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  1. Starting to turn more sleety here in Bargaddie/Glasgow's East End
  2. Just finished listening to the main midnight news on BBC Radio 4 and Helen Willits? (sorry if that's not her name) just said in the weather report that they are def looking to upgrade the amber warning to the Central Belt tomorrow afternoon as they might be expecting gusts to reach 85mph in the afternoon. You should be able to hear it I think on demand soon on the Sounds app, the last 5 mins of the 30 min midnight news.
  3. In the weather forecast just before the main Six O'clock News on Radio 4 they did say that the amber warning currently in place for much of England and Wales could be extended further north as more information about the storm comes in as there is some concern as to the impact of the winds in the urban areas of the Central Belt tomorrow afternoon. Just something we are going to have to keep an eye on I guess!
  4. Hi Jason, Yes as has just been said Aviemore is your best bet if your looking for some snow over the next few days. I suspect that the strength of the wind on Monday and Tuesday will bring in quite a few showers so hopefully you'll get lucky and enjoy what we have to offer! Fort William will be far too mild for anything that's going to land
  5. A tiny wee blip on the radar gave a fair good covering at my location here in Bargaddie to the east of Glasgow. Was very surprised at how much snow fell and landed too, has given me some hope for later tonight and into the morning!
  6. It’s raining here in Glasgow’s East End ???
  7. Met Office just published an advisory for heavy thundery showers from 3pm for Central and Southern Scotland.
  8. Someone just tweeted me to say that Hurricane force winds imminent for Irish Sea, sounds rough. From the Met Office Shipping Forecast : Gale warnings - Issued: 0820 UTC Wed 12 FebSevere gale force 9 veering southwesterly and increasing hurricane force 12 imminent
  9. Rain all the way at my location just to the east of Glasgow. It's strange how I hear (from Facebook) that people near the coast are getting some snow yet a location like mine, 20+ miles inland at 100m keeps on getting rain! I must live in some sort of warm pocket micro climate or something haha
  10. Latest band was an all rain affair again here in Coatbridge. I now give up and are looking forward to summer. Here is hoping for some early warm sunny spring weather :-)
  11. Oh well I stayed up to 2am waiting for the front to arrive and after giving some snow to Ireland when it arrived here in North Lanarkshire it broke up and what fell from the sky was light.... yes rain! I thought when it arrived the temperature would fall but it actually rose and is now 5c. It seems we can't win at all this winter. Anyway off to bed. I have a lot of explaining to do in the morning as I insured all my local Facebook buddies that they would wake up to a blanket of snow.
  12. I see that the Met Office has issued a Yellow warning for snow for Northern Ireland and Western Scotland from 9pm tonight. As for me here I've just come back from a walk from Airdrie Town Centre and it was sleet there, snow on the outskirts and then rain by the time I got back here to Coatbridge.
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