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    s.w. of Edinburgh (Currie - 145m / 475ft asl)
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    Football (I'm a Jambo), golf and of course the weather (especially cold snowy winters !).

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  1. Yeah it just shows how snow starved we've been in the central belt/ south east Scotland the last few years. I think we got complacent after the great winters in 09/10, 10/11 and 2013. 😁
  2. I'm in a dead end that backs on to cherry tree and the gritters seem to ignore us which is fine by me.😀
  3. Unlucky 101. They don't seem to come up as far as my street fortunately. It's been a good snowfall though and heading for the deepest since March 2013 possibly. Some great photos and stories getting posted, keep them coming.
  4. Fingers crossed, looking very snowy !
  5. Should be, my kids have been sledging the last few days. I've jinxed the temp though, now 0.3c !
  6. Still cold and snowy/icy in currie. temperature hasn't risen above zero since it briefly reached 1c on Boxing Day.
  7. Sure will, tomorrow's commute is going to be treacherous. Starting to get interesting on the model front again ! Surely we deserve biting east north easterlies with deeply cold uppers.😁 It must be our turn, It's been too long. 🙁
  8. Yeah it's a bit sleety now and melting but it started off with lovely big fluffy flakes falling onto icy pavements and roads so started to lie really quickly.
  9. A good couple of cm's here in currie, 101 ! Wasn't expecting that 👍
  10. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Hi 101, falling as snow at currie but only very occasionally and very light !
  11. That last snow shower was pretty decent !
  12. Morning, a nice snowy start to the day.
  13. Wasn't expecting that ! i left Bathgate at 5.30 in sleet and arrived in a winter wonderland at home. Snow balls and snowmen with the kids, great fun.
  14. Yeah, just had the heaviest shower of the night and everything white.