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  1. Looking at the forecast and the early Met O advisory, I’d be more concerned about the potential rainfall up here in the Pennines rather than a snow threat and TBH I’ll be surprised if we even see a flake of wet sleet. happy to be proved wrong though.
  2. Looking at that forecast path i’m glad i’m not leaving Miami on a Southern Caribbean cruise on the 23rd. oh wait, where’s my sea sickness tablets
  3. After a frustrating day of seeing everything either west or east of here, my first storm of the day and it seemed to appear out of nothing north of Manchester. absolutely hammering it down at the moment.
  4. Not sure about the warning of thunderstorms but biblical rain here for the last half an hour. looks like the dog will have to walk itself tonight.
  5. Yeah we’re never going to beat the south when it comes to heat but we can take them on with rain. we’ve had thousands of years of practice when it comes to wet weather. it sounds like it’s eased off a bit here but our little stream on the other side of the garden fence is pretty well full to the brim now.
  6. Rochdale centre never used to flood but seems to be threatened with flooding pretty much every year now. the flood siren has been sounded at Walsden at the top of the Calder Valley so no doubt those at Todmorden, HB and Mytholmroyd won’t be long behind it. over the hill here in Bacup no flooding yet but still hammering it down.
  7. Yeah I meant it’s warm compared to the cold stuff we will be getting in a few months.
  8. 20 minutes out walking the dog and we’re both soaked to the skin. at least it’s warm rain though
  9. The monsoon has started here now, absolutely hammering it down.
  10. Well done mate, glad to see you back. 10 years next month since Burnley and Sheffield Utd Met in the playoff final.
  11. Disgusting day’s weather; cold, windy and wet throughout and a far cry from the conditions this time last week. i just hope that next Saturdays Ale Trail sees something closer to Easter’s weather than today’s.
  12. True, dry days when the washing dries on the line are pretty rare in this part of the country and even less up in the hills but today has been an excellent day for leaving the drier switched off. thats said it’s felt cold out of the sun
  13. We often get these really gusty easterly winds here in the spring and like you say they are often much stronger than anything forecast. a few years ago I had a few fence panels blown clean out when just a few miles down the valley at work it had hardly rustled leaves. It’s not quite East Lancashire’s equivelant of Cross Fell’s Helm Wind but pretty strong and cold when it blows.
  14. Yeah we had that wet couple of weeks but as you say, the wind is really drying the ground out now.
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