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  1. Major strat warming taking effect early Dec across Arctic region causing northern blocking ,Further updates to follow.Wave one is the highest recorded for 40yrs fascinating watching.
  2. Quite surprising no snow for you snow extent quite wide from neath to Pontadawe to low lying areas.
  3. More to come snowy as a Scandinavian ridge builds from the N east gradually turning colder as next week progresses getting colder,Very nice start of winter coming!
  4. Cold late Autumn weather look on the cards.Records are falling in Canada has almost entire snow cover .earliest complete covering since Gfs records began.Central and eastern USA will have a severe cold plunge next week with further records being broken.ROAR on Dalton minimum.!
  5. First cold plunge on the way with widespread snow Across central Europe,around October the 5th perfect timing for my trip to Zurich!
  6. Nice record heat recorded in France.Look at where the weather station is on a motorway!

    1. Mapantz


      12 other official stations in that part of the world all exceeded the previous record.

  7. Expect more snow overnight -8 uppers on its way,Good chance a temporary covering of snow any were across Wales,as a streamer is setting up,looks like ground frost becomes widespread as the week progresses.
  8. Got the sake of the Game ,FA have got to go send off Cheats Ster!ing Dive was b l oody disgrace .Cheating on this severity must be sorted.Where is the one game ban promised by the FA gone?
  9. Strong winds forecast to hit Wales Tuesday with heavy rain with gusts reaching 60mph,Followed by heavy wintry showers with dew points falling rapidly in the showers brief snow covering cannot be ruled out anywere across Wales.Don't we just love the spring!
  10. It's not so much the The wind speed ,but a very fast gulf stream{240mph) ,with -8uppers expect to see some snow Across Wales Snow over high ground over North Wales especially.
  11. Yes stormy weather Sunday with blizzard conditions at times(6cms possible over the higher ground)'again repeat on Tuesday.Looks like this weather theme continues over the next few weeks with snow still possible .
  12. More a West to East movement with further showers Saturday according to met.
  13. Sleet and snow showers moving into Wales after midnight from the West
  14. Quite amazing really dusting in Swansea and 3 to 4inc in the milder Gower Yes Andy front haven't pivoted yet.which is slowing it's progrn northwards
  15. There really power showers heading the south west pushing North worth watching good luck!
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