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  1. Cmon buddy i admire your positivity but nothings going to come of this lol!!!its over lets just face it!!enjoy next 6 to 7 months of warmth!!fingers crossed!!
  2. Been dry here for a week now and no rain in sight at the moment!!models look like something you would see in july or august!!fanatastic warm weekend coming up for most of the uk!!!may the summer looking charts continue as long as possible cos my craving and excitement for snow has completely diminished now!!!looking forward to another hot summer hopefully!
  3. Fantastic charts all around this morning if its warmth and sun you are after!!ecm is a scorcher for february and could be looking at temps of 20 degreees by the end of the week!!february records smashed out the window!
  4. Yeh last cut is normally around october and the first cut is around april for me!!between those times the bush growth is steady thank god😁😉!!
  5. That is unbelievable for february and i am actually looking forward to it!!these charts would be amazing in the summer with mid to high 30s widely!!!one things for sure i am defo having the first bbq of the season this saturday!!might aswell go with the flow and bring the bbq out early along with the early spring that has come along!!
  6. Amazing how there is cold air either side of us but the uk has the mildest air in the northern hemisphere😂😂
  7. Yup only this time after weeks of forecasting full on cold and snowy anomalys it shall be absolutely CORRECT about the mild outcome it is showing cos its not cold and snow and also just our damn luck !!!you gota laugh at it really!!its been abysmal from the ec46!!
  8. In summer that would be a 20 degree 850hpa plume with temps of 35 degrees!!!!what a waste😡😡
  9. Funny thing is if it was the other way around and all the other enesmbles were strongly favouring cold and there was that one mild outlier all of them would join that mild outlier run by run!!🤣🤣!its happened quite a few times this winter!!
  10. Its been doing that for the last few runs but unfortunately more than likely wrong!!!the fv3 performance has been just as bad as the normal gfs to be honest!!better off just keeping the operational lol!!if it was to be right though then you would expect the other models to latch on this evening!!
  11. Thats more like it buddy!!i like how your being a bit more realistic this morning instead of positive for the heck of it!!was only a matter of time buddy😈!!anyway yup winter is pretty much over unless the models do one of those 2013 u-turns at a very short time frame!!!for all the guys still hunting good luck and god reward you with a result lol!!
  12. Gfs got close to +8 850temps next week!!should feel really spring like in the sun!!!might just start an early barbecue this year and then wait till next winter for the cold and snow to put it out!!sorry let me raphrase that i shall wait till next winter for the WIND and RAIN to put it out😒
  13. By the way ukmo 96 and 120 hour charts are absolutely horrendous this evening!!energy over the top and high parked to the south east of the uk!
  14. Looks like early barbecue weather to me from 96 hourrs all the way to the end lol!!i can imagine in the day time it shall feel really nice but nights may be a bit nippy!!
  15. What are the changes compared to last nights eps if you could explain?also is it a good change or bad?