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  1. Well all of a sudden latest hirlam model is showing outbreaks of patchy snow everywhere across the midlands this evening!!looks like a defo developing situation!!
  2. I can confirm its belting it down here still!!drifts of about 10cms on the curb
  3. It has not stoppes snowing in oadby for about 3 hours now!!just loving it!!
  4. Snow shower after snow shower here in leicester!!
  5. Could it be inaprop🤔!!!
  6. Whats with the big blob of snow building in east anglia🤔!!seems to be expanding rapidly!
  7. I guess thats going to be injecting a lot of fluid in the form of snow😁
  8. Well winds do look more east north east this time so should bring the streamer more towards leicester at least!!the last time winds were east south east and it still got very close so we could do better this time!!
  9. Amber warning out in line with the streamer for north leicester nottinghqm derby and staffordshire!!hopefully the streamer can set up slightly further south and give more of the midlands a hit!!
  10. Any charts mate!!lol i can guarantee for my area apart from the early snowfall saturday leicester will not look good on those charts for the rest of the run!!the rest of the midlands will loook good though!!
  11. You gota laugh at that😂😂😂!!easterly winds yet the forecast looks better for snow for the west mids than the east midlands😂😂!!oh boy u cant win can you!!!
  12. Dont think we gona get anything menaning full out of this cold spell now unfortunately!!midlands is in a horrible dry gap throughout the weekend!!washer streamer sets up too far north that maybe the far north of the region will do well and then the snow in the south is just too far south lol!!it is what it is though!!
  13. Luky for you guys steve!!midlands might be in the dry zone!!enjoy it though!!!hopefully it pushes further north like the icon and we both get the snowfall lol!!