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  1. That looks great, fingers crossed:) Big drops of rain started slowly on our evening walk, now quite persistent under milky grey skies with the smell of petrichor around us. Very humid still, all the windows are open to let in the slight breeze. No cats to be seen when we were out so they must think something's up;)
  2. Clouds nearly cleared in the last hour so plenty of sunshine. Local weather station shows temperature 28.1C, dew point 17c and humidity 50%, wind w/wsw. Fingers crossed!
  3. It's incredibly hot when the sun is out. We've had a cloud covering of around 50-60% of the sky since lunchtime with a light breeze but the skies are clearing now. The hot sun has pushed up the temps helped by clear blue skies this morning. So hope we are all in the mix for storms later🤞⚡🌩️
  4. Clear blue skies from the get-go this morning. At 8.10am, the car temp was already registering 21 degrees after another sleepless night in a house not that keen on cooling down. With Carol forecasting 29 degrees today, my son's college trip to Thorpe Park will be SOOO hot. As those on the forum with special needs kids know, the complexity of theme parks is overwhelming even at my son's age of 21 and it is the first time he has gone without a parent, so I'm hoping the college support worker can keep him safe along with the other vulnerable young adults there. There's been a lot of planning, dis
  5. Nothing to report storm wise here. Sun is back out, it's still very humid and the birds are tweeting away at the clouds that have looked about to rain on us most of the afternoon. It's a beautiful summer's evening for you to enjoy the Thames @dubmuffin☀️
  6. These have popped up in the last 40 mins. The children's party next door might have to abandon the bouncy castle! As with @yamkin, there are some thick grey clouds around now with the sun occasionally poking through. It's still quite stifling in the garden with a hint of a breeze.
  7. Feels very hot in the sunshine sitting out in the garden, same as yesterday albeit there was that lovely breeze yesterday PM. Car temp seems a little overdoing it at 28 degrees though! Bits of cloud around us. Not looking likely we'll get any of the storms forecast for the west country. My sister is in Bristol and says it feels humid.
  8. Skies to the east and west. Just loving today's dramatic cloudscapes😊☔🌧️
  9. Popcorn skies to the west of Surbiton. Some of the intense stuff goes over us with plenty going around. Makes a great sound on the attic roof while I'm marking.
  10. A strong gust of wind took the lighter items off the top of my shopping trolley in Sainsbury's car park and simultaneously covered my face with hair rendering the world unsee-able as I heard crisp multipacks and husband's birthday cards scudding between cars, trolleys and tarmac. The birthday cake was nearly a gonner as I leapt to restrain the items that hadn't been blown away before retrieving things from their various and distant resting places. I think some school boys were disappointed that a middle-aged woman arrived at speed to pick up what looked to be free prawn cocktail crisps from u
  11. As with @lassie23, the storms are dodging us, but some lovely cloudscapes from cells to the north and east.
  12. Stayed in Filzmoos a few years ago and loved it. I know what you mean about the cattle being locked up as their winter shelter was just around the corner from our hotel. The knock-on effects of keeping them fed, sheltered and healthy now while waiting for the pastures for them to finally clear must be nightmarish.
  13. Indeed, I'm trying to double my outdoor walks but it's a constant case of planning around the showers and drying out wet trainers when the best planning.... well... fails.... Had a few rumbles and downpours this afternoon but it feels humid indoors. EDIT: Just read the reports of others nearby so double-checked the radar and I can see the severe stuff went around us again. Ah well...
  14. Amazing the difference a few miles can make in stormy weather. In Surbiton yesterday we got the edge of the storms = a few heavyish downpours and a rumble or two that could have been planes overhead. But those just to the east of us seem to have got full-on thunderstorms and stair rods. Maybe today will be our day for a good light show. Grey outside and dry for now. At least I'm back in light summer waterproofs and out of the winter coats finally.
  15. I thought it was thunder as the wind was whipping through in regular pulses that were so loud I woke up thinking it was a thunder storm. Took me a while to work out it was just incredibly strong gusts and as you say, very heavy rain to boot. Clouds and sunshine today as the wind continues to buffet the trees; plenty of bins decorating the road when I got up.
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