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  1. Interesting you say that, I have been worried at how poorly I have felt all summer, especially in the mornings, with my head and sinuses 'full of a cold' endlessly until lunch time. I hadn't thought the weather could play this much havoc, yet last week in Cyprus I had none of those symptoms. Anyway, this morning is grey but not especially cold, and it looks as if we had some light drizzle overnight. Happy birthdays to my fellow Virgoans on the site:)
  2. Autumn in August is not my thing, however it was so refreshing walking in the rain on Esher Common where the water made the trees look so green, I actually rather enjoyed it. The dog got suitably muddy.
  3. Yesterday evolved into a pleasant enough afternoon to host my birthday party in the garden; there were some heavy grey clouds when it felt cooler, but overall it was sunny and warm with some people taking refuge in the shade when the heat got too much:) This followed a Friday night that saw the heating come on filling the house with the smell of warmed-up dust plus putting on the winter quilt, as per @interested & confused. Today is full-on autumn, but I'm still holding out hope for a warm or very warm September spell. If all else fails, I'm off to Cyprus in a week
  4. Hello There are lots of really good sources on Netweather. Have you checked out the Learners Area? Knocker posted on CCKW around three years ago, but there are a lot of threads in that section dedicated to learning. Otherwise, my personal favourite is the one set up last winter by @Bring Back1962-63 which is full of really informative stuff in the Forecast models section:
  5. The partial moon looks beautiful tonight, low in the sky and orangey coloured. I would echo the sentiments about what a lovely day it has been. We walked along the river to Kingston and it was perfect sunny conditions with a light warm breeze; this evening was so pleasant after the gym at 8.30 that we took the dog out for a nice long walk at sunset - it was so warm it took him an hour to cool down bless him (that's frenchies for you).
  6. Incredibly black skies to the east of the Excel centre when we came out at 3pm must have been the back edge of the storms everyone seems to have experienced; I missed out! As @stainesbloke posted, there are some convective looking skies to the south west of London now, fingers crossed for more of the top-up for nature and evening storms for us. And then we can enjoy another round of sunshine:) PS, we were NOT attending the Love Island Live event!
  7. A flurry of activity in suburban gardens greeted the arrival of a few rain showers here, as residents used to 30 degrees and 'living outside' rushed to get garden furniture and kids toys into the dry. At 1.45 it was 80% blue sky and I was sitting enjoying my newly refurbished patio over a cup of coffee; half an hour later, it was full grey followed by rain drops and a lone rumble of thunder giving it its best shot. As usual I dragged son outside to smell the lovely air and enjoy the cool feel of the rain, while indoors it remained resolutely at 28 degrees. It is super-humid indoors now; I do hope the storms for later initiate on the correct side of the Cherbourg peninsula as per @TomSE12 guidance to give all of those that want one a great storm (sorry Tom, hope they diverge either side of you!).
  8. A bit of an earlier wake-up call for us on the western side of London with the real building shaker waking me up at 5am, preceded by heavy rain and followed by some more rumbles with lightning and more rain. In common with others, I had noticed a bit of a popcorn sky yesterday evening but had been foolish enough not to check in on the NW forums, so didn't think anything was on its way. The chaps doing our garden patio appear undeterred and are out there grouting yesterday's paving stones.
  9. Ooohhh, can't wait:) The thunder has continued in the distance, I think to the north, but sometimes it's hard to distinguish between that and the aircraft overhead. As I type it has started raining again. Husband thinks I'm nuts keeping the french windows open to make the most of it!
  10. It's just arrived here now Just dragged son outside to smell it, ahhhh! Aaaand, 3 minutes later, it's all over and the sun is out, with the odd roll of thunder passing nearby...
  11. A bit underwhelmed now we are back in Surbiton. Left Bournemouth at 2pm with the radar exploding ahead of us, but we were mostly just on the periphery of the heavy stuff with some patches of steady rain, although there was one cc lightning over Guildford. A few miles down the A3 as we approached Surbiton the roads became bone dry and it seems no rain has fallen here; a couple of rolls of thunder greeted us and nothing more. 27 degrees on car temp, which is 10 degrees less than when we left Surbiton yesterday afternoon, so the cloud is cooling things down at least, if not removing the humidity. Fingers crossed for more later.
  12. Stopped at Ringwood en route to Bournemouth. Rain drops (a handful), a rumble of thunder and 23 degrees on car temp which showed 37 when we left Surbiton
  13. Thank you for putting all of that together @Surrey We are off to Bournemouth (Sandbanks) this afternoon for an overnight stay. Looks like there could be some heavy rain if those charts are anywhere near correct, but just outside the zone for thunder storms. I am hoping the heavy stuff makes it to the greater London area and more widely over the south east, we SO need some wet ground and a cool down for a while.
  14. I can confirm that the light blue area covering us on the radar for the past 40 minutes is not delivering any rain... at all....
  15. We see foxes most evenings at present when walking our little french bulldog who can't go out during the day in the heat. Not sure if they are out and about more or if we are out at a different time. Looking at your pic, I think we are regularly seeing a young one; the local artificial river that runs through the back of some of the houses is barely visible it is so low, so the animals must be getting thirsty. Most days recently have given us more cloud cover than sun but the temperature still seems to be getting very high. Although I love the sun, it's been a long time now, and sleeping is very difficult when it is so hot. We now have fans and air purifiers all over the house to keep heat and hayfever at bay. Not keen on the summary from @Captain Shortwave of next week's high temperatures (not that he is responsible for them of course....) Fingers crossed for a storm tomorrow