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  1. Yeah, its taken all day but we seem to have finally ended up with a decent covering. Hoping for a bit more over night now!
  2. When should we expect to see the snow showers developing over the North Sea? The radar looks pretty dry out at sea at the minute.
  3. How much shower activity should areas in northern Lincolnshire area see mate? Thanks
  4. Could someone please explain what is the difference between the GFS run and the GFS parallel run. Thanks in advance.
  5. Which GFS model is the better model? Is is the GFS or parallel GFS? By better I mean more likely to be accurate. Thanks
  6. Haha, if only. They mentioned other other factors such as La Nina counteracting the SSW. Basically they don't know what the impact will be yet.
  7. The Met Office. I've just watched their forecast on YouTube.
  8. I share your pain Reef! Fingers crossed we might actually see a flake fall this next week.
  9. Still waiting for my first flake here. Nothing all week other than cold rain!
  10. I've noticed that too. We have lost over half of our snow cover eve though it has remained close to freezing
  11. I know mate. Fingers crossed a lovely 30 minute heavy shower should pass through these parts in the next 10 minutes!
  12. It was mate, it took me over 2 hours to do a quarter mile! Ended up coming home and played in the snow with my daughter instead.
  13. What's the shower activity looking like out in the North Sea? My radar app is not working!
  14. A fabulous day here in Grimsby. Lots of heavy blowing snow showers with a max temperature of -1. Not bad for the 28th of February. We have a good 8-10cm covering in most places now!
  15. Hi frosty, what are the chances here in ne Lincs that we might join the party later tonight and tomorrow? Thanks
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