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  1. One things for certain the high is proving a lot harder to shift for next weekend on this mornings gfs runs compared to yesterdays!!also a lot warmer and has defo shifted towards the ecm!!my fear is whatever unsettled weather shown is at 168 hours onwards and could be pushed further and further back!!bone dry here for a number of weeks now!
  2. Amazing continuity from ecm 00z!!looks absolutely identical to 12z yesterday and gfs looks to amplify the ridge more across europe for the coming weekend aswell !could see a late heat plume before September is out!!
  3. Massive changes this morning on both ecm and gfs for next weekend onwards!!pressure goes significantly lower and could actually see some meaningful rainfall!!still plenty of time for change!!!we have hardly any rain around this side of the midlands for the last 5 weeks!!!i guess i gota make the most of my dry runs over the next week
  4. Fantastic ukmo 12z and shunts the northerly further east again!gfs out to 168 hours and much the same again!!fabulous with high over the uk and sunny!!
  5. Big changes in terms of how it feels next week on the ukmo and ecm!!northerly is back!!on the other hand it looks like it will still be sunny but maybe a bit cooler aswell!!still no sign of rain right until the end of september!!
  6. You gota laugh!!!just last month it was going for a scandi high and northern blocking and now the complete opposite!just goes to show how fickle these long range forecasts are!!ah well id rather it show a bartlett now than in novemevber!!still plenty of time for change!!
  7. Do you think its that warming thats causing such a vast area of high pressure and warmth across uk and europe for the next 2 weeks
  8. Amazing charts this morning again!!dry as far as the models can see and sunny and warm aswell!!a stronger high on the ecm for latter time frames aswell compared to the 12z run!!!
  9. Unbelievable ecm mean this evening!!high parked right over the uk and actually intensifies in the latter time frames!!and i thought the op was a scorcher lol!!
  10. Aaaaaand the 06z gfs has completely put the northerly in the bin now and it looks more like the ecm! !amazing output for the time of year!!
  11. Much improved 00z ecm again this morning!!no northerly at all and warm and sunny all the way through!!you can see gfs do that slow backtrack again that it normally does!!it slowly pushing that northerly further east when you compare the last few runs for similar time frames!!ukmo is hot like the 12z yesterday!!
  12. Fantastic ecm mean this evening!!very rarely you see pressure rise on the mean the way it is shown this evening between 192 and 240 hours!!1025mb high slap bang over the uk!!
  13. Much better ecm this evening compared to 00z run!!sunny and warm from friday onwards and dry till the end of the run!!gfs 12z seems to have gone off on one when looking at the ensembles!!expect an improvement on the 18z!!
  14. Stil will feel reallly pleasant in the sun!!and a serious lack of rainfall!!atlantic is blocked!
  15. Yup looks like the op was an outlier from 144 hours onwards which is good news if you want warmer temperatures!!
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