit back and watch the models toy around for the next few days whilst they get to grip on a shift. I think we may get a 2/3 day more mobile pattern before deeper cold takes hold.
  3. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion - 07/12/2017 Onwards

    Hi Mary Yea I agree the 06/18 both have a tendency to deamplify the flow somewhat and I'm sure we will see a southward shift in the morn, always have done, think the mids is in the sweet spot this wkend, with your elevation I think you could see 8-10inches tbh
  4. North West England Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/2017 onwards

    A few points that's changed, the warm triple point that was due to go from west to east across England has now moved into France, leaving an occluded front, typically an occluded front has more chance of an all snow event, for those to the south of the line, especially once cold air is embedded in place, also the fact the front is moving south after the initial push means colder air will be dragged south again, I'd say it's a vast improvement on the last fax, all to play for moving forward.
  5. I think as the low pressure looks to have two or even three waves to it as the first wave passes through Sunday we have the second part (stronger?) Deepen rapidly and become cut off from the other shallow feature from Sunday, uppers about-3 ahead of the second low so entrenched cold will be critical, and any snow cover will really help keep the temps suppressed, just hope it doesn't deepen that much as the wind will prevent evaporative cooling and again that will be critical to snow/rain On a side not I just don't buy the progression from hemispheric point of view from t96-120, loose the heights to our north and rapidly deepen heights towards Greenland, but fun to watch, think once that low pressure spawns off Greenland we will see rapid heights build behind
  6. Completely agree, I got up at 6:30 and different people shouting very contradicting opinions on every single hour that came out as the models updated, I gave up and just looked for myself, but a tad frustrating it has to be said, why not allow for the entire period in question to come out and look across a suit to compare and try to inject a balance, and if can't then wait for more experienced ones to comment because this forum is viewed by professionals around the world and it's nice to try to uphold netweathers reputation as one of the best out there . . .
  7. Much better start to the day, ecm rolling out, UKMO looking good moving forward, high pressure in the north Atlantic ridging into Greenland, although only really southern most tip and that's been generous as it's surface pressure mainly but a tanking AO with low pressure underneath the Atlantic high moving our way so a basis to undercut her and keeping it on a high stool! So possible snow events moving forward.
  8. Trying to forecast air patterns by a mean chart is frought wirh danger imo, and even so it can't get t144 in order so no point in looking beyond
  9. Great chart, you can see the effect the low pressure down the north sea is having on the flow, so whilst it's a northwesterly flow it's a good chart, with that cheeky shortwave about to move through southern areas, as that pushes through it will turn winds northerly/northeasterly bringing bitter air down with it. Ecm on it's own big time tonight
  10. I'm very douptfull a cut off low like that with no help from the vortex will have the legs in it to deepen as much as it does across the Atlantic, granted it may well react with the temperature gradient but not to the extent it has on some of the models. It's gonna take until the Friday at the earliest for the models to get a grip on next week but id favour cold returning 65%/35% imo.
  11. Indeed winters coming!
  12. Feb how long have you been on netweather? I remember everybody saying that in 2009/10 And 2010/11, do you know what happened there?! Whilst people are right to express concern over uppers, the longer the air comes down from the arctic the colder the air will be, the cold over aisa will trickle our way it will just need a bit of a sustained airflow, But any frontal activity with 850's below-3 with an easterly drift should be sufficient for a snow event, Also remember that this time of year, we have very little sun strength, and it's possible to home grow cold pools of air, infact I'd be quite optimistic that Europe's 850's will drop at least 1/2°c once the arctic airmas sets in.
  13. That low in the mid Atlantic is pumping all that warm air up toward Greenland in turn helping the heights almost join up completely shutting the Atlantic out, if that happens then it will be a continental dominated weather pattern with northeasterly winds, yes almost a very good chart, very interesting none the less.
  14. The last 3 winters have had the euro slug at some point, last winter was not the same although it did have it at times, we did get low pressure into Europe at times though. Regarding this winter been killed by the same I'm sorry is the most ridiculous statement yet I'm afraid. It's 15th(?) November, and our first attempt at that aswel!
  15. Hi all, in going Mayahofen a wk on Sunday for 1 wk boarding, going to a music festival called snow bombing, I went last year and believe me when I say it's mental! Looking like a cool down next wk and hoping for some snow in time for when we arrive on 2nd April, does anyone know where I can get a reliable forecast? Can't seem to find the forum in here we had last year dedicated to the alps? Gutted because it was invaluable!