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  1. 1 minute ago, damianslaw said:

    The 200m figure is often mentioned as a reliable cut off line - but it doesn't mean places below the line won't see snow, just less chance, however, if precipitation is heavy, evaporative cooling can bring the snowline down close to sea level - this often occurs though inland, in hillier regions such as here, where extra cooling is caused when air is forced over the central lakeland fells, it happens on the eastern edges of the Pennines as well, and more generally in the Peak District.

    I think there’s a lot of truth in the 200m rule.

    It’s amazing how often i’ve driven home from Manchester and rain and green has turned to sleet and then settling snow as I got half way up the Rossendale Valley, about 200 metres.

    Beyond that it would be thicker in the town centre at about 250 metres and more still at home.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Frost HoIIow said:

    Some members on high ground could wake up to a covering on Thursday morning. 


    Go easy on me but after the slightest dusting in late October and not a flake since, the one think I don’t want to do is wake up to a covering at stupid o’clock on Thursday morning when I have an early start to a meeting darn sarf.

    if it can wait until about 8 ish i’ll Be happy.

  3. 1 hour ago, Summer Sun said:

    Should Burnley's 1st goal stay as an own goal they'll become the 5th side in PL history to win a game without a shot on target

    The 2nd was definitely an own goal but from where I was sat and looking at the replays, the first was going in anyway should really be given to Hendrick.

    whether they will be is a different matter but I can’t see anyone at Fulham saying no, we want both as OG’s

  4. Can’t speak for others but up here the last 24 hours have been awful with strong gusty winds and continuous drizzle and at times heavier rain.

    it really is depressing stuff, especially given that anything remotely cold and more seasonal is continually at least a week to ten days away.

    personally i’m struggling to think of a period of more turgid non discript weather than what we have had for the last couple of months.

    role on summer☹️

  5. 22 minutes ago, cheeky_monkey said:

    seems the prospect of some sleet next weekend has got people so excited they have forgotten about the footy today..anyway West Ham beat Arsenal 1-0 if you were wondering

    And Fulham beat themselves at Burnley

  6. 3 hours ago, Spurry said:

    On the positive front I'm off to the pacific coast of Mexico tomorrow morning for 2 weeks ,so no doubt i'll be enjoying tropical sunshine🌞,warm seas and a few tequilas amongst other things...hope you all get the cold you crave whilst i'm away , save some for my return though 

    Enjoy mate.

     there were a couple of bars on the sea front selling bottles of Corona at a dollar a time.

    we only stopped off for a couple of days on a cruise, it would have been a matter of hours but for some essential maintenance but I liked the place and for any scouse visitors feeling homesick it has a large shopping mall near the cruise terminal called Liverpool.

  7. RIP Diane.

    She often irritated a lot of us in the Northwest regional thread by not offering snow when others were getting buried in the stuff but i’m sure she will be sorely missed by those who watched her on tv and many of the members of Netweather.

    i for one was guilty of some of the banter aimed at her but i’ll admit that I shed a tear this morning when I heard the news that this lovely person and brilliant broadcaster would not be on our tv again.

    I can’t imagine what her husband, children and family are going through.


  8. RIP Diane

    As others have said, she got a bit of light hearted stick on here due to her mild ramping but in most cases she ended up being proved right and when snow was definitely on the cards she had the cheeky smile that makes you think she did actually like a bit of the white stuff.

    to me she was like a non posting member of this thread and I for one will miss here on the television.


  9. What is it with the lower Premier League clubs and the FA Cup.

    three out of the bottom four already out to lower league opposition.

    two more only managed draws and  we huffed and puffed at home and needed a 92nd minute penalty to get passed a team two divisions lower.

    yes Premier League survival is worth far more financially than a good cup run and cup upsets happened long before it is believed Sky invented football in the early 90’s but a lot of the Premier League and Championship sides just don’t look interested anymore.

  10. 23 minutes ago, itsnowjoke said:

    I agree thought after the hot summer we had we would have had more storms than we had and October  November is usually very windy too but nothing to get excited over

    It tends to be windy around late December early January here but it’s more to do with diet than the position of the jet stream😄

    it has been a bore fest so far though and if we can’t have snow and cold then give me gales.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

    Results from the 3pm matches

    Accrington 1-0 Ipswich
    Villa 0-3 Swansea
    Bolton 5-2 Walsall
    Brentford 1-0 Oxford
    Chelsea 2-0 Forest
    Derby 2-2 Saints
    Everton 2-1 Lincoln
    Fleetwood 2-3 Wimbledon
    Gillingham 1-0 Cardiff
    Boro 5-0 Peterborough

    Convincing win for the Boro and a great to see Accy Stanley getting a Championship scalp.

    what odds on them getting us in the next round although last time we played them in the League Cup they got the win.

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