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  1. I smell a january 2013 here steve?!!!!could be some big runs this evening
  2. I dont think this saga is over just yet!!could still see more improvements earlier on in the next few days!!still some snow potential over the next 5 days aswell!!also with a wave coming in from the continent between 96 and 120 hours could be some snowfall on western side of it!!
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned ecm t120 and 144 hour charts!low slides in the atlantic and looks like ukmo!!
  4. Latest icon 18z disrupts that low a bit more near the states at 120 hours compared to 12z run!!think its moved toawards ecm and ukmo in that regard!!together with a few snowy surprises this week its not a bad outlook at all!!
  5. Also looks like there could be a front trying to push into eastern and south east uk from the continent !!is there enough cold air on the western flank for precipitation to turn to snow?
  6. Dunno what to make of the ukmo 144 h chart!!think that low sliding in the Atlantic will just deepen and flattern everything out again !!
  7. How is the snow potential for the weekend on 18z!!still there or all gone?
  8. Take a look at the 06z gfs at 198 hours!!i think regardless of how slack or deep that low coming of the eastern seaboard is we we will not be able to evade that pressure rise to the east!just gota hope after this little cold spell that sceuro high gets further west as quick as possible to keep us frosty and cold at the very least!
  9. We could be over looking the potential for snow this week!!think some places could receive a surprise come the end of the week!!looking really cold with a biting northwest wind!!
  10. Problem is it was showing that for next weeek and look what has happened!!its clearly an issue and something that needs work on on the models!!i mentioned a few days ago that come.closer.to the time it will be flat as a pancake and i was spot on again!!!!one of the posters asked me why and i sed cos it happens everytime!!its a massive weakness within the models!!!
  11. Yeh and not.in a good way!!dire runs this morning!!!purples have expanded big time over the pole!!!even flatter across our side aswell!!
  12. Big 12zs this evening!!can we go back to what the models were showing 24 hours ago or continue in this depressing vein!!we want that shortwave in the atlantic at 120 hours to be really slack or so deep it sends more waa ahead of it!! Unfortunately whats gona happen is its gona get stuck in 2 minds and we probably end up really flat again!
  13. Also i said give it till friday before getting excited!!mate it didnt even last till wednesday evening!!the inevitable flattening down of all the amplification looks to be happening!!over to the 06zs!!i give it till the 12zs before packing it in!
  14. I still cant believe the ukmo has almost trumped the ecm and gfs though!!really poor from both models you would expect them to handle things way better across the states and the atlantic!!doesnt really give you much confidence in the models really!!
  15. Bloody hell you would think the charts are a complete downgrade this morning judging from some of the comments!!after looking at them they not that bad!!ukmo looks better than yesterday!!its more of a middle ground solution in my opinion!!
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