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  1. A much better day today. plenty of strong sunshine and a maximum of 22c her so not the silly heat of those down south. Probably a bit of rain overnight, the best time for it and then the chance of storms for some tomorrow although it would suit me if I missed them and kept the sunshine.
  2. Each to their own but I don’t even want an outside chance of a storm from Wednesday to Friday. just want dry and warm
  3. If recent years are anything to go off then we’re just about to enter the summer monsoon season so plenty of grey and miserable probably on the way. oh and only 4 weeks to go before Boris extends restrictions for another 4 weeks although hopefully by then it’ll have run it’s course in our region.
  4. If yesterday’s weather was disappointingly cloudy, at least it was a warm cloudy but today we couldn’t even manage the warm bit. Felt decidedly chilly today and even managed a couple hours of wet this morning whilst for our friends in the south, sunny and hot. Normal service is resumed.
  5. Looks like my 6pm prediction was off the mark, 5 o’clock and it’s sun breaking through the clouds time.
  6. One positive reading the reports is that it’s not just disappointingly cloudy up on my mountain but throughout the region.
  7. Reminds me of last Sunday where the sun finally decided to put an appearance in about 3 ish but even more cloud today so I’m sticking to my 6pm and a nice evening. It certainly make an embarrassment of the Met Office website forecast for the region which is sunny and hot throughout. might as well have forecast snow.
  8. Still hopeful it will brighten up but here at the moment the cloud is thick enough to be giving light drizzle at times. never mind, after having it constantly rammed down our throat on the BBC news channel, at least we know it’s nice and hot down south so just pray that they slap plenty of sun cream on.
  9. Come on forecasters, where’s my damn sunshine and don’t tell me that it will break through at about 6pm like it often does on a Sunday🤬
  10. Yeah it was a bit blowy on the top but I managed without digging my fleece out of the rucksack and it calmed down again once we got below the ridge. plenty of folk out though and most attempting the same thing as us.
  11. Ended up driving to Barley and then climbing Pendle Hill, first time I’ve walked up in years and the first time my missus has ever been up Pendle, or come to think of it any of the tops not in walking distance of home. I think she enjoyed it and the cold beer afterwards barely touched the sides.
  12. Can’t beat waking up to sunshine and a lovely forecast when your in a position to get out and enjoy it. Hopefully a decent walk is on the cards for today and then tomorrow’s warmer conditions will be a mixture of a bit of gardening followed by lounging about with a few beers and watching the footie.
  13. After a dry day, a few showers have just landed on our doorstep to spoil the evening.
  14. Bright morning but much cloudier this afternoon but dry so far and pleasantly warm enough. all in all a decent few days so far and looking at the forecast, plenty more with that came from. Unless your a fan of cool and rainy spring and summer days, whats not to like👍
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