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  1. Icon looks fantastic again!!cut off low going through west off spain and extending the warmth!!
  2. Changes are coming but just cos they are coming doesnt mean any meaningful rainfall!!might be cooler but still dry!!am sorry but the odd shower here and there will not cut it!!my lawn is going brown so i need a few days of heavy rainfall!!lol
  3. One thing that is concerning is there seems to be strong support for maybe not overly wet conditions but quite cold weather after day 10!!lets hope we see a downgrade on this over the next couple of days!!until then enjoy the heat!
  4. Aaannd anything unsettled virtually non existent now especially if u go according to ecm!even the embarrassing gfs does a u turn from the wet 06z!!
  5. And once again the gfs backs down from any meaningfull rainfall on the 12z!!dry spell continues into far fi land!!!ukmo 12z looks good as well!!
  6. What is making the gfs do this!!its getting really hard to even follow this model anymore!!!there use to be a time even if it was an outlier at least the outlier use to come true once in a blue moon!!!i mean now it just flaps around!!ecm is true king its right more than 70 percent of the time!!then ukmo!!!by the way gfs control much better as is the mean!!
  7. Aaaand gfs does what gfs does best and brings back a low for 2 or 3 days between 168 and 216 hours!really amazing stuff from this model!!expecting a bit of low pressure influence but not to the gfs extent!!
  8. As i said last night 18z went off one as the 00z has bactracked and is absolutely fantastic!and if that was not enough ecm is pretty darn good this morning as well!!better than last nights 12z!!long may this continue?☀️?
  9. Ludicrous gfs 18z!!storms for a couple days from 168 hours and then back to heatwave conditions!!highly doubt it will still be there on the 00z!!
  10. Icon 18z continues the summer theme!!less of a disrupting low in the atlantic and more of a ridge!!!
  11. A humongous outlier regardless of the pressure drop!!! At some point the pressure was gona drop lol!!expecting maybe a better last couple of frames from ecm on 00z!!
  12. What bout in terms of pressure!!!!i knew it was gona be an outlier anyway!!so amazing output tonight if heat and sun is what your after barr the last couple of dodgy frames from ecm op!!
  13. Honestly the output is brilliant!!that cut off low is yummy!!pulls in even more warmth and extends the current dry and warm spell!!!northerly cancelled out again!!
  14. Lovely little cut off low there to extend the warmth!!!lets hope that low in eastern europe does not end up westwards towards the uk!!
  15. Pretty good run if you ask me!!winds coming in from warm continent and mainly dry?odd storm here and there!!
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