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  1. Solar cycle 25 is stronger than cycle24,this causes less sunspot activity. So colder than average over the next few years.
  2. We now in solar minimum which should last a good few years.All of the northern hemisphere is way below normal temperatures. Talking to friends in Lyon in the south of France they worried about this years grape crop being wiped out by persistent frosts.Closer to home snow is possible over higher ground this week .
  3. It's on front moves Thursday night rain turning to snow with widespread snow showers to follow.This is shown on charts to day 10. 0n outputs.
  4. Better chance of heavier snow Thursday night Friday with more widespread snow,amazing spell possible records broken - 7uppers heavier snow showers to follow into the weekend .Worth watching.
  5. Now showing on radar heavier precipitation shown over N Ireland could be interesting after 8pm
  6. Met Office goes with further wintry outlook.Further wintry outbreaks overnight around 8pm.Further more persistent wintry outbreaks Thursday night Friday Saturday .So a continuous Northerly flow until next week.
  7. After a brief less cold week back to colder weather by the weekend,proving again mother nature does what she wants to do ,not what we think should happen.
  8. Sorry didn't see your post ,you should get a good covering overnight.
  9. Sorry didn't see your post ,you should get a good covering overnight.
  10. Already snowing over Ireland interesting weather overnight,As snow showers get organised.
  11. Monday Tuesday showers become more widespread and overnight 3 to 5cm possible overnight Tuesday I expect yellow warnings.
  12. Yes still signs of overnight settling snow Monday night aswell as Sunday night.
  13. Heavy snow for Wales looks likely as we reach the reliable timeframe.Streamers will set up Sunday Monday.Settling snow overnight with heavy snow in places.
  14. Quotes widespread snow for Wales Monday Tuesday Wednesday.With active heavy showers with the biting cold Northerly.
  15. Yes missed again we need a striker ,close but no cigar again.
  16. That's the cold front,snow grains not melting here let's just wait.
  17. Once this warm front goes through, the cold front behind it is more active .we see.
  18. Snowing in Swansea how long it stays as snow who knows.
  19. Hp still not going far away signs are pressure moving back westward next weekend s easterly to a easterly ,and further battles to come.
  20. One last hurrah from this cold spell.Front stalls.Snow lasts for a few hrs.Most of the heavier precipitation stays out west.Sweet spot anywhere in west Wales 2 to 4cms.Hope I'm wrong but High pressure weakening the front as it pushes east.
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