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  1. Well this was in Hendon about 1 hour ago and it was still quite far a way from the eye
  2. But it clouded over last week around 4pm if it carries on with no cloud today then it would keep climbing
  3. We almost had our snow fix in North West London but in the end our flunk fuelled your fix. So if you don't want it lol send it north and to the south east preferably to all of London and Greater London not just the tiny South east corner
  4. Is that it for Hendon and the North London brigade or are we in with a chance this talk of se direction seems to be putting us out of the game or is this a lull we are in Sky is going Orange though I've found in these situation at this time into night time that it can be a good indicator
  5. Well it's now snowing properly in Hendon so shows it's rather interesting spell this
  6. Hi again, I don't think it's going to come back over NW London because if it goes South East that will be for the south east London and South east wouldn't it? They deserve it if so, but is there anything else that would dart it east instead of South east
  7. What's is doing pushing up into London from the south east to the north west, thought the front was supposed to come back over London
  8. Just had about 30 mins of intense snowfall after on and off patchy snow since 9.30pm very nice must be about 7 to 10cm on the ground now
  9. Well we just had snow in hendon that wasn't forecadted but the met office mentioned something about passing showers
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