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  1. Hopefully it will come light again on Saturday morning, if it doesn’t we’ll start to worry.
  2. Nice, we did the Pacific coast of Mexico on a cruise a couple of years ago. it seemed hotter than the Cacun side but the Corona was just as cold and a bit cheaper.
  3. Still a bit murky but a damn site better than the fog and damp of Christmas Day. it’ll certainly go down as a foregettable one, weather wise. hope you all had a good un.
  4. Same here, everything was white when we walked up to the pub last night, a couple of hours later staggering back it was just damp and misty. Woke up now and it’s thick fog so although seasonal, it’s hardly festive.
  5. A bit more seasonal this morning with the wet from two days of pretty much constant rain forming ice on the car that put last weekends effort to shame. anyway at least it’s stopped raining and with the sun out, not a bad day and if no snow is on offer then i’ll certainly take a bit of frost over rain, rain and more rain. I’ll probably still be popping in here a bit over the next few days but in the meantime, can I wish all fellow members a Merry Christmas and hope you get all you wish for, unless it’s snow and then i’m sure your going to be disappointed.
  6. Just seen the forecast and it showed a narrow shower stream coming in off the Irish Sea right across our part of the region. if it had been snow we’d have had a decent covering by now but then again, no doubt the stream would then have had someone else’s name on it. thankfully the weather map did show it clearing through late morning so we live in hope.
  7. Is anyone else wondering how bad tomorrow is going to be if this is the “better” day of the weekend. absolutely peeeeeeing down here.
  8. Always more likely to occur than heavy snow at Christmas.
  9. Am I glad we picked today rather than yesterday for the annual trudge around Manchester Christmas markets.
  10. Manchester Christmas markets tomorrow, at least the weather can’t be any worse than today.
  11. Cars and drive are not frozen here. i haven’t checked the decking as that means getting up and opening the conservatory door but it was a bit icy when I looked earlier.
  12. Just driven up the M66 and from 3.5c in Bury it’s down to 0.5c here but surprisingly no freezing of the rain as yet.
  13. Nowt for us today I imagine, but at least we’re not at home as it’ll be damned cold sat on the Turf today. as you said though a good chance of games being called off if only because of fan safety.
  14. Painfully slow progress looking at the radar but at least I should be able to get out to the shops and back before we get completely cut off..........probably a slight exageration but black ice and the hills around here make for some interesting driving conditions.
  15. That’s a working day for me but when severe weather decides to come at weekend then i’ll Leave it for others to admire, at least until a more reasonable hour.
  16. Not if it’s going to be the freezing type anyway. i’ll put up with the wet and cold stuff so long as I can jump in the car and drive on something better than an ice rink but tomorrow has the potential to be pretty severe, especially given that it will be one of the busiest shopping and party days of the year.
  17. I can’t see much in the way of snow from this event even up here. as others have said, the warmer uppers arrive too soon but with a cold ground ice may be a bigger risk and is probably more of a justification for the weather warning than snow. plenty of time for the white stuff between now and next spring
  18. I don’t know but having two full days without rain is a minor miracle after the crap of the last couple of weeks.
  19. Up into Lancashire would be better still but I know what you mean.
  20. Just wait until snow is piling up from one in January though.
  21. Yeah I remember seeing blue sky when i’ve been flying but it’s not often I see it at ground level.
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