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  1. FINALLY!!!! After missing the snow by 10 miles for the past 5 snow events the West Midlands had... We have finally got something worth shouting about =D

  2. Please, please let it snow so much I don't have to go into work tomorrow!!

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, we seem to always miss out on the snow, Newcastle had about 10cm today.

  4. Of course I'm hoping for snow! I hibernate during the summer so just starting to wake up now.

  5. Hoping for some snow Kateh?

  6. Kateh, I think Leicester will be covered in snow early tommorrow morning =) Should arrive around 3am onwards. Will melt during the day sadly =( but should have a good covering in the morning.

  7. Hello. Been snowing here since about 1pm, only started settling in the last couple of hours so we have a covering now. It's wet snow though so struggling to stick a bit,really hope it does keep going, would be great to wake up to a white out tomorrow!

  8. Rawwrr Kateh, i'm just in South Wales at the moment, been here since Sunday, coming home tomorrow back to Leicester. It has snowed here all day but hasn't settled below 200m, my uncle lives at roughly 200m on a hill so some has settled on the grass and cars which has been nice to see =D Looks like Leicester is in for a fair bit tonight, i'm jealous because I won't be there to see it...

  9. Kateehh =) Ok so... You know how I love to give you snow potential updates ;) Dear old Leicester might see some snow flurries tomorrow, we will have to wait and see.

  10. Hmmm, well that did not go to plan!!!

  11. if* more* lol bad typing from me

  12. Thanks for the reply Kateh :) Welll, is all goes to plan we should see smore snowfall during tomorrow. How much will fall I honestly don't know. I would say a top up is likely though to the snow already there, I would like to see 5-10cm more though :)

  13. haven't measured but reckon we have about 4cms of snow on the drive now. Really looking forward to the next couple of days (adding this using my phone so hope it works)

  14. How much snow you got now Kateh? We got lucky today with those snow showers, gave another 2-3cm here on top of the 5cm we had originally :) Hopefully quite a bit to come tomorrow!

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