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  1. Agreed, absolutely stunning here in Surbiton too with beautiful blue skies criss-crossed by contrails and a bit of a breeze. Edit: less 'bit of a breeze' and more 'a bit windy out there from time to time'!
  2. It's snowing in Les Arcs this afternoon:)
  3. Beautiful sunset this evening following the drop in temperature (car thermometer) from 27 degrees at 4pm to 19 degrees at 8pm. We had the bubbly grey stuff come over 4-5.30 then back to mostly clear skies. View below from Chessington College.
  4. Reefseeker

    Tour 1 2018

    Good luck everyone on all the tours. We cannot wait to watch on the live stream as usual, and this year my son is a college boy rather than on school timetables, so we might just stay up a little later to catch more of the action:) Let the super cells begin.
  5. Truly yukky out there. Car temperature is showing 6 degrees, but with the biting wind it is freezing. Yesterday felt little better along the South Bank, where a stiff breeze seemed to be coming off the Thames making things feel very cold - especially for the wedding couple with the bride very 'lightly' dressed for photographs (her midriff must have been really regretting that clothing choice). Last night I gave up for the dog walk and reluctantly got out the winter coat again. Roll on next weekend.
  6. Reefseeker


    We nearly destroyed Austro/Anglo relations when we wore our swim suits in the sauna/steam room at the hotel - got told off for not being in our birthday suits and no one would stay in the same room as us!
  7. Some beautiful convective skies preceded two loud rumbles of thunder here around 6.30 followed by an intense hail storm that deposited a small pile of hail stones on our rug via the chimney!
  8. Reefseeker

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    I have received the same strange message as @Mark wheeler saying I am no longer an active member when I have posted twice in a week. Is this a bug? It seems to be an automated message of some description. .... aaaand, now I have received a message that I can't open with the title 'you are an active weather poster'... Technology eh?!
  9. Thunder and lightning has arrived in Surbiton, serious flashes lighting up the sky followed closely by some loud rolls of thunder and now torrential rain. Sounding biblical out there, for now anyway. Had to run around the house closing all the windows after rather a sultry day today.
  10. May I echo what others have said - this is by far the best thread on Netweather, with lovely people enthused by mountains, ski and snow/(boarding). I will miss it greatly as we wish the amazing winter of 2017-18 farewell, even though it is still going in many places for now. In honour of what a great winter it has been, here is my final screen shot from Les Arcs, where people are still skiing away, distracting my attention from the Florida webcams I have been watching since returning from beaches and sunshine last week. Once a snowbie always a snowbie - my son walking the dog yesterday evening commented that there are still some 'nice wintry smells' in the air (cold fog has abounded this week), and we worked out that only means four months of the year where more summery aromas are in charge. Roll on September and the next eagle-eyed views of the webcams waiting for the first flakes to fall.
  11. Lovely photos and a great write-up from you, very helpful. I think I'll add that one to my 'must visit' list, which is already quite long....
  12. Beautiful morning here too. Everyone dog walking in Nonsuch Park was very happy, greeting each other and commenting on what a lovely day it is; nice that the ground has started to dry out too, perhaps aided by still quite a brisk wind. It is clouding over now in a 'rain is imminent' kind of a way. Funny to think that only a few days ago I had to clear the car of snow and walk the dog in a thick layer of the stuff. This time next week I'll be in Florida and this morning's sun has made me really look forward to the heat and sunshine.
  13. I can definitely concur that the wind was absolutely biting this morning, so much so I decided against the dog walk in Nonsuch Park which is rather exposed and went to Horton instead for a bit of tree cover. Plenty of snow lying in the fields and woodlands, in fact I enjoyed de-snowing the car then driving around to enjoy the wintry scenery. The car stayed resolutely at 1 degree. The dog, being 4, has only really been exposed to snow for the first time these past few weeks; he is not a fan, but soldiered on with his ball anyway.
  14. It shows what a difference a few miles can make. Here in Surbiton, not that far east of you, we achieved around 2cm and the roads and pavements were mostly clear this morning; in Thorpe you clearly received a much heavier snow fall that stuck around longer. I was like a child yesterday taking my son into London on the trains and tubes, as there was snow visible around the rail tracks, hedges and roof tops all the way from Surbiton via Wimbledon to Earls Court and onto Latimer Road. Walking around was bitterly cold, and then as we emerged from dance practice just under the Westway snow was falling heavily, and all the young adults with special needs that I was accompanying were excited and sharing stories about slipping over as they left their houses that morning. Waterloo gave us continued heavy snow and we arrived to minus 2 on the car temperature in Surbiton where the snow lasted until around 10pm. Certainly not a stellar event, and my mother in north Somerset has twice had deep snow falls, but it's March and we got two snowy spells, which I'll take reasonably happily:)
  15. Pavements and roads have finally got a covering here after snowing most of the afternoon to little avail other than on the cars and wheelie bins. It looks like the movement north from the precipitation in the channel is responsible for precipitation at, presumably, the time when the ground temperature got low enough for settling snow. Looks like just over a centimeter on the garden table.