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  1. Quite a few showers getting going out west now and the one currently to the north of Preston hopefully has my name on it. its cold enough for snow so just need them to be beefy enough to cross the region before dying out.
  2. I think i’d sooner watch the south getting snowed in than dancing on ice
  3. In other words they’ve no more idea than the rest of us.
  4. Thankfully i’ve always trusted the BBC CF forecast over any of the others. pleeeeeese don’t don’t go and anything silly now to jeopardise that trust
  5. I’ve been out this afternoon so haven’t had chance to look at the various posts, especially the mad thread. How’s it looking for our region, are we going white or staying green while others get buried in the stuff. quick update anyone
  6. I can live 2000 ft up but if everything is corrected south (bloody hate that term) then I get nowt. i know what you mean though
  7. We’ve had a few flakes flying about in the wind and the sky looks full of snow but there’s nothing showing on the radar within 100 miles of here. i just hope I don’t look back in a weeks time and this was the only snow I ended up getting.
  8. I think the only certainty with the next few days weather is the uncertainty and hopefully all regions will see some snow but as for where and when, the models are all over the place. it’s certainly making for some banter in the mad thread though.
  9. What from in here or those darn sarf in the mad thread
  10. That’s the warning still valid from yesterday it runs out around lunchtime.
  11. Sorry my mistake, the series I was thinking of was about snow only.
  12. Yeah and Chanel 4 has already commissioned the latest episode of Britain’s Wildest Weather and we all know which regions will be playing the lead roles.
  13. Problem is there’s more posters down south and every one of them is sucking the system in their direction so unless they all sod off on holiday at the same time it’s heading south
  14. It’s always amazed me how small the weather systems are on this side of the Atlantic compared to those that seem to hammer the West coast of the US and Canada every year. over here we fight over 50 miles north, south, east and west and one area only seems to benefit at the expense of another but on the other side of the pond a single weather system will dump massive amounts of snow across hundreds of miles at the same time. theres probably a scientific reason for it but it’s frustrating when all most of us want is a memorable countywide snow event.
  15. TBH this was alway likely to be the outcome and after just watching the BBC forecast, both them and the Met O seem to be going down the same road of pushing the system far enough north to kill of our showers without allowing us to join in the fun of the frontal snow. there’s still time for it to change though but I think this will once again turn out to be a case of our region snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. i haven’t dared go into the mad thread this morning although with the system looking that far north, toys may still be flying as areas further south could see rain instead of snow. i may just pluck up courage and sneak in.
  16. I think even the southerners are getting fed up with the southern bias in there. maybe the mods will let us have northern model thread
  17. Tell me about it, it’s just that when you need a lift, the weather usually kicks you in the nuts.
  18. It was a bit like that here tonight but the puddle of water from our rain was a bit bigger than that one
  19. after reading pages and pages of posts in the south of England mod thread from people who couldn’t give a s**t about who else gets nowt so long as they have a full blown blizzard, I really want a countrywide event or that France gets the lot.
  20. The pessimist in me is going for bust no science in my thinking, just the way it always seems to happen for us.
  21. You did, without wearing glasses, my eyes are bloody awful
  22. That’s twice i’ve looked at your post and wondered why you wanted a massage
  23. TBH it was never going to be a different result playing City away but the score was a bit of a sickener. anyway staying in the PL was always the main aim with the small matter of ending OGS’s winning start on Tuesday is our next outing. to make matters worse i’m offering moral support to my wife’s dry January so I can’t even hide behind a bit of alcohol. hopefully a utopian forecast which doesn’t vanish into thin air is on the cards
  24. Selfishly all I don’t want is the midlands and south getting buried in snow from channel lows while we sit here literally green with envy. showers are ok but amounts can vary hugely within a few miles, and as others have already said, having the low further north risks cutting off the showers without necessarily giving us anything from the system itself. Give me a couple of weeks with Atlantic fronts bumping into entrenched cold air and dumping heavy snow and I’ll be happy.
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