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    s.w. of Edinburgh (Currie - 145m / 475ft asl)
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    Football (I'm a Jambo), golf and of course the weather (especially cold snowy winters !).

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  1. This is incredible, it’s actually getting worse! Never seen it this bad In Currie/Edinburgh before.
  2. Great photo 101. ive never known a summer with so much thunder and lightning !
  3. Just saw amazing forked lightning above pentlands, probably just south of hills though.
  4. I'm up the pentlands near Harlaw and it's very dark to the south with distant rumbles of thunder.
  5. It's been a frustrating winter so far. I was really looking forward to it with the back ground signals and some of the long range models indicating an interesting winter but we just don't seem to have had the breaks. Plenty of time yet (and the photo attached is from April last year) but it would have been great to have had a severe cold spell in the depths of winter for a change.
  6. A few tiny wee flakes falling in Currie. Models look unbelievable for next week onwards ! Some great commentary in the model thread at the moment. Fingers crossed!?
  7. Great pic 101. Here's Currie Kirk earlier, just visible through the snow covered trees.
  8. Great work ! You deserve a break now before we start again in November (hopefully) ! I'm off to sunny Moray golfing tomorrow and weekend. Should be an interesting drive up through the Highlands.
  9. One last day/night of curtain twitching . Cant believe how bad it is now, really steady heavy snow.
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