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  1. Chucking it down with rain for hours here in Surbiton accompanied by what looks like a strong wind judging by the trees blowing around. As others have said, what might have been if all of this was falling as snow:( Not looking forward to the drive from here to Epsom for the college run then up to Uxbridge for work, then back again within the next five hours.
  2. Same here. I made a point of showing it to my snow-mad son while it came down for a few moments, to enjoy the now rather novel experience of watching flakes falling.
  3. Send it this way, it's raining here
  4. We have ended up just on the wrong side of all of that here in SW London, with a bit of slush on the lawn and light rain coming down now. My sister in Reading has sent lovely snowy pictures from her garden.
  5. I remember your analysis really well Paul, it was such an impressive read and it made me think what a knowledgeable forum this is. 2009 trumped 2010 here, the main road from the A3 through to Surbiton was completely snowed over in a way I haven't seen before or since. Today we have a lovely crisp blue sky following a bit of a cloudy frost-free start. The radar showed snow over us yesterday evening even though nothing was visible outside, but my son was sent outside at college in Epsom to enjoy some small flakes that fell during the day while they were listening to Christmas music. I'll miss the polar air when it goes, it feels so seasonal; hope it makes a return soon.
  6. Les Arcs looking snowy today, with light flakes continuing to fall and some lucky kids out enjoying the sledging:)
  7. Thank @Daniel* We have great memories of those woodlands all snowy and icy from the last time we ever really had 'proper' stuff, during the 2009/2010 winters. I must admit, taking the photo this morning I started wondering if we will every see that again in darkest Surrey. Hope you get better soon; trying to make African sweet potato stew this evening which smells well spicey, so I guess I need to waft some in your direction!
  8. Almost at the end of the fall of autumn leaves it seems now, as this photo from Esher Common shows this morning; I imagine after this evening those brave leaves still hanging onto the trees will be on the ground. For the past 10 minutes at least, a steady stream of birds has been flying overhead approximately south to north; if only they predicted snow!
  9. First scraping the ice off the car morning of the season, once I had dug out the ice scraper. Car temperature showed 3 degrees at 9am with a little ice symbol, in case I hadn't noticed it was cold, and the super-high-tech intelligent key refused to work once it had been in the cool temperatures for a while. Nonsuch Park was as close to a winter wonderland as it can be in the absence of snow for walking the dog; lovely
  10. It is absolutely stunning looking around the webcams today. Across the Alps it is largely a blue skies day with all the resorts benefiting from the lovely early season snow to be very well covered even down to the lower levels. The Lauberhorn cam is very excitedly covering nearly one-third of the screen telling us they are opening at the weekend. Long may it continue and the Euro high go into hibernation:)
  11. Really sorry, couldn't resist a screen shot of Edelweisspitze in the sunshine and snow:)
  12. Wengen village indeed looking all nice and snowy this morning. Edelweisspitze and Lauberhorn both looking thick with the white stuff and a bit of fog too: https://edelweissspitze.panomax.com https://panocam.skiline.cc/lauberhorn
  13. Following on from @Blessed Weather Les Arcs 2000 is now nice and snowy, but lower down at 1800 it is just a grey day currently. EDIT, 1800 is now getting a covering - not much playing at Le Golf today I imagine!
  14. Another very photogenic morning, with seasonal fog, cool temperatures and that hint of a winter smell in the air. Nonsuch Park was stunning and was awash with furry four-legged adventurers, hatted and gloved two-legged wanderers, and the shorter legged wrapped up cosy and warm in their pushchairs.
  15. Ever since you posted @Blessed Weatherthat this weekend could see some new falls of snow, I must admit I have been waiting for it all to show up on the webcams, and this morning they delivered at Lauberhorn, Edelweisspitze, Les Arcs 2000 and Stelvio, with a reasonable covering to enjoy. As you say in your later post, by next weekend the likelihood is it will all be melted, but virtual snow happiness reigns for now at least:)