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  1. Gfs 12z continues the northward push of the jet up to 192 hours and more warm sunny weather for england and wales at least!!ive not seen meaning full rainfull for a number of weeks now!!incredible!!
  2. Lost count of how many days ive woken up and its just really cold and cloudy!!cant wait for it to change now!!had enough!!
  3. Absolute rubbish so far in this part of the midlands!!last 3 days we have had homegrown/north sea muck and no sun at all!!today again same old story!!what a waste of some really warm 850hpa temps really!!oh well lets see what tomorrow brings!!
  4. It is quite depressing to be fair!last few days hardly any sun!!all of this talk off 850hpa temps of +10degrees but hardly felt like it will all the homegrown/north sea muck!!rather have a westerly with more sunshine lol
  5. Typical!!its been hot and sunny this whole month of ramadhan whilst ive been fasting but just as it comes to an end on june 15th the weather will decide to go down hill!!made this prediction before my fasting month started aswell and it loooks like it could happen now!!just typical!!
  6. That storm cloud across the south east is starting to grow into the midlands!!interesting!!
  7. What a horrible start to the day here!!dull all morning and no sign of the sun coming out!!funny thing is normally we get this low cloud and mist coming in from the north sea to ruin out hot days but this time it seems to have developed inland (just our luck) and its really struggling to clear!!be lucky to get mid 20s today!!
  8. Lovely hazy skies here and hot!!!...
  9. Temp of 25 degrees!!!and really humid in leicester!!
  10. Yup looking north from leicester theres some gorgeous glaciated towers going up!!its extremely warm and humid here aswell!!could do with the wind calming down a bit though!!
  11. Constant lightning here in leicester!!aint seen a storm like this for a number of years!!and too think theres more heat and storms on the way!!bloody amazing!!
  12. Storms approached midlands now and are stronger than ever!!blitzortung going mad right now!!constant lightning!!
  13. Just taken a look at sat24 and all i can say is wow!!!!those huge cumulonimbus cloud build all the way into the midlands!!could be in for a good show in a few hours!!
  14. Ukmo is a slight improvement compared to the 00z run which is good as it might be coming round the gfs idea of higher pressuee and more settled hot weather!!ecm not as good but i think it could backtrack by tomorrow morning and agree with gfs!!
  15. Putting it lightly the weather has been horrendous since last night 10pm!its still raining heavily!!lets see what the afternoon brings!!