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  1. Conventions look like a lot of fun. No idea what to expect with this one, it will be a new experience. As you say, travelling is such hard work, I also don't like having to talk to people a lot, find it really draining. After a big event like this, or even if I am teaching late afternoon/early evening it can take me a day or two to recover, it's why I am part-time at work. A very cool feeling evening again after a beautiful day, I wonder if there will be another frost. Have a lovely evening everyone:)
  2. An absolutely stunning day from the moment I got up to the sight of slight fog across the frosty rooftops, and sun and blue skies aloft. Took the dog out and he was panting in the sunshine while we didn't even need a jacket. Even my son, who is a die-hard coldie and snow lover had to admit it was rather nice! Sorry to hear you haven't been well @Katrine Basso, those are tough conditions to live with and getting rest yet trying to keep going simultaneously is so difficult (I am a CFS sufferer myself, and flare-up days really knock me for six). Good luck with your recovery. I'm doing a three-day stint taking care of my YouTuber son at VidCon at the Exel from Friday to Sunday; I am already pondering clothing choices that match a frosty start and cool evening for the journey there and back yet not too hot if we reach 15 degrees and we're there all day. That's if Southwestern can run a train service over the weekend of course....
  3. How could they ever say no to such an adorable little chap?! Bless him; they would need hearts of stone... or a very strictly enforced management policy I suppose....
  4. Well that's a good enough reason to go.... but to The Ivy or to the River Mole?! 😉 I can't imagine it's dog-friendly somehow but I'm sure the four-legged chap would be more than happy to sacrifice a walk so I get to eat 'luxe'! Went to the one in Wimbledon Village just before the tournament and there were lots of tennis enthusiasts, broadcasters and the like there; breakfast was decent. Aaaannnddd back on topic, it's still cold and dark outside.
  5. I don't recognise that spot @Badgers01. Is it good for walking? And to keep it weather-related, it's dark out now and a bit cold 🌃
  6. Lots of weather today, squally rain, the fence panel down again, blue skies and some stunning cloudscapes. The birds have had some very beady eyes on the garden. Here's a pic of Oxshott Common just after an afternoon storm passed through.
  7. Agreed, I was walking through campus at 4pm and couldn't believe how cold it felt in a biting wind; not quite the 10 degrees of the BBC forecast this morning. Raining now - after my third lecture to my masters students it's the first time we haven't emerged from the classroom to find snow outside. How is that cat of yours - missing the snowflakes to chase?
  8. Esher Common putting on a brave muddy face😀
  9. I remember the late 70s/early 80s heavy snows so well not just for the enormous snow drifts along the hedgerows but also for the sound of frozen solid snow that had melted then iced over and compacted in our road - people would try to walk or drive on it and it would make a crackling sound. My father all the way back then was saying what a disgrace it was leaving us all in those conditions. My aunt and uncle in Holcombe are regularly cut off during heavy snowfall and seem to accept is as a fact of life, but as you say, it's how to manage a remote rural area that has quite high population in places, hills and lanes with drifting.
  10. Analogues eh, where micro-scale differences lead to macro-scale disappointment when it comes to snow prospects on our little island. Imagine if the 2014 rain had fallen as snow.... Grey and dank out there today, might walk the four-legged chap on Esher Common in case it's not quite so wet under the trees as Nonsuch Park; then again I might just take him for a lead walk around the area. Perhaps a cup of tea will help with decision-making?
  11. Good morning from the south east:) Following our quick exchange in the SE thread a few days ago, my mother confirmed that Westfield indeed got a pretty good fall of snow sufficient to prevent her going into the back garden but a neighbour cleared her front garden path although she was afraid to go out for fear of slipping. As she lives in a cul-de-sac there was no gritting so many had been out clearing pavements leaving large piles of snow up to the height of the low garden walls. I reassured her she had no more than 48 hours of laying snow to worry about and by the sounds of it in here, most of the snow is gone this morning. But well done all in the SW who had a really good snow event, I hope you all had the chance to make the most of it, and I'm not jealous at all....;) ❄️
  12. Yep, the rain has definitely arrived overnight. Here are some pics from this time in 2014 when the banks of the Thames at Kingston overflowed completely after continual rainfall. Such a contrast to yesterday's sunny skies and crisp winter air along the riverside. Don't worry, I'm not suggesting this is about to happen again, although as @Surrey said in his post, it doesn't seem to take long for the water to take hold in this area and just as the park has dried out it's going to be straight back to a mud bath again for dog walks. In the words of @stainesbloke #vile! Thanks to @TomSE12 for passing on Ian Currie's thoughts again - looks like it might be a bit of a wait for another taste of winter but fingers crossed for a final good shot at it before it's time for thoughts of spring.
  13. Kingston riverside was packed this afternoon with people enjoying a walk in the beautiful winter sunshine; car temp said 6 degrees and out of the sun it felt very chilly.
  14. Beautiful blue skies this morning with frost on all surfaces but some clouds now forming to the north east. So cold in our lounge that I am sitting covered in a blanket. Now, should I venture out in search of snow or should I just stay snuggled on the sofa....?
  15. That's a nice looking spot, will give that a try as it is a bit closer than Reigate Hill which is my usual target for a trip out a bit further afield than Esher Common, Garsons, Oxshott Common and Nonsuch Park. Suggestions always welcome here. I hope we get some more snow in Feb/March as we missed out largely this time so a snow-fix still feels needed. Your dog is super-cute!