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  1. I can confirm that the light blue area covering us on the radar for the past 40 minutes is not delivering any rain... at all....
  2. We see foxes most evenings at present when walking our little french bulldog who can't go out during the day in the heat. Not sure if they are out and about more or if we are out at a different time. Looking at your pic, I think we are regularly seeing a young one; the local artificial river that runs through the back of some of the houses is barely visible it is so low, so the animals must be getting thirsty. Most days recently have given us more cloud cover than sun but the temperature still seems to be getting very high. Although I love the sun, it's been a long time now, and sleeping is very difficult when it is so hot. We now have fans and air purifiers all over the house to keep heat and hayfever at bay. Not keen on the summary from @Captain Shortwave of next week's high temperatures (not that he is responsible for them of course....) Fingers crossed for a storm tomorrow
  3. They are incredibly slow moving and seem to build somewhat in situ. I too am hoping they make their rather glacial journey here at some point to give us a bit of a soaking and perhaps some thunder and lightning if we get lucky. Not sure the skies outside are looking quite right for it now after an optimistic morning of hot sunny spells and some towers getting started.
  4. A single wide line of the cotton wool train of clouds in the pic below divides clear blue skies above Chessington Community College. Is it a very wide decaying vapour trail or something the more knowledgeable can comment on? Such a nice cool down today:)
  5. View from the front of my house - big grey clouds just like the ones visible over Wimbledon just up the road. View from the back of my house - clear blue skies. I wish the fabled 'cold front' would hurry up!
  6. Ah yes, I can see that might cause difficulties on both sides. Very beautiful across there today, although part of me awaits early autumn when we drive east across the plain with the beautiful changing colours bathed in a setting sun. But let's not wish the summer away...
  7. Driving across Salisbury Plain this afternoon from Midsomer Norton to SW London, a persistent plume of smoke was visible north of between Chitterne and Shrewton; not sure if it was a wildfire, couldn't see any emergency responders. Last night in Sandbanks proved impossible for sleeping, despite a lovely cool breeze along the beach and watching the chain ferry. This morning felt very hot indeed despite some gathering clouds overhead. From Sandbanks to my mother's in Midsomer Norton temperatures on the car thermometer ranged from 28-31 degrees.
  8. An absolutely glorious day at Sandbanks today where it was SO hot. Driving back across Salisbury Plain there was a persistent plume of smoke in the distance.
  9. Absolutely sweltering day at the Hampton Court Flower Show today, but it was lovely to enjoy clear blue skies and picnicking on the edge of the lake in the shade with a hint of a breeze
  10. Reefseeker

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Total earworm from this at the moment.
  11. Snap-ish - arrived back at Gatwick last night to 25+ degrees indoors at 1am after a week in Cyprus where it hit 33 quite regularly, but with access to a swimming pool and beach to cool off. The advantage of the hot weather here is the lawn is yellow rather than overgrown so not in need of mowing on our return, but the downside is obviously the lack of lovely green grass to enjoy while keeping the tan topped up. The sky is gin clear this morning, absolutely beautiful, and the whole place has the feel of people keen to get out and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend with the school holidays and annual leave season not yet in full swing.
  12. Stuck on a plane at Athens airport delayed nearly 2 hours so far with another hour expected while we wait for the 'congestion' at Heathrow to 'clear' following 'rain showers' delaying our incoming flight. We called the taxi company to let them know we are delayed who were amused we are expecting to make it back at all reporting 'chaos' and multiple cancelled flights. We are parked up in a 'remote' corner of the airfield to get us closer to the runway!
  13. Agreed, absolutely stunning here in Surbiton too with beautiful blue skies criss-crossed by contrails and a bit of a breeze. Edit: less 'bit of a breeze' and more 'a bit windy out there from time to time'!
  14. It's snowing in Les Arcs this afternoon:)
  15. Beautiful sunset this evening following the drop in temperature (car thermometer) from 27 degrees at 4pm to 19 degrees at 8pm. We had the bubbly grey stuff come over 4-5.30 then back to mostly clear skies. View below from Chessington College.