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  1. Probably but if the rumours that it’s raining darn sarf are true I might just have a look into the mad thread to cheer myself up.
  2. I’m thinking the same as many in here that Thursdays snow will end up short of all but the most southerly parts of our region but the BBC forecast just before 7 seemed quite bullish about moving it across all parts. i suppose we have at least another 24-36 hours before we can firm up on its final path but in the meantime maybe some overnight showers for the lucky ones.
  3. Well that was a bit underwhelming, certainly around here. a full days steady snow dropped about 3 inches up here, maybe 2 inches at work and the heaviest snow I saw all day was from a shower on the way home from work. one good thing was how quiet the roads were coming up the valley as a lot of folk looked to have finished work early. i’ve seen busier Sunday tea times. maybe some decent showers overnight but as for who gets them, it’s down to lamp post watching.
  4. The radar shows the band of activity out in the Irish Sea to be on a SW NE track and missing most of the region. hopefully this will veer more westerly but it’s currently looking good for Cumbria, providing of course it falling as snow.
  5. I had a cm of snow from a shower around 9.30 last night, but otherwise it looks to have been dry throughout. not looking bad for today though with the Met O icons (yes they aren’t the most reliable) giving me heavy snow from 7am through to well into this evening. yes a lot of it will be in the form of showers so very much subject to last minute change but we would have to be damned unlucky to not see a decent covering from today’s Synoptics.
  6. I think it’s upgraded the chance of snow showers overnight
  7. snowing and sticking here, another couple of miles more and our Yorkshire friends can officially join in the fun.
  8. If that’s the best it can offer it can stop south. anyway i’ve only got one snow shovel and i’ll still be digging all of tomorrow’s and wednesdays snow out so will need a break on Thursday
  9. We had snow on the ground from new year into mid March and much of the time it was drifted as high as the top of the downstairs windows. just a shame it was before digital cameras and phones, the photos would have been amazing.
  10. Unfortunately i’m old enough to remember 1979 and around these parts it made 2010 look pretty snowfree but I know what you mean.
  11. Quite a few showers getting going out west now and the one currently to the north of Preston hopefully has my name on it. its cold enough for snow so just need them to be beefy enough to cross the region before dying out.
  12. I think i’d sooner watch the south getting snowed in than dancing on ice
  13. In other words they’ve no more idea than the rest of us.
  14. Thankfully i’ve always trusted the BBC CF forecast over any of the others. pleeeeeese don’t don’t go and anything silly now to jeopardise that trust
  15. I’ve been out this afternoon so haven’t had chance to look at the various posts, especially the mad thread. How’s it looking for our region, are we going white or staying green while others get buried in the stuff. quick update anyone
  16. I can live 2000 ft up but if everything is corrected south (bloody hate that term) then I get nowt. i know what you mean though
  17. We’ve had a few flakes flying about in the wind and the sky looks full of snow but there’s nothing showing on the radar within 100 miles of here. i just hope I don’t look back in a weeks time and this was the only snow I ended up getting.
  18. I think the only certainty with the next few days weather is the uncertainty and hopefully all regions will see some snow but as for where and when, the models are all over the place. it’s certainly making for some banter in the mad thread though.
  19. What from in here or those darn sarf in the mad thread
  20. That’s the warning still valid from yesterday it runs out around lunchtime.
  21. Sorry my mistake, the series I was thinking of was about snow only.
  22. Yeah and Chanel 4 has already commissioned the latest episode of Britain’s Wildest Weather and we all know which regions will be playing the lead roles.
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