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  1. Wow thats a huge change and to be fair ecm is showing a lovely warm day aswell across england and wales with temps around mid twenties!!at one point all models were showing a washout for saturday!!massive change in the last 12 hours!!
  2. Much better gfs and ukmo 12z so far!!high further north for friday and saturday and not as much rain!!
  3. Which ecm seems to have done this morning between 96 and 144 hours compared to last nights 12z run!!high more over the uk and not as amolified over greenland!!
  4. Defo way more north and more widespread than forecasted!!its chucking it down here in leicester!!
  5. Yup no go for the plume from ecm at 144 hours but still hot with high twenties!!
  6. Hmm interesting ecm looks similar to ukmo at 96 hours!!lets see where we go from here!!could be back in the oven from wednesday!!
  7. Ecm much better than gfs and more like ukmo up to 144 hours!!make the most of the cool wet weather on sunday cos the drought continues thereafter!!
  8. What the hell has happened to gfs at 144 hours!!did not see that coming especially after viewing the ukmo!!ukmo is glorious by the way!!
  9. Yup i mentioned it yesterday aswell!we might have just had the hottest part of our summer yesterday and now today!!not to say we aint gona get any more hot weather cos it looks like we will but more mid to high twenties and a 30 degree max compared to the 35s and the 37s the models were showing few days ago!!rain defo still looks an issue for the rest of the summer cos apart from sunday there is not much rainfall!!
  10. And also what i mentioned this morning about indicattions of the high going slightly further west on recent runs and no where near the hot air we could have potentially been looking at!!still early days though so could change!!
  11. Not tryin to put a dampner on anything but one thing ive noticed is the high seems to be creeping ever so westwards with each run recently and if that continues we can forget bout the next heatwave lol!!and also gfs is really unsettled for sunday!!ecm is reluctant to build strong heights in and the longer this takes the higher the chance of things going wrong for heat lovers!!ive not seen the ecm go for the heatwave full on for the last 48 hours now so it is starting to be a concern for me at least!it needs to come aboard and fast!!ukmo best output this morning!!
  12. What a horrible horrible gfs for sunday wet right across england!!that low seems to have come right over the uk now!!not good!
  13. Is that further west than the 12z was showing or about the same
  14. Ecm is pretty good tonight!!hardly any rain at the weekend apart from friday this week and temps low to kid twenties!!oh and then hotting up next week!!