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  1. 29 minutes ago, sausage said:

    has anyone noticed that the wind seems to be decreasing the snow cover. i dont mean by blowing it around. i mean in general a little un-noticed thaw. whats this to do with? 

    temps currently nowhere near as low as last night! only -2. it was -5.6 last night n heavy snow! 

    I've noticed that too. We have lost over half of our snow cover eve though it has remained close to freezing 

  2. 1 minute ago, reef said:

    The cold air is really starting to come in now. Even here close to the coast with a keen easterly wind its already down to -0.1C and dewpoint of -5.4C.

    Liking the models tonight too, there's pretty much a polar low especially for East Yorkshire on Tuesday morning. From Russia with love. :)

    Does that 'polar low' influence northern Lincolnshire too Reef?

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