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  1. Problem is there’s more posters down south and every one of them is sucking the system in their direction so unless they all sod off on holiday at the same time it’s heading south
  2. It’s always amazed me how small the weather systems are on this side of the Atlantic compared to those that seem to hammer the West coast of the US and Canada every year. over here we fight over 50 miles north, south, east and west and one area only seems to benefit at the expense of another but on the other side of the pond a single weather system will dump massive amounts of snow across hundreds of miles at the same time. theres probably a scientific reason for it but it’s frustrating when all most of us want is a memorable countywide snow event.
  3. TBH this was alway likely to be the outcome and after just watching the BBC forecast, both them and the Met O seem to be going down the same road of pushing the system far enough north to kill of our showers without allowing us to join in the fun of the frontal snow. there’s still time for it to change though but I think this will once again turn out to be a case of our region snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. i haven’t dared go into the mad thread this morning although with the system looking that far north, toys may still be flying as areas further south could see rain instead of snow. i may just pluck up courage and sneak in.
  4. I think even the southerners are getting fed up with the southern bias in there. maybe the mods will let us have northern model thread
  5. Tell me about it, it’s just that when you need a lift, the weather usually kicks you in the nuts.
  6. It was a bit like that here tonight but the puddle of water from our rain was a bit bigger than that one
  7. after reading pages and pages of posts in the south of England mod thread from people who couldn’t give a s**t about who else gets nowt so long as they have a full blown blizzard, I really want a countrywide event or that France gets the lot.
  8. The pessimist in me is going for bust no science in my thinking, just the way it always seems to happen for us.
  9. You did, without wearing glasses, my eyes are bloody awful
  10. That’s twice i’ve looked at your post and wondered why you wanted a massage
  11. TBH it was never going to be a different result playing City away but the score was a bit of a sickener. anyway staying in the PL was always the main aim with the small matter of ending OGS’s winning start on Tuesday is our next outing. to make matters worse i’m offering moral support to my wife’s dry January so I can’t even hide behind a bit of alcohol. hopefully a utopian forecast which doesn’t vanish into thin air is on the cards
  12. Selfishly all I don’t want is the midlands and south getting buried in snow from channel lows while we sit here literally green with envy. showers are ok but amounts can vary hugely within a few miles, and as others have already said, having the low further north risks cutting off the showers without necessarily giving us anything from the system itself. Give me a couple of weeks with Atlantic fronts bumping into entrenched cold air and dumping heavy snow and I’ll be happy.
  13. I hope you stay dry mate but, as a Burnley fan I hope you come away disappointed and able to concentrate on the others trophies you are still in for i can’t see it though
  14. Yeah but knowing our look it will be telling us that the midlands and south will be getting heavy snow and blizzards with the northern extent somewhere around stoke.
  15. Is it just me who feels really short changed when you see a weather warning for you area only to find it relates to ice. on this occasion i’m just outside the yellow zone but it irritates all the same, it’s not like ice even does anything. heavy rain, heavy snow, high winds you can see something happening but I can open my freezer door and see ice. sorry a bit of a tongue in cheek moment and it can cause accidents but it just shows how dull our region is weather wise when the best we can achieve is a warning for ice. if drizzle warranted a warning though, we’d be on permanent red alert.
  16. It’s difficult to get any further from the sea than here and not many live higher than I do but i’m not that optimistic about seeing anything more than a slushy mess, as you say the wind will be to strong with too much of the cold being mixed out. even if we do get something lying I can’t imagine it lasting that long into the day, yes it will feel damn cold in the wind but forecast temperatures are at best average and probably on the mild side. never mind, hopefully plenty of opportunities coming up next week.
  17. Remember it well, we went to London for the weekend and the only snow we saw was photos and news coverages of it burying the north. we had almost a foot othe stuff at home, by the time got home it had all melted
  18. Don’t worry folks, the channel low is back on so it’s all ok again in the mad thread. at least now I can concentrate on how many goals Citeh puts past us this afternoon without the additional worry of whether it will be snow or cold rain on a Tesco car park in north London. i’ll worry about our own underwhelming snowcast nearer the time.
  19. I haven’t had time to read 14 pages of whether it will be day after tomorrow conditions in the Home Counties but it’s a bit more depressing in the mod thread this morning so I can only assume that the model output isn’t as favourable as it was. cold and hopefully snow is coming though and although it’s probably the usual areas which benefit the most I hope we all have at least a few days of settling snow to look forward to.
  20. Isn’t it the GFS which has moved the system south and got our friends in the south excited about disruptive snow or is this a different event.
  21. Folks in the mad thread are much happier again now as it looks like their snowmagedon is back on after once again pinching our bloody weather system. i haven’t looked myself but it sounds like they are expecting feet of the stuff with everyone north of the midlands getting jack s**t. Anyway history says they will end up being being right but until the Met O agrees with them i’ll keep my shovel at the ready.
  22. I’m here but I know what you mean about no names showing. anyway only just got in so are we still in upgrade mode for our region next week and is it still dodge the low flying toys in the mad thread. Dare I have a full on ramp here and say that the Met. O forecast for the next couple of weeks has memories of the late 70’s and early 80’s winters about it. yes there will no doubt be downgrades but there are plenty of snow opportunities showing and the chance of severe frosts so all I all it could be a damn site worse
  23. Slightest covering of new snow on the cars overnight but just damp and misty now.
  24. Yesterday’s sleety crap and last nights better effort at proper snow has left a couple of inches of the stuff here so I suppose I can’t complain. conditions would make for a cracking winter walking day, shame i’m In work
  25. Thanks for the update, i’d got settled so it saved me getting up and looking. the roads were covered earlier when I went down the valley to the well known German supermarket but I thought that was it for the day so anything else is a bonus.
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