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  1. Some much needed rain last few days chucking it down at min with hail thrown in to.
  2. Another beautiful day not in an cloud in the sky 13c but feels much warmer perfect
  3. Beautiful day here high of 17 c gone abit hazy now after clear blue skies here earlier. Still cant complain for early April
  4. Heavy showers rattling through here swear some flakes mixed in might be wishful thinking. Either way being more frosts this month then in winter put together and sharp contrast from Wednesday to Friday when was soaking the sun up in garden.
  5. Indoors? your aloud out go sit in the garden if possible it's beautiful out here lovely after an misersble wet stormy winter. Blossom and buds and nature etc responding. Shame this virus has taken the shine off it somewhat no pun intended.
  6. Cheers suprised got that low this winter. 2014 was an stinker -9.0 bad times how depressing nowhere has got below -15 since 2013 seven years ago quite telling. I guess the 2018 low shows what can happen with the right set up in place and in South East England to.
  7. While it does seem that way is that actually true ? Only two years ago we had widespread snow across the Uk. Plus the hot summer of 2018 hot spell last year to with the temperature record broken. This winter has being guff though for cold just rain wind and more rain and more wind never felt mild either because of the vile wind making it feel about 5 degrees colder that what it actually is. Last two days was beautiful here sunny and calm. Back to awful cold rain today at 3 degrees earlier just to rub it in cold but not cold enough for snow. Be interesting to note coldest temperature recorded this winter and how it compares to other winters ?
  8. Cold rain 3 degrees vile after two lovely sunny days, last few days of winter ending on an torrid note quite fitting. Couldnt be more different from this time two years ago. Roll on spring and some dry weather hopefully
  9. Has being poor since Jan 2013 apart from Feb/March 2018 here just had dustings or coverings that have melted in an few hours but i can only remember 2013/14 being snowless here this will be second one if we dont get any snow this winter im about 5 miles west of Hull in Hessle. All we seem to get is north west winds which are even rubbish for most of the north west below 100 metres or near the coast because jst get rain/sleet unless really cold uppers. Good for Buxton and the peaks high ground of north west Scotland etc useless for near enough everywhere else.
  10. Same here the winter that just keeps giving pity its just rain and more rain.
  11. Interesting to note Moscow had it coldest August in 2019 on record maybe just natural variation and sort of one extreme to another.
  12. I would prefer an potent Northerly tbh but there have being as rare as hens teeth in recent times. Surely some parts of europe must be recording warmest winter on record? one off or an worrying trend ? Makes u think what might happen in summer with regards to heat espcially in mainland Europe.
  13. Look how snowless most of Europe is must be highly unusual what an god awful winter.
  14. Feel so nice to feel that sun on face after rotten weather had recently roll on spring and some warmer weather fingers crossed. Sick to death of this never ending Autumn another winter passing by without any significant snowfall or any snow in this case and an handful of frosts very poor. Worse thing even though its being mild never felt it really apart from the odd day because of nagging wind which has made it feel colder then actually is or maybe just old age and feel it more now ha.
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