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  1. Yup ever so slightly has!!!ukmo still the hottest!!now watch gfs move towards this mornings ukmo;)
  2. Yes and maybe even suck up more hot air from spain and africa which could potentially mean another hot period of weather coming up!!
  3. I dont understand why its performing so badly with the cloud amounts!!it really is atrocious!!u compare that to the sat24 image right now its chalk amd cheese!
  4. Any pictures mate from euro4 that you can post
  5. Do you think there will be any more snow tonight for the midlands and east anglia?
  6. Is it me or am i seeing that snow line retreat back north and west from east anglia!!maybe importing colder dew points than forecasted from the netherlands!!
  7. Any more positive updates snowwise tomorrow!!ecm showed midlands getting plastered sunday morning and gfs joined the party aswell!!interestingly arpege shows temps close to freezing all day tomorrow across the midlands with 850 temps of -9!!
  8. That looks excellent!!!so could be a really snowy day tomorrow for the midlands and potentially on sunday aswell!!
  9. Does gfs still have snow for the midlands sunday morning!!looked very good on the previous run!!
  10. Thats a nice band of snow heading for leicester!!from the wash!!
  11. Hmmm stream of light snow starting to form from the wash!!lets see if theres any further developments!!
  12. So bluearmy the midlands is looking good for snow then!!what time does the ecm have the snow coming through?
  13. Can you post some charts mate!!!starting to get excited lol!!
  14. Hopefully the midlands gets a well deserved dumping!!arpege model seems to be backing the ecm aswell in regards to colder weather lingering on into next week!!whatever snow falls could stick around for a few days!!
  15. Hows latest gfs 18z?does it continue the snow threat on saturday?