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  1. Lovely photos and a great write-up from you, very helpful. I think I'll add that one to my 'must visit' list, which is already quite long....
  2. Beautiful morning here too. Everyone dog walking in Nonsuch Park was very happy, greeting each other and commenting on what a lovely day it is; nice that the ground has started to dry out too, perhaps aided by still quite a brisk wind. It is clouding over now in a 'rain is imminent' kind of a way. Funny to think that only a few days ago I had to clear the car of snow and walk the dog in a thick layer of the stuff. This time next week I'll be in Florida and this morning's sun has made me really look forward to the heat and sunshine.
  3. I can definitely concur that the wind was absolutely biting this morning, so much so I decided against the dog walk in Nonsuch Park which is rather exposed and went to Horton instead for a bit of tree cover. Plenty of snow lying in the fields and woodlands, in fact I enjoyed de-snowing the car then driving around to enjoy the wintry scenery. The car stayed resolutely at 1 degree. The dog, being 4, has only really been exposed to snow for the first time these past few weeks; he is not a fan, but soldiered on with his ball anyway.
  4. It shows what a difference a few miles can make. Here in Surbiton, not that far east of you, we achieved around 2cm and the roads and pavements were mostly clear this morning; in Thorpe you clearly received a much heavier snow fall that stuck around longer. I was like a child yesterday taking my son into London on the trains and tubes, as there was snow visible around the rail tracks, hedges and roof tops all the way from Surbiton via Wimbledon to Earls Court and onto Latimer Road. Walking around was bitterly cold, and then as we emerged from dance practice just under the Westway snow was falling heavily, and all the young adults with special needs that I was accompanying were excited and sharing stories about slipping over as they left their houses that morning. Waterloo gave us continued heavy snow and we arrived to minus 2 on the car temperature in Surbiton where the snow lasted until around 10pm. Certainly not a stellar event, and my mother in north Somerset has twice had deep snow falls, but it's March and we got two snowy spells, which I'll take reasonably happily:)
  5. Pavements and roads have finally got a covering here after snowing most of the afternoon to little avail other than on the cars and wheelie bins. It looks like the movement north from the precipitation in the channel is responsible for precipitation at, presumably, the time when the ground temperature got low enough for settling snow. Looks like just over a centimeter on the garden table.
  6. Bitterly cold wind when we popped out for takeaway on Ewell Road, with the same little flakes blowing around we have had all afternoon. Garden table and cars have a bit more icing sugar but I do hope a proper streamer sets up overnight.
  7. Snow fell heavily for a while in Sandbanks this morning, something I had resigned myself to never seeing. The beach had an absolutely biting wind blowing, brought tears to the eyes in all the wrong ways and had us running at some speed to the cafe for a full English. Driving back to Surbiton, light coverings of snow became visible alongside the M3 just north of Winchester, and from there onwards we had nearly constant light snow, heavier and lighter throughout, with a very light dusting greeting us on the grass once we returned home. Really hoping for the streamer to deliver later.
  8. Thank you for that. Of course I have full confidence that the M3, M25 and A3 will continue to function flawlessly in the next few hours... (Wonders whether to ditch beach walk and visit to the Ferry café in favour of a quick exit)
  9. In Sandbanks where it is grey and rainy at present; woken up in the night by heavy rain (hail?) against the window. Driving back to Surbiton at lunch time, excited to arrive to snow and a lamp post watch this evening. Is there snow yet on the roads in the SW London/Surrey anywhere? Edit, just reading back it appears Farnham, Cobham and Staines are already reporting snow. Re @kold weather and 2009, that is still my favourite streamer for high impact in a short time, I just wish it could have lasted like 2010.
  10. I am so sorry to hear that, he looks absolutely beautiful, you must miss him so much, my sincere condolences.
  11. Checked out the video thinking 'isn't that Milly Bobby Brown'... yep. The girl (kind of) from Bournemouth seems to be everywhere, but I thought she was really good in Stranger Things.Just MHO of course . Misty rain here now. Ealing had the odd small patches of snow on the ground, but back here in Surbiton it's all gone. Time to take the dog out in the drizzle. What a difference 24 hours makes, last night it was in lovely crunchy snow blanketing the roads and pavements for the dog to leave little paw prints everywhere.
  12. And while we all wax lyrical in here, every car in my street has a swear word or penis etched on it in the snow as someone has enjoyed the cold spell in their own particular way... ah well....
  13. As I waved the snow goodbye this evening, I wondered when you are off storm chasing for me and my son to stay up far too late waiting for the live stream to kick in following you all. It's something we look forward to every year after winter has passed and there are no more dreams of snow to be had. On that subject, echoing what so many others have said, what a great cold spell it's been. I have seen falling snow every day since Monday, worn our 'Austria gear' because it is so cold outside, found out the dog really doesn't like snow and likes his 'snow coat' even less, and seen freezing rain on cars and bin lids. And of course, had snow on the ground to top it all off, with some lovely unexpected streamers and just catching the edge of the west country snow yesterday (my homeland in the Mendips got plastered). It's been a time of reminiscing with my son, who is 18 now, so 13 during the last proper snow, and 10 for the 2010 event, which was fabulous for us. Some of you know he has aspergers/special educational needs, so he is still in some ways a 6 year old in the body of an 18 year old, and he really misses 'old times' when it was OK for him to feel and act young, whereas now he really struggles with the complications of his evolving 'grown-up' life. The snow has instantly transported him and me back to this younger times, and today we spent hours in the woodlands in Esher tramping around in the snow just like the good old days, while yesterday we even managed to sledge down a bit of grass that had sufficient snow not to take out the whole of the bottom of it. The passing of time as shown through years between snow falls eh? As with many others, I am here all year (and now reaching my 10th year - WOT?), but you can't beat a great winter spell for the excitement it brings. I really hope we don't have such a long wait between this one and the next
  14. After 20 years of driving on snow, I made a decision not to anymore! Good luck and go careful.
  15. Snow has been falling more or less continuously since yesterday - anything from mini blizzards to just flying around non-commitally in the air. Cars, pavements and local roads have a light covering, but most people are going about their business and my husband's flight is not cancelled. Under white skies here, the snow is refusing to give up the ghost with very light tiny flakes continuing to come down sufficient to cover the dog's paw prints in the garden from earlier. Many surfaces have quite low snow depths, the garden table is giving the best one of 5cm. Son is insisting we give the local park another try, as we were met by grass and gravel yesterday when we arrived excitedly with our sledge expecting a snow fest.