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    Football (I'm a Jambo), golf and of course the weather (especially cold snowy winters !).

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  1. Could be another few cm to come too, going by the radar.
  2. Yeah my are kids hardly batting an eyelid at the snow. It's as if it's the norm now.
  3. This is looking good 101 !
  4. Yeah, plenty to come going by the radar.
  5. Yeah, at least a couple of inches here although wind blowing it about. No football coaching for me this morning !
  6. Yeah it's not great at the moment, another rebuild of the squad in the summer to come. A warm pub sounds good, enjoy !
  7. Another bitterly cold trip to tynecastle looming for me today. If I could only be guaranteed free flowing attacking football to keep me warm, but I sadly doubt it.
  8. Lovely powdery dry snow that's showing no signs of melting though. Very wintery looking this morning.
  9. Heavy wet snow here, accumulating on all surfaces.
  10. Yeah sure has. Reminds me of those 80's winters when the bitter easterlies seemed fairly frequent. Think the whole of Scotland has faired ok this winter with the polar westerlies and now the easterly. Kids have had several sledging days including the unexpected but very much enjoyed Christmas cold spell that let them sledge from Boxing Day til Hogmanay. Think I read that chionomaniac said that he reckoned we are in for a few colder winters in the next few years and this would just be a warm up ( excuse the pun). @lorenzo may have more informative chat on that. Sometimes pop in here in the summer to read people's thoughts but like the model thread I very rarely post. But hats off and thanks to the regulars that continuously post it's very much appreciated.
  11. Think I need to concede to defeat now unfortunately as its now turned to sleety rain.
  12. It's actually starting to accumulate a slushy depot on cars. Check your lamppost again, you might be back to snow too ! Temp on my weather station has dropped to 1.2 after a high of 2.1c. I just can't let go can I ?
  13. Still hanging on as wet snow on the west side (of Currie) just !
  14. Yeah, we had to do that too. Back to school for the kids now !
  15. Good stuff, hope you get hot chocolate and coffee like we got.