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  1. Agreed, more thunder than I remember all summer these past few days. As with others, my photo does not do it justice, but some beautiful dramatic skies (and flooded roads!) have accompanied the college run this afternoon, and just 5 seconds after I took this one there was lightning and thunder.
  2. I remember that well. Tried to walk around the back of Black Pond on the side that faces the A3; oh my goodness, well over the top of our boots went mud and water. That memory has stuck with me as a reminder not to assume the trees keep the water off!
  3. Yes indeed, it was timed perfectly here for the college run for my son which is usually followed by walking the dog in Nonsuch Park. Well no such luck today for the wee four-legged chap who has missed out on more than his fair share of walks due to the soaking weekend here (harness still drying out from Saturday!). Thunder, lightning, hail and torrential rain saw leaves flying and hovering in the air before leaving thick deposits over the roads. For furry chaps with paws there are also mushy conker shells to navigate on the pavements although our dog loves deep piles of leaves for uncovering hidden (edible) delights. The train of heavy showers is very similar to Saturday's, originating in northern France then crossing to the Isle of Wight, into Portsmouth,as @TomSE12 said, and apparently hitching a ride up the A3 on a NE trajectory. Autumnal it most definitely is. BTW, Badger, how wet is Esher Common now? I often swap parks for woodlands in this weather hoping for tree cover.
  4. I wondered last night how your fireworks were going; around here despite the constant rainfall plenty of fireworks went off, but I felt sorry for those running and attending displays. On the bright side, the roasties and yorkshire puddings were fab-u-lous last night:) At least 12-hours of constant rain seem to have ended for now giving us mostly blue skies this morning, although the clouds are ever-present. As you say, fingers crossed for some improvements as the week continues; I need some useable weather this week to get out with a camera in London.
  5. I can see from the radar that the lo-o-o-ong tail of heavy rain from northern France that has led to us abandoning our plans to visit the south coast and had us under heavy rain and thunder for the whole afternoon is invigorating now, and getting more of a west to east component. At least it means those on here waiting for rain and storms finally get in on the 'action' (or utterly depressing afternoon, depending on your preference). And so I got to spend the afternoon getting the attic cleaned listening to music and accompanied by heavy rain on the roof and rolls of thunder; all very atmospheric looking out on the angry skies. Roasties are in the oven with yorkshire puddings and a homemade veggie pie to set us up for a cosy autumn evening, while the lad is livestreaming on his YouTube channel to his followers who seem to be enjoying it. So, you know, lemons, lemonade and all that. And it is absolutely chucking it down still!
  6. Yes indeed, it took a little longer than expected to get here, but by 3 we were well into torrential rain and rolls of thunder which have continued in much the same vein this afternoon. Looking at the radar we seem to be on the eastern side of it running in a line from the northern France through to the Portsmouth area; I wonder if it will continue to feed NE-ish rather than move from west to east.
  7. Sounds like you made all the right choices to get the most out of it:) Family decided against it in the end as the gaps between the rain from lunchtime onwards just didn't seem to be long enough to warrant a trip; maybe next weekend. Looking at the radar it's quite heavy in your direction now. Instead it looks like we will be at home doing housework.... SOOO not what we had planned. The clouds are covering the sky now and the first bit of rain has passed through, but the heavy stuff looks due in an hour or so. Enjoy a cosy afternoon if it's too wet to walk.
  8. That sounds very nice and well-earned indeed after battling your way through the weather Durlston Castle is actually the only Swanage walk I know; most visitors seem to do the town and seafront, and also Corfe Castle for a trip by car (or perhaps the little train), or along to Studland beach and the Sandbanks chain ferry by car or bike if it is not too busy, which I don't imagine it will be given the forecast. Old Harry Rocks is close by but I am unsure of the walking distance. We are awaiting the morning's forecasts before our final decision although I do like a good storm by the sea. Will be gutted not to do the Sandbanks beach walk tomorrow if we don't go. You are right, the Thames really delivers in foggy weather, fingers crossed for some when this current round of rain clears off. Have a lovely weekend:)
  9. Good luck with balancing it. I opted for the DJI Osmo for a first-person walks YouTube channel I am starting, but was tempted by the Zhiyun too. Once I got the hang of it (via Dr Google), I found it reasonably straightforward to use, although transferring footage from phone to elsewhere needed some more Googling. Will be interested to hear your experience and see your footage. We are supposed to be headed to Sandbanks for the weekend but are wondering whether to postpone due to the heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. Any thoughts from chaps and chapesses on this thread are most welcome.
  10. You're right, it's not been much of a summer for thunder and lightning, ah well, snow to look forward to for the next few months... Yes, Sandbanks for the weekend; I am hoping husband and son won't wuss out of it now that there's rain in the forecast, as I like a bit of wild and woolly walking in the autumnal weather myself. Have you done the Durlston Castle walk from the back-end of Swanage through the fields and cliffs then back around to Swanage again? We usually fit that in over the summer but not this year. Next week I hope the clearer frostier stuff makes a return, perhaps with some nice atmospheric foggy starts, as per @TomSE12 and @Daniel*
  11. Did you get the squally stuff just before 10 last night? Bucketed down with swirling winds here for about 5-10 minutes, then it was all over. We are off to Sandbanks this weekend but having second thoughts as the BBC forecasts are showing heavy rain over the south coast. Very much hoping it goes a bit further north or south and leaves it all clear for some lovely beach walks.
  12. Very similar in the Surbiton part of town two hours later, a lovely crisp start but a race to clear the ice from the car before a large delivery truck reversed down my road! Nonsuch Park had plenty of white grass remaining underfoot for the dog walk at 9am and I finally dug out a winter scarf.
  13. We were at Garsons Farm too yesterday, enjoying the Christmas displays and buying pumpkins from the farm shop rather than picking them! As you say, it's all starting to look quite bare over there. It was a beautiful autumn day to walk through the woodlands; the recent blue skies and sunshine weather has been great. Autumn proper is here:)
  14. Yes, it's slowly letting us know that the seasons are moving on, albeit rather glacially it feels. My son still gets excited at the smell of summer relinquishing its hold and letting autumn in. Some atmospheric fog greeted us early on dropping hubbie off at Heathrow but had cleared in time for the M25/A3 return journey and then onwards to Epsom for college drop-off. A walk along Kingston riverside awaits shortly to get some nice shots of the colours if possible. Jealous of the Esher Common pic, I was supposed to be there with the dog this morning but got an 'urgent' email from work so it was a quick trot around Nonsuch, only to get home and find no urgent meeting, just another cyber attack generating fake emails; we seem to get one big one every two weeks that is successful at the moment and yet again have to change our passwords:( Ah well, at least I don't need to hike up to Uxbridge so working from home it is:)
  15. Same here, head feels like a bowling ball has been wedged in it and I've had to give up on mundane tasks:( Grey, damp, drizzly, muddy at Nonsuch Park for the dog walk and very muggy.