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  1. Funnily enough, as I drove towards Epsom to pick up son from college, in your direction it looked black and threatening while behind me towards Kingston the skies looked much brighter. It was quite a gusty drive at times with autumn leaves decorating the bonnet and rear windscreen. I too checked for Saharan dust on the cars, but couldn't really see any - typical two days after I get a new car if the sands fall from the sky!
  2. Surbiton also has a very yellowy tinge to the clouds along with a positively Mediterranean wind making for a sultry 'before the storm' feel, as others have noted. Unfortunately the sky is very resolutely cloudy here, so I can't get a red sun shot. During these kinds of unusual events it's great having a forum like this to share and learn - @Nick F's blog made for an interesting read regarding Saharan sand with a bit of Portuguese wild fires thrown in to explain what's happening.
  3. A weekend of contrasts. Yesterday in the west country brought almost continuous grey skies and drizzle until the evening. This morning walking along Sandbanks beach in our 'autumn' gear of fleeces and boots we wished we were in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. It was stunning with sunshine, warmth, sunbathers, and, as @alexisj9 mentioned, some stunning cloudscapes.
  4. It's nice to see the webcams starting to show snow around the favoured spots now. Edelweisspitze has had a covering for a few days which seems to keep getting topped up, and there is a light covering at Longyearbyen. Les Arcs has completely lost the snow of a few weeks ago that hung on for a while, and Stelvio pass is snow-free today, but it was nice to see both of these snowy at the end of September. Yes, it's time to get excited again for virtual snow!
  5. Did you get that sudden torrential downpour last night around 10-11pm-ish? We got it with a flash of lightning and some thunder thrown in. You are right, all is very green, the lawn in growing enthusiastically and there are some amazing cloudscapes this past week or two, as @Captain Shortwave mentioned.
  6. Edit to the above - well I never, Les Arcs at Arc 2000 has wet snow falling and covering everything, in fact it's falling quite heavily; 1800 and 1600 both have it as rain. Arc 2000: https://www.lesarcs.com/livecam-arc2000.html#ong333 Lauberhorn: https://panocam.skiline.cc/lauberhorn
  7. Edelweiss has now mostly melted, although the snowman from several days ago still remains as a pile of snow. Lauberhorn has just had a light snowfall leaving a thin covering after a sunny day yesterday and foggy this morning. Nice to see the first signs:) I too am always amazed at how many motorbikes are parked at the top of Edelweiss; I wonder if there are some hairy bends en route.
  8. 20 minutes after I mused to husband 'I wonder if we're going to get some thunder', a big crack of thunder came out of the grey convective towers that have been around us most of the day, followed by some torrential rain. My normal excitement is tempered by the fact we are catching a flight to Cyprus later and I am hoping Heathrow isn't affected; it's a night flight as it is - I can never sleep on those so delays just prolong the agony!
  9. I can only reflect exactly what everyone else on here has reported for today, absolutely stunning, hot, blue skies, sunshine, a perfect summer's day. We were further along the coast than @Surrey enjoying the beautiful sea and sand at Sandbanks yesterday, and then in Surbiton today we sat outside in the garden for a family get-together to celebrate my birthday (happy birthday @chrisbell-nottheweatherman) and my was it scorchio, with the fairer skinned amongst us ending up on the beetroot side of things. Topped it all off with a dog walk enjoying that end-of-a-hot-summer's-day feeling as dusk settled, and a cheeky rose for the evening:)
  10. We had far more of an adventure than we bargained for driving from SW London to Bournemouth through yesterday afternoon's storms. The radar grab shows how the line of storms followed the A3 very closely from Guildford through almost to Portsmouth - our exact journey where we watched the cauliflowers towering up in front of us. Then just as we thought we were in the clear a storm seemed to blow up at high speed leading to 'white-out' driving conditions and almost instant flooding as we approached the New Forest. We turned off into the New Forest and stopped to find hail piled up in the woodlands and the temperature showing 9 degrees! A beautiful afternoon with a rainbow greeted us at Sandbanks beach, with dramatic cloudscapes aplenty to complete our day.
  11. That timelapse is so good. Will keep an eye out for the southern hemisphere snow over the weekend:)
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. I contemplated adding the Spitzbergen cams to my browser ready for the new season only yesterday, but told myself it is too early(!).
  13. I was thinking the exact same thing this morning. And the good weather has not just been a purely south-east thing, with plenty of other areas of the country enjoying spells of good weather. Here it has been pleasantly warm with some lovely cloudscapes, and this looks set to continue, with the rain, as @Captain Shortwave pointed out, reserving itself mostly for overnight. The nights are noticeably drawing in now; walking the dog last night, by 9 it was all but dark. Trees outside of campus are starting to show golden colours with more leaves underfoot. I love the long days of summer, but am still a wistful winter lover at heart, ever hopeful for that magical 'proper winter' we all crave and that this time of year starts to hint at.

    You say that as if there is something wrong with it! I am the head and sole member of the Snow Saddos Association, webcam watching all year! Lordi Square in Finland, Spitzbergen in Svalbard, Iceland, Les Arcs, Jungfrau, Planai, Scottish ski resorts, basically anywhere with a webcam, especially a livecam, where snow and mountains might be - these tabs are open on my browser all year round! Lauberhorn still has a light covering of snow this morning while Edelwiesspitze is all foggy, in common with Les Arcs earlier this week where the walkers were beating their way through murk and drizzle for a morning or two. Perhaps it's time for a new job!

    Yay, that's me, a very excited Netweather forum member really looking forward to going there in February! Thank you so much to you @carinthian and to @Blessed Weather for all the advice about Austria; got me thinking I might need to make visiting the Austrian resorts an annual event to get around them all:) I am sure I speak on behalf of other forum members who are very pleased indeed with your Austria updates now you are back there; especially after yesterday in the south east which is one of the longest wettest days we have had in quite some time - we all need some alpine eye candy to cheer us up this 'summer'. On that matter, I just checked the Jungfrau webcam to find what appeared to be a light covering of snow: https://panocam.skiline.cc/lauberhorn