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  1. Treachorous wind and rain here in kilmarnock....
  2. all rain here..very went and v gusty in kilmarnock..... bit of sleet mixed in. To near the coast and no elavation. I imagine upland ayrshire around cumnock will be seeing plenty
  3. all rain here..very went and v gusty in kilmarnock
  4. Apart the various hills mountains and Highlands..I would favour areas such as strathaven cumnock and moffat. Low lyinging areas especially coastal will see a wintry mix.
  5. Been visiting my folks near hockley last few days..enjoying some nice sunny weather ! Due to drive back to Scotland on Sunday...maybe !! It has my interest..
  6. Definitely true...harbour on the isle of Wight at benbridge frozen over.
  7. Thanks...the drifting in and around strathaven was getting quite bad. Is there much fresh snow..? I left strathaven at 1200
  8. Glad to see Gosport getting some decent snow..lived there till 1989. Lived on gomer estate.schooled at bay house and enjoyed the village home pub. I really only remembered one heavy snow fall n that was probably around 1980 ish
  9. Just looked at the snow radar..looks like a line of showers moving east to west going thru south Lanarkshire..? Can anyone confirm if south Lanarkshire is being hit ?
  10. Hopefully there some more southerly tracking showers...nothing happening in Ayrshire or south lanarkshire
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