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  1. I dont understand though steve!!what has made it disconnect to this extent!!with a positive zonal wind to that extent anyone would think the atlantic would be in full control!!
  2. Good for cold🌨!!crazy warm here this morning!!
  3. Seems similar to last update i think!pretty blocky to the north of the british isles and wet across southern europe and spain!!maybe a good thing for those wanting a cold winter!!
  4. Same model had a storm similar to gfs on the last 00z run this morning!!could go down to the wire this!!
  5. Yet on the ukmo its gone steve!!these are crazy differences at a short time frame now!!but its ukmo and ecm v gfs now!!!that is one crazy gfs 12z which would give populated areas a battring!!whose gona be right?
  6. Those are 2 of the best updates ive seen for a number of years for the following winter!!normally we got very strong heights to the south of us and low heights to the north!!very encouraging indeed!!amazing how quickly the ecm update has changed from the last month!just shows how futile it is!!
  7. As a result is it warmer for the uk?!!
  8. Wow thats a huge change and to be fair ecm is showing a lovely warm day aswell across england and wales with temps around mid twenties!!at one point all models were showing a washout for saturday!!massive change in the last 12 hours!!
  9. Much better gfs and ukmo 12z so far!!high further north for friday and saturday and not as much rain!!
  10. What is the difference in 850s between 12z and 18z!!
  11. Which ecm seems to have done this morning between 96 and 144 hours compared to last nights 12z run!!high more over the uk and not as amolified over greenland!!
  12. Defo way more north and more widespread than forecasted!!its chucking it down here in leicester!!
  13. Yup no go for the plume from ecm at 144 hours but still hot with high twenties!!
  14. Hmm interesting ecm looks similar to ukmo at 96 hours!!lets see where we go from here!!could be back in the oven from wednesday!!