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  1. Well done mate, glad to see you back. 10 years next month since Burnley and Sheffield Utd Met in the playoff final.
  2. Disgusting day’s weather; cold, windy and wet throughout and a far cry from the conditions this time last week. i just hope that next Saturdays Ale Trail sees something closer to Easter’s weather than today’s.
  3. True, dry days when the washing dries on the line are pretty rare in this part of the country and even less up in the hills but today has been an excellent day for leaving the drier switched off. thats said it’s felt cold out of the sun
  4. We often get these really gusty easterly winds here in the spring and like you say they are often much stronger than anything forecast. a few years ago I had a few fence panels blown clean out when just a few miles down the valley at work it had hardly rustled leaves. It’s not quite East Lancashire’s equivelant of Cross Fell’s Helm Wind but pretty strong and cold when it blows.
  5. Yeah we had that wet couple of weeks but as you say, the wind is really drying the ground out now.
  6. A reminder that it’s still only April, pretty warm in the sun, bloody cold out of it. at least it’s dry though although that and the wind aren’t helping with the spate of moorland fires around here over the weekend. right conditions and wrong idiots and bingo
  7. Yeah, a decent day but once that cloudy murk moved in late afternoon it went damn cold. certainly cold enough to cut the dogs walk short.
  8. Yeah pretty decent through the middle of the day but cloudy later in the afternoon, at least here and not that warm once the sun disappeared.
  9. That’s probably why the dog gave me one of those looks when I sent him outside.
  10. Had some puppy proofing to do in the garden this weekend so after giving yesterday’s monsoon a miss, today’s cold sleety showery weather was at least usable if not particularly comfortable to be working outside in.
  11. I’d phone that number and get it moved if I were you not a bad effort with the snow though.
  12. Yeah a little bit here on the cars and grass but I don’t think i’ll need to get the shovel out.
  13. There was flooding on the Manchester Leeds line at Walsden near Todmorden early this afternoon so that may be a lot to do with it. conditions around these parts are nowhere near as bad as Boxing Day 2015 but it’s been a wet day and river levels haven’t been much higher since. at least that looks like the last of the monsoon though with a drying trend from tomorrow onwards.
  14. This is one forecast they got right. heavy rain all morning here and rivers are full to bursting.
  15. Another very wet day on the cards here tomorrow if the forecast is to be believed.
  16. Heavy snow now but not really sticking other than on the cars and grass. probably a different story further up the hill though.
  17. One warning area i’m glad that i’m not looking like getting an invite to. just don’t fancy a few cm of wet slush but up here I wouldn’t be surprised to see something.
  18. We got one but by 8 o’clock it had all disappeared as cloud moved in. rain pretty much constant since mid day and hammering on the conservatory roof a few minutes ago. all in all a poor day.
  19. At this time of year these systems can correct south as much as they wan’t for me. whilst the late March 2013 event was pretty spectacular around these parts it was also exceptional and i’d Imagine for every repeat of that, we’d have a dozen with nothing but marginal sleety crap at best. sorry but i’m laid up at the moment watching cold rain peeing down outside and the thoughts of some spring warmth is one of the few things cheering me up.
  20. Yeah i’m getting a bit fed up of having snow in March, especially when winters usually fail to deliver. all I want now is light evenings, some warmth in the sun and generally usable conditions.
  21. Snow on the Fylde Coast, who’d have thought it.
  22. Problem is that i’m at my worse laid in bed or laid down on the couch. hopefully the antibiotics will start to kick in and i’ll start to feel a bit better tomorrow though. one thing is for sure, it’s a flu jab for me next winter if this is what it ends up as.
  23. As bad as ever again now but after a couple of doctors appointments and a chest X-ray, at least I know i’ve got a dose of Pneumonia. it doesn’t make me feel any better but at least I don’t have to worry that I feel like crap from just a cold.
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