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    s.w. of Edinburgh (Currie - 145m / 475ft asl)
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    Football (I'm a Jambo), golf and of course the weather (especially cold snowy winters !).

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  1. Polar Side

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    A few tiny wee flakes falling in Currie. Models look unbelievable for next week onwards ! Some great commentary in the model thread at the moment. Fingers crossed!
  2. Continuous rumbles here and getting closer/louder.
  3. Can hear some distant rumbles coming from pentlands area.
  4. Great pic 101. Here's Currie Kirk earlier, just visible through the snow covered trees.
  5. Great work ! You deserve a break now before we start again in November (hopefully) ! I'm off to sunny Moray golfing tomorrow and weekend. Should be an interesting drive up through the Highlands.
  6. Very snowy for mid Spring !
  7. One last day/night of curtain twitching . Cant believe how bad it is now, really steady heavy snow.
  8. Turning heavier. Picture of Lanark road near the Ricci.
  9. Steady snow and temp 1c here.
  10. Accumulating in Currie again, gardens and cars that is.
  11. Yeah, makes for an interesting bus journey home when it's a bit marginal in town and then watching it turn snowier as you head up to Currie.
  12. Heading up to Lossiemouth for our annual golf weekend on Thursday. Came back with a suntan last year but looks like I'll need plenty layers to keep warm this year.
  13. I reckon you might see it sticking about dovecot pitches at kingsknowe.
  14. Getting heavier in Currie now with slush accumulating on cars and grass.
  15. Could be another few cm to come too, going by the radar.