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  1. Yeah I noticed the noise of the drizzle on the conservatory roof, thought it sounded like the torrential type
  2. My last fiver would go on rain, even up here although we live in hope and surely a dozen downgrades must equal 1 upgrade.
  3. Not been outside since I came home from the football but it’s been cold all day and most of our snow cover has remained. just a shame it’s on its way tomorrow.
  4. Beautiful winters morning here, nothing much else to say.
  5. So long as it’s a decent brand, non of this buy one get ten free stuff oh and I need some onions
  6. Yeah just been out in the car and it’s snowing here.
  7. Still some pretty beefy showers crossing Yorkshire from the North Sea but only time will tell if they have enough left in them to get over to our side. not a bad effort earlier this morning though and even though the streamer moved away from here soon after light it did give another inch or so top up along with the usual early morning chaos on the local roads.
  8. BBC forecast showed snow showers coming in from the North Sea throughout the day so plenty of opportunity for parts of the region to see something.
  9. Couldn’t resist looking at the radar and that’s a decent streamer coming across the Pennines. its pretty narrow though and although i’m getting lucky at the moment, a movement of only 10 miles either way would take me out of the firing line. still it’s the third day with snow falling this week and after the dire first half of the winter when I couldn’t see us getting anything at all, it hasn’t turned out that bad.
  10. Yep, surprised to see the velux window in the bathroom covered again this morning. i haven’t looked at the radar but wasn’t expecting anything overnight so whatever we end up with is a nice surprise
  11. It was snowing a bit when I left work at 5pm but it didn’t do much. what we are having now is more like damp blowing fog than drizzle but you can feel the damp from it.
  12. Windy, foggy and damp outside to the point where you can see what looks like rain blowing about. only thing is with it already being -3c I can see there being some serious ice on the cars and slippy roads in the morning. meanwhile as i’ve got drizzle at 1000ft, sea level in Cornwall gets buried in snow.
  13. All we need now then is some fresh new snow for our thread. tomorrow and Friday are looking unlikely so it’s all eyes on Sunday which may or may not deliver
  14. My parents always said that the snowstorm in 1940 possibly January but not sure was heavier here than anything in either 47 or 63. a hell of a statement to make given the mythical like status those 2 have reached but aparantly the level snow was over 3 feet deep. big question is would it have warranted a Met O amber warning or being up here, would a yellow have been enough
  15. I think you’d better ask Dyche that one and worryingly I have to agree that we’ve been bloody poor for much of the season but whether unfashionable teams like Burnley pee off the “fans” of the big clubs or not we are there on merit and as and when we get relegated, we’ll only get replaced by someone else who doesn’t fit in with the plan.
  16. Where did I say we did deserve to win. After the mauling from the other Mancs in the cup i’d have taken a point before kick off and am happy with one at the end. tbh we couldn’t defend a two goal lead last time and it looks like Dyche hasn’t learned anything this time around either. as for your other comments, isn’t stopping goals what defenders and the keeper are in the team for and your keeper isn’t rated as one of the best on the planet for constantly losing you games.
  17. 2nd season running that we’ve been 0-2 up at OT and ended up drawing 2-2. getting a bit of a habit
  18. They seem to be hitting the Pennines and then turning south. obviously don’t fancy going to Yorkshire in the dark
  19. It seems to happen pretty well every year in much the same way that the north Midlands are often the northern limit of hot weather in summer
  20. No that’s the one I was talking about. the most easterly of the showers was right above Bacup so about 7 miles north of Rochdale. it wouldn’t take much of a change in direction to put Greater Manchester in the firing line and take the Rossendale Valley out of it.
  21. From an IMBY point of view I like the look of that line of showers coming in between the IOM and Walney Island. only problem is that the first one which the radar showed directly above me ended up giving me nothing but I live in hope
  22. Agreed, only a decent easterly seems to offer anything more than transient slush these days.
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