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  1. Thanks Daniel and yes, of course, nobody beats a virgo;) Agreed about pics, generally I prefer them to be as close to 'natural' as possible but as you say, the colours really stood out on that first one after filter-ification (new word?). The second one, however, looks more like a scene from the first Ghosbusters movie than Surbiton... so perhaps a smidge overdone;) Thank you @TomSE12 for the virtual cakes, they had me dribbling at my keyboard although I did get some real tiramisu on Saturday at a new Italian that has opened up in Surbiton. Nonsuch Park is now in full 'prepare for autumn' swing as the trees start to get a tinge of orange. The picture below is of a tree that is currently acting as the hideout for many a vengeful/hungry/well-prepared squirrel, hiding in wait for innocent dog walkers to trundle by and then unleashing conkers and their shells from on high; I got a right showering as I walked beneath. Lovely weather again, it felt humid late yesterday as I was doing a 9-hour stretch painting the attic; handy for keeping the windows open overnight. And we just might have a bbq on the weekend if the promised sunshine materialises.
  2. Happy birthday @Daniel*, that's three in a row this past week or so on the SE thread A few pics from around the time of my birthday. One is the pond at Garsons Farm in Esher, another Nonsuch Park feeling cool and also a snap of this evening's lovely sunset. A couple have gone through the filter app I recently put on my phone, you may be able to spot which ones..
  3. Happy birthday Tom:) Sorry for the late best wishes, been a bit busy with my own birthday a week or so ago, and then the back to college routine for son and proper back to work routine for me. This time of year I become obsessed with 'regrouping', ie reorganising and planning more than I ever do at new year. The seasons are now changing with gusto. The first snows have turned up on the highest slopes and webcams in Europe, the nights are drawing in alarmingly and the evening dog walk now requires a warm top at the very least. The air hasn't quite got that winter feel to it yet as the temperature drops at nightfall but it can't be long. I do love September and it's been great getting back into Nonsuch Park with the dog. Looking forward to some seasonal mists soon. Today it's the usual mix of clouds and blue sky, plenty of useable weather about still.
  4. I'm trying out (my own) theory about air mass source and flare-ups with these types of health problems. Over the past two years, in addition to the CFS, I find 8-10 months of the year unbearable in terms of very bad sleep quality due to not being able to breathe in bed, probably due to sinuses. This means it can take up to lunch time to become functional with my head so congested, far from ideal for driving and taking care of the special needs young adult. I am wondering if anyone else finds polar-sourced air masses to improve their breathing/allergies? When we get continentally sourced air in particular, I am sure I feel much worse than when we get eg polar maritime, a northerly or something. Does this sound completely daft? Sorry if it does... As with others, it's something of a relief to get rid of the severe heat today with the house still pretty warm and actually it stayed pretty hot indoors last night, but the light rain, high cloud and lower temperature just makes it all a bit easier to do stuff. PS @TomSE12 I quite like your meteogroup summaries, so don't feel shy to continue with those sometimes, without burdening yourself of course.
  5. Stop making me jealous! Unless our incredibly noisy fridge freezer is now so loud I can't even hear rumbles of thunder! Hoping for a storm here too; when the sun is out it feels so hot it makes me feel all optimistic
  6. Not at all surprised to hear that, the clouds in this area were so dark at lunch time I wondered if we would get some thunder out of them. In the end another rainy spell ensued but no thunder. The garden has loved the cloud/rain/sun conditions of the past few weeks and continues to be verdant. Personally I would have preferred more of the sun and less of the cloud and rain, so I'm really hoping we end up on the warmer side of the predictions for the next two weeks to finish the summer on a hot sunny note. For those who have come up on the dry side of the south east 'divide' in terms of rainfall, I do hope you get some help topping everything up soon.
  7. I wonder what we'll get in November - high teens and sunshine no doubt;) And yes, it continues to rain here with no walk for the dog who is less than keen to put it mildly and puddles galore.
  8. Same here in Surbiton, chucking it down and the dog won't even go out in the garden! My son asked if we could do an old-fashioned walk in the rain on Esher Common in our rain gear, but the car is out of action so sadly will have to give it a miss. Re: dry v wet, in this area, as others have said, everything is green and growing wildly with happy gardens and well-filled ponds. Amazing what a difference there is across a relatively small area like the south east.
  9. Yep. just caught the edge of one or two fast-moving showers here, although they seem to be headed more to the south of us now. One of those days when, if the sun comes out just for a few minutes it feels incredibly hot until the clouds take over again.
  10. I couldn't resist standing in the garden enjoying the rain for a minute after so much heat the past few days. You are right, the weather enthusiast in me loves the extremes, but the person who needs to sleep in me is over the moon it's raining tonight!
  11. Woke up to thunder and lightning around 4am and we've had some rain this morning; fingers crossed that system coming out of France heads a bit west of north to include us - the skies already have an unstable look about them. Similar to what others have said, I was so knackered from lack of sleep in the heat that I couldn't get interested in the early morning thunder, plus it was quite hard to hear over the two fans I had on me, that weren't working anyway. 32 degrees upstairs for sleeping, 28 degrees downstairs for watching Love Island last night - they look cooler in Majorca than I feel in Surbiton. Son has woken up with a temperature and I have a raging sore throat and so heavy head; it REALLY needs to cool down soon.
  12. It's been cloudy most of the day in Sandbanks with bits of sunshine but we are now under clearer blue skies. Looking at the radar there are some sharp showers nearby. Does anyone have timings roughly for the storms later? Arriving back in Surbiton around 10-ish and not sure what to expect.
  13. On the subject of lightning strikes, my scariest was arriving at gymnastics at Tolworth recreation centre with my son on a hot afternoon and within a minute, the car park we had just crossed took a big strike that was not just ear splitting but also smelt so strongly of metal. All the kids ran to the open door to see what had happened while all the parents yelled 'get inside'. It's more the smell than the sound that takes me back to it, but it certainly made us all jump.
  14. Agreed @TomSE12 sleeping was almost impossible in last night's heat, in my case not aided by my son (some of you know he has special needs) at the age of 19 still wanting to join me as the constant lightning was making him anxious. We got a few rumbles of thunder but it was more the light show in our neck of the woods and we weren't directly under the main strikes hence lightning to the west and north illuminated our bedrooms. The two fans didn't really cool the room down last night and it was at least 4am before I got some sleep, feeling very lethargic today in my hot little office. Thankfully husband has got a day off tomorrow so we're heading down to Sandbanks for an overnight stay this evening, hoping for some slightly cooler temperatures.
  15. Same here. Just looked at the skies to the East and can see distant lightning. Time to try some sleep.
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