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  1. Looks like an lovely week of weather temps in the high teens/low twenties sunshine nice breeze comfortable sleeping weather perfect.
  2. What an fantastic week of weather high teens/ low twenties plenty of warm sun not to hot and an nice breeze perfect.
  3. Some really heavy squally showers blowing through rain,sleet hail and snow now snowing
  4. Truly amazing weather last few days today actually felt like summers days ridiclious for Feb and an world away from this time last year.surely only an matter of time before we hit the magic 40 at somepoint in summer.
  5. We dont really need an wet spell were normal to above across the Yorkshire region were not desperate for rain cant speak for rest of country.
  6. Will miss this weather still got an very patchy covering of snow that survived the thaw yesterday. Found some pics of an snowfall we had 4 years ago in Feb 2015 .
  7. same here snow showers on and off sleety when light nothing signifcant but enough to hear that lovely crunch underfoot but better more on the pavements and side roads then the grass.
  8. Thanks i wouldnt have thought it would make much difference tbh. Hopefully be few more showers to come
  9. light covering of snow here nothing major but nice to see nevertheless
  10. Sunny and frosty will do me unless we can get anything potent from the North or North East. Let see what Feb brings instead.
  11. If we cant get snow this is the next best thing beautiful sunny days with frost and ice. Would take an week of this instead of will it wont it marginal rain/sleet maybe an few flakes of snow events anyday.
  12. Somewhere in Maine New England would do me plenty of chances of snow in winter and nice warm summers but not to hot. One thing i wouldnt like thst though is that the summer nights aint light enough. Least here in mid summer still light at 10pm on to the here and now was expecting more from today event then Thursday doesnt bode well. But hey its only the weather.
  13. Might move to Buxton or Consett in the North East there do well in winter but imagine the North East probably had more snow and colder temps last October then anything so far this winter thus far there have had it worse then here.
  14. Well i live in Hull well Hessle for last 11 years and we have havent done great since January 2013 were we had lying snow here for nearly two weeks. No one seems to mention Feb 2012 which was quite wintry for here maybe because it was sandwiched inbetween 2009/2010 snowfalls then the 2013 snowfalls. And wasnt the Cet for the first half of Feb 2012 sub zero. Im making it sound quite recent but was infact 7 years ago yikes.
  15. More of an slushy mess then an winter wonderland but got an covering turned lighter now and more sleety but considering wasnt expecting nothing cant grumble tbh.
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