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  1. You certainly did better than here, a dry few hours through the afternoon but a pretty wet morning and a few heavy showers since it started to go dark. TBH. and given Saturdays forecast for today, I expected better but I suppose it’s only to be expected given the time of year.
  2. Yeah more annoyance value here than anything else.
  3. Just come back from a couple of hours walk and for much of the time there was a light drizzle or at least damp in the air and precious little brightness. It’s probably just a living in the hills thing but a bit disappointing after a bright start.
  4. Not a bad start to the day, dry with a bit of sunshine trying to poke through the cloud and certainly an improvement on yesterday’s showers from first light. Tomorrow’s forecast is increasing looking better so hopefully a pretty usable weekend coming up.
  5. Trust me it’s coming, the worst winter in a gazillion years just in time to kick the population while they are stuck in the middle of lockdown 3+ in houses they can’t afford to heat.
  6. Can’t speak for the rest of the region but we certainly drew the short straw with the shower streamers this morning. they cleared off around lunchtime and it’s been a lot brighter since but as others have said, a few months later and we’d have probably been in snow business by now.
  7. Hopefully we can squeeze something half decent out of Saturday but as you say, it’s looking downhill as we go through the weekend.
  8. A bit moist around here today but nothing like the deluge they’re having in Weatherfield at the moment. looks like there may be some casualties although no doubt it’ll all be back to normal in a few days and everybody will have forgotten about it.
  9. I’ve never understood the lack of Hydro schemes in the UK either. as you say the Severn Estuary would seem like an ideal location and there have been plans in place to build a tidal barrage across Morecambe Bay from Cumbria to Lancashire since the 70’s. Even inland locations would seem to offer suitable locations with fast flowing stretches of rivers and many reservoir overflows which you would think could provide a certain amount of power. maybe the benefit just doesn’t justify the investment.
  10. Even though government policy is to now build them at sea, it came to late for areas of the country such as this part of the South Pennines which is now surrounded by wind farms giving a whole new meaning to George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse. I have eight 110m turbines within a couple of miles of home and yes you can hear them when the wind comes from the east and although there is usually enough wind up here to turn the blades, they do spend a fair percentage of the time not moving. I don’t particularly like or dislike them or have an opinion on whether they are an essential part of power generation but with a 25 -30 year life span, I don’t think that the ones lining this stretch of the Lancashire/Yorkshire boundary and main east west watershed are going anywhere fast. one thing which they have done locally though is to open up vast tracts of otherwise inaccessible moorland for leisure purposes although whether this is a positive or negative is a matter of opinion.
  11. A depressing but mediocre days weather. other than it being so warm you’d have thought it was mid October.
  12. Only 1 year old myself so although I can say I lived through it, that’s as good as it gets. I have seen photographs of snow piled up against gable ends and heard tales of buses and trams completely buried so it must have been pretty bad at times. I do remember 1979 though and I’ve been told that some of the conditions in that winter we’re as bad as 63 around these parts and much as I like a bit of snow, I’ve no wish to see a repeat of either again.
  13. Mild is the form horse in the UK though so they’ve far more chance of being proved right but the way that things are lining up to kick the UK at every opportunity, it wouldn’t surprise me if the coming winter is another 1963
  14. Other than an occasional attempt at something brighter over the last couple of hours, the cloud and gloom has certainly won the battle so far today.
  15. A damp, misty start to the day up here although if the radar is to be believed then the last of the rain should be clearing here within the next hour or so. just need to get shut of the annoying low cloud then.
  16. Yeah even though there’s been a lot of boring drab weather over the last few weeks, it’s certainly been a lengthy period of dry weather and the local reservoirs, although not exceptionally low, are well down. That said, United Utilities have spent the day tankering water into one of the underground service reservoirs here, either that or they are secretly stockpiling petrol
  17. Hopefully a couple of cold nights will see a lot more leaves falling.
  18. Still don’t remember the snow between Christmas and new year but I can remember heavy snow and bitter cold at the beginning of February, especially further north as it coincided with a freezing long weekend in Edinburgh. The wintry conditions also coincided with the early stages of the foot and mouth epidemic with plenty of news footage of open pits and fires in fields covered with snow.
  19. I remember that late October fall, it followed on from an horrendous night of high winds and torrential rain which brought a fair bit of flooding around the town. then in a matter of minutes it turned to heavy snow which dropped around 4 inches in little over an hour before it stopped again. I’d taken the day off work to carry out the school drop off and pick up but ended up looking after my young daughter when the school closed due to snow. strangely I don’t remember much about the winter which followed.
  20. A bit early if it does come off but not unknown. we’ve certainly had snow on the hills around here in mid October and I remember sometime in the early early 80’s when we had a slight covering down in the town right at the beginning of the month.
  21. It managed to put an appearance in a couple of times here but only for a minute or so before the cloud was back again.
  22. Same up here, the cloud is very low and the tops are practically hidden. The forecast says it should improve later this morning with sunshine this afternoon so hopefully a bit of walking is on the cards before I’m back in work next week.
  23. Sorry to hear that mate, hopefully you’re through the worst of it by now.
  24. A wet start and a few showers since but on the whole, a damn site better day than the previous few, not that it could get much worse than yesterday’s deluge or what the weekend looks to have on offer.
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