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  1. Hmmm more anticyclonic across england and wales early next week compared to last run!!high has edged further north on this run!!
  2. Well that was brilliant for bout an hour here in oadby!!3cms thick!!was really heavy snow!!now evrything is freezing over with that glittery look to it!beautiful!
  3. Belting with snow in leicester!!2cms already!
  4. Any snow close to leicester that is settling?
  5. Snow getting its act together now around leicester/coventry area!!could be 6 hours worth of snow if it doesnt die down!!
  6. Or could join together and we get one big band like how the hirlam model has forecasted!!if that model is right then we could get another 6 hours of snow!!
  7. Hmmm band to the north and band to the south could join together!!very interesting!!
  8. Snowing here now!!seems like the snow band around northants is moving northwards!!
  9. Hmmm is that the beginnings of the snow band just south of leicester that is meant to affect us tonight!!pepped up pretty rapidly!!
  10. Full on snow here!!a lot heavier this time!!is that the same band of snow that the arpege and euro4 was forecasting for tonight for central midlands!
  11. Nope am in leicester and the snow has picked up nicely!
  12. Radar looking really good!!gap has filled up over the midlands and am really surprised as to how far north it is snowing right now!!more to come for the midlands overnight!!
  13. Should start to pick up again later on this afternoon!!