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  1. There was a Red Warning on Saturday the 18th of December 2010 for all of London remember it like yesterday only Red alert I have seen until the last 2 days see this article http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/news/8746829.Snow_update__red_alert_issued_by_Met_Office/
  2. We were all told that the system would bring warmer air to us in The south east on the right flank of the low pressure and for a while today that was happening on my personal weather station then about 40 mins ago the temp suddenly dropped by 1.7c so maybe it's traveling more east than originally thought and I confirm it's now snowing again in Hendon light snow that's being blown in the wind
  3. Has Emma Pivoted yet. On the radar seems to be travelling northwards encroaching much more of the East than even this morning's forecasts? If it has pivoted please tell me and I apologise if I have made a mistake or please confirm if it has not pivoted yet.
  4. With these warming uppers could that be rain for this region
  5. Actually to be fair the Channel islands look like they are getting the snow now instead of 3pm today so that is a real difference to the BBC forecast
  6. I checked and it looks to me as if tiffthe two low pressures are almost side by side and it looks like they are quite a lot further east than the BBC shows this is potentially confirmed by the precipitation if it pushes up into the South east as as pointed out it was supposed to stall over the south. To be fair to the BBC they say that the Channel islands will get the heavy snow 1st then spread into the South West and Wales. Are we waiting up to see if this front being pushed up by that system in front of Emma stalls now? Or as the sattelite shows the cloud associated with the front is already into the South east and the precipitation is across the south coast so may be it actually has moved to our advantage maybe I'm dreamcasting lol
  7. Could it stall over the south and the south east instead of just the south
  8. Cheers for the explanation. Does the sattelite show Emma on track or is too difficult to ascertain with the sattelite loop
  9. Is this already different to what the BBC are showing as they imply that the blizzards will be in Wales and the West
  10. Getting Very Windy out there we won't get a level top up with Blizzards but can imagine drifting but is that possible in London suburbs and central london could that be possible?
  11. It's snowing in France right now that system Emma
  12. thats just the latest guidance, but no one can really tell you until its here
  13. would you say it similar to the event in Feb 09 that you wrote about?
  14. Maybe somebody knows, but throughout the UK , the showers on the radar all seem to be clumping together to form continuous streamers. So if your in one your lucky , its what the radar looks like anyway