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  1. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    So where is that triple point currently
  2. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Arpege once again snow widely midlands!!gives around 5 or 6 cms of snow!!
  3. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    That is a big change on the euro4 buddy wasnt showing anything at all this morning!!arpege was the model showing close to 10cms!!bit generous i think!
  4. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yup arpege is a big surprise especially cos it has upgraded at such short notice!!if we see anything like it i shall be more than happy!
  5. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Could come down to nowcasting!them and the bbc have been saying rain for days now but lets see what happens!
  6. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Surprised no one has mentioned the arpege!!its a massive upgrade for the whole of the midlands!!stays as snow pretty much all the way through especially the east midlands!!wonder if thats the reason why the met office have extended warnings south!! Infact it gives mose of the midlands close to 10cms lol!!
  7. Yup and then watch ecm come on board and gfs go the other way!!and then in the end we get naff all lol!!!mind you today is cold still -1!!
  8. Was just bout to say pretty much the same thing!probably go back to square one on the 12z and if not then probably tomorrow lol!!
  9. I Still think this can upgrade a bit more steve!!arpege the best so far!!
  10. shaky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Arpege gives snowfall widely!!hirlam gives probably about an hour of snow!lol!!18z here we go..
  11. 15 hour output only cos to 30 hours but as far as i can see the precipitation is pushed back slightly further west and also the high is stronger from the east!!18z shall reveal all
  12. Story of our last few weeks lol!!all the potential there but we end up on the wrong side with nothing!!dunno whether to actually believe what the charts are showing for around christmas time at all!!time for that run mate
  13. Has the ukmo been right more often than not over the ecm at 72 hours!!!!i hope its got a good record cos i think that ukmo chart would give snow more widely!!
  14. Yup latest fax more like ukmo at 72 hours than ecm or gfs!!had that low not been as deep on ecm i reckon it would look more like ukmo!!over to the 18zs!!
  15. That scandi high is further west for 1pm friday on gfs 06z compared to last nights 12z for same time!!uppers colder aswell!!yes it wont make much of a difference in the end but could.increse snow chances for a few saturday