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  1. Panic over, 2 hours since the last deluge and a definite risk that United Utilities would be applying for a hosepipe ban but it’s peeeing down again now.
  2. Nooooooooo unless your pair cost a damn site more than mine but I must admit Di Ox is looking better these days.
  3. It’s not raining, miracles do happen after all. as others have said though, a wild night across the region.
  4. Not been so clever here all week and tomorrow’s looking crap. role on the days when it’s cold enough for snow then at least it’ll be bone dry.
  5. A bit of afternoon sun between deluges made this one of the better days of the week but after the vile crap of the last 6 or 7 days, the bar wasn’t set that high.
  6. Different day but same old light drizzly crap. Can’t speak for others but up here at least it’s been a complete right off of a weekend. maybe time to sort the Christmas decorations out, stick a festive film or two on and dream of snow.
  7. Another day of wall to wall crap but as Di Ox would love to say, at least it was mild.
  8. Occasionally my missus goes that way to work rather than the usual Rochdale way and it can often take her an hour to do a 16 mile journey. a bloody stage coach could have done that journey in less time.
  9. Aye from here it’s downhill all the way, even the stream at the bottom of my garden ends up in Manchester. Just a shame I can’t go by canoe as the M66 is a nightmare most of the time.
  10. Being only 20 miles from Manchester and up in the hills, most around here were bought by the “a place in the country” set long before the programme ever started although in fairness, some have been turned into beautiful looking homes.
  11. Sounds nice and a decent part of the world. i always fancied getting hold of an old farm property and doing it up but but most have been snapped up around these parts and what’s left go for an absolute fortune now.
  12. It must be a decent place mate. We’re not in that league by a long way but the house we bought 23 years ago for 40k is now paid off so whatever it’s worth is now all ours. also it’s hopefully got the added retirement bonus of a back garden big enough to stick a decent size property on.
  13. Our first one was £13500, only a 2 bed terrace and it was in 1985 but for about 4K more we could have had a 3 bed semi. how times have changed although we did sell it less than 4 years later for almost 30k so looking back we must have bought just at the right time.
  14. Oh she’s done the uni bit, graduated and is well into her career now but I don’t blame her for not rushing into her own place. i wouldn’t like to start on the property ladder with prices like they are now
  15. Thought I could have worded that a bit better. Ones enough for me as well, the other one keeps threatening to get a place of her own but knows that there’s a big difference between paying a bit of board and a lot of mortgage.
  16. I and you’ve had nearly 13000 more things to say for me, living with two women it’s understandable I struggle to get a word in.
  17. Nowt much to say about the weather other than it’s crap but just realised that it’s 10 years today since I joined Netweather. any excuse to open a bottle of red I suppose.
  18. Horrible couple of days. i can’t wait until I can see the back garden in the daylight and whether the annual expense in new panels has started early
  19. Aye full blizzard conditions here. sorry wrong thread, that one was waiting for when the Daily Express worst winter for a gazillion years headline finally comes true. damp, breezy and pretty mild is the one I should have used.
  20. Just seen a gritter but as per usual around these parts it had plenty of flashing lights on the front but nothing coming out of the rear. it is a bit on the coolish side though so I suppose it’s the thought that counts.
  21. Sorry but the best on offer is another 4 months of members trying to pick out the model with even the slightest indication of something white and selling it like the next 1963 is on its way. its winter but the only sure thing is that the dark nights are longer, the light days shorter and the rain is just as wet but colder. We’ll just have to grin and bare it.
  22. Some sleet on the windscreen going to work first thing this morning but nowt but cold rain since. a thoroughly miserable day unless you like that sort of thing.
  23. Yeah we can save the kiddies school chair for Mocki. it’ll be just rain down there
  24. Just made it 7. Carry on like this and we’ll need to be getting the emergency chairs dusted off.
  25. Shame it didn’t stop the local idiots having a week too late firework display.
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