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  1. Amazing season from your boys and if Chris Wilder gets manager of the season it will be thoroughly deserved. i though our draw at Anfield would be the highlight of today’s games but hats off to Sheffield Utd.
  2. Two well matched sides with good English managers and hardworking players. i’d have took a point at the start of the game and after McNeil missed that sitter I could see you coming back into it and over 90 minutes a draw is the least you deserved. Europe is still on for yourselves and to an extent for us but after our last attempt at it, I’d sooner settle for a top half finish that try and compete in a competition which us fans will probably not be able to attend.
  3. Mainly dry and sunny since lunchtime but we’re in the middle of a heavy shower again now.
  4. Turned into a decent late Autumn type day now, shame it’s early Summer.
  5. Well that was good while it lasted, absolutely hammering it down again now?
  6. It may be very windy but for only the second time in over a week, the rain and drizzle has stopped and the sun is out. I appreciate that others have had better conditions than me but I cannot remember a summer period with as much continuous filth as the last seven days. the long dry spring seems a lifetime ago now and conditions under foot are back to being as bad as they were at the end of winter so hopefully a period of dry will follow although I’m not expecting it.
  7. After a dry start it’s back to drizzle crap and low cloud again here.
  8. iand61

    In Memoriam

    West Indies cricket just reported that Sir Everton Weeks, one of the legendary 3 W’s of the 40’s and 50’s has died aged 95. still a legend in my home town where he was club professional for several years after the war. RIP. to a great sportsman.
  9. Yeah it’s not looking that good at the moment and certainly not what you’d want in mid summer although around here it’s not surprising.
  10. Given the current situation I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened and I think Wigan will only be the first of several to enter administration over the coming weeks and months. without the rich pickings of tv money and sugar daddy owners, football is just not sustainable at professional level and with the uncertain future on the back of coronavirus, the money streams are in danger of drying up. football may look very different in the post covid world.
  11. I think the weather over the next few days can be summed up in one word.......crap
  12. After what seems like days of gloomy skies and rain, finally a bit of sunshine.
  13. Absolutely vile over here in East Lancashire. the rain isn’t that heavy at the moment but it’s been constant since yesterday afternoon with torrential showers before that and looking at the forecast we’ve got several more hours before it finally sods off to annoy another part of the country. these conditions certainly aren’t unknown, especially up here in the hills but are awful all the same and just another segment of what has certainly been a strange years weather. as for changes to lockdown and the pubs opening again; I think next weekend and the following days will be like New Years Eve so will leave it to settle down again before I venture into my local.
  14. Same here although no thunder Not complaining though if it means we don’t have to put up with a repeat of last nights 6 hour long local outdoor rave.
  15. Another torrential downpour followed by bright sunshine. More like April than the end of June and given tomorrow’s forecast and weather warning, parts of the region could be facing more flood misery in the next couple of days. There are some serious amounts of rain being talked about, certainly for Cumbria and parts of Lancashire.
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