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  1. Northerly air stream setting up Sunday streamer setting up ,anywhere could get a covering overnight, Sunday. be nice to get a distraction from more serious matters.
  2. Perhaps a severe cold spell for this time of year will stop these numpties going out.Avery cold spell starts.zThis weekend as s northerly becomes a north easterly, with showers moving in and snow anywhere Monday Tuesday.
  3. Just a taster more to come! As the low pressure moves in.Sleet around coasts with snow inland,as the cold front moves in we will drag in colder air from the north with sleet turning to snow in many places.Expecy yellow warnings from the Mer Office around midday.
  4. Weather warning released for Wales for snow and ice again N West Wales as normal favored for a covering of snow by morning.We really need to watch Wednesday night Thursday a a LP runs west to east across Wales anything North side of the system will have general outbreaks of snow.Still not sure of the exact track of the LP ideally no future North of the M4 corridor.
  5. Could be interesting overnight when the wind switches to N westerly and colder air moves in,anywhere in Wales could see a covering by the morning
  6. Very cold in Greenland a.t.m -15c so expect colder air to filter south as the week progresses.
  7. Have you never heard of Volcanoes?

  8. Very uncertain country file .snow maybe maybe not for Wales Wednesday/Thusday They not sure on the path of the Lp.
  9. ANDY back he smells the snow,With 50cold weather records being broken across North America,,Greenland is going into deep deep cold with -50f being recorded across Greenland for the next fortnight (that's 15 f below normal).If we get any northerly type flow it will feel bitter.across uk.
  10. Rain turning to snow Thursday heavy in places with further spells of snowto follow.
  11. After all this mild constant westerly flow a change to a more N westerly flow.Colder air with heavy persistent wintry showers taking over come Wednesday and Thursday with a covering of snow in Wales.especially places exposed the the Nwest winds
  12. Reports of snow over North Wales sleet now over most areas ,Let hope we see one snow flake down south
  13. 75 mph gust recorded over mumbles ,enjoy the heavy wintry showers over Monday Tuesday heavy at times with temporary. snow cover any were in Wales especially North Wales.Weather watch required for Wednesday as LP drags colder air from the North good covering of snow expected in favored places.LAMPOST WATCHING ALERT LOL!!!
  14. New coldest temperature ever recorded on the summit station on the 2 of January -86.8 f or -66c.
  15. Funny that not a mention on the news ,that the Queensland have arrested 96 arsonists,and 12cases of Arsonists.in NSW.They should all be charged with MURDER!
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