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  1. Felt really pleasant when I walked up to the shop earlier, certainly tropical compared to last week. No snow left apart from a few spots I could see in the distant hills. I love snow but I am looking forward to spring and some warmer weather.
  2. March and April can be months where extreme variation can occur even on the same day, one minute it is glorious warm sunshine, the next minute it is pelting it down with snow, sleet, rain or hail or a combination of the lot.
  3. The GFS Model hints at something colder again at the beginning of March - obviously it is a very long way off and is just hints at this stage, something to keep an eye on over the coming weeks.
  4. A nice day today, enjoy the lying snow while you can as it will soon be thawing 😞
  5. Had light snow from around 11am and lasted over lunchtime - big flakes but not amounting to much. Looking now on radar, it looks like there is something on the radar but it is very pale blue, no bright colours.
  6. A few heavy showers earlier in Pity Me - some big snow flakes too. Still a few snow showers but they are definitely fewer in number.
  7. Some big blobs hitting the North Yorkshire moors. I think Redcar could be in with a chance also. Pity Me just outside Durham is nice and white - had a good shower a short while ago. Had a mix of graupel and big flakes all day - gusty winds in the showers - no thundersnow just yet - but I guess that would more likely happen near the coast - used to witness it occasionally when I lived in Peterlee during these weather patterns.
  8. Don't lose faith - the North East had what is now in east Lincolnshire - that has now moved south and we are getting slightly heavier showers all be it still graupel - just wait to see what happens.
  9. What are your thoughts on any thundersnow? An easterly is usually a good for producing it. - would love to hear any instances of that over the coming days - once we get to the convection type of snow and not this polystyrene we have at the minute.
  10. Heavy snow currently in Peterlee - large as cornflakes. Sticking to the cars, etc. I guess this will be turning to rain soon.
  11. Looked out to see the tiniest snow grains falling, they are similar to dust particles. I am guessing convection is being killed off by the front just to the south of the region.
  12. These would look great with some LED lights in them
  13. Lightning a few times this evening. The 10pm flashes were registered but the flash a few minutes ago has not been registered. I guess it was a weak intracloud flash.
  14. I have noticed the Met Office website has crashed and they have had to alter it to meet demand.
  15. Looks like thundersnow happened near Murton and Hetton-le-hole.
  16. I wonder if Peterlee will get a crack of thunder. We had an insane lightning flash just after 8am this morning; it even caused my Electrics to click. Thunder was loud too.
  17. Is it me or is that pattern showing showers converging near Edinburgh,
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