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  1. 'tis the season to post lovely wintry pics Thank you for all the beauties so far, let many more sparkly seasonal days follow. As has been mentioned, no freezing fog here overnight so no ice scraping off the car this morning after yesterday's first outing of the scraper dug out of the boot. Nonsuch Park looked like a winter wonderland yesterday morning and the dog was very confused by the frozen puddles
  2. Stunning cloud scapes today, as @LightningLover photos show. Here is a pic from Uxbridge this afternoon although it doesn't capture what was visible on the drive back. Earlier this week saw crystal clear skies above a raw wind across Nonsuch Park.
  3. It was very challenging around 3 this afternoon walking west along Cornhill in the City, people were almost bending into it just to walk along the pavement! Still very windy out there although warm with it. The radar shows the rain inching towards us. A cosy night in beckons.
  4. What a stunning day yesterday. We mistakenly wore our winter coats to Nonsuch Park not noticing the 16 degrees showing on the car temperature. Yep, it was very warm in the sunshine. Not a brilliant pic below, I took it to capture the changing tree colours in the distance. In Uxbridge today, where the sky is resolutely grey under that cloud cover shown on @Blessed Weather satellite image.
  5. We ended up with a whole five minutes of heavy rain out of that lot, which broke up more or less as it arrived.
  6. Well we have certainly been well-embedded under the rain ribbon last night and today. Wait 'til the one and only snow event of the winter and it will go north or south of us or just break up as it arrives! Esher Common was sticky underfoot with some very large puddles to welcome plenty of dog owners and families out enjoying the rain in wellie boots, the car park was as busy as a summer's day. The ferns are now looking golden more than green as the leaves and conkers cover many of the pathways. We didn't venture to Black Pond as the route gets very pond-like and swampy in this weather. The dog at least then avoids a muddy belly and we don't lose our boots.
  7. Agreed, I just had a very wet and puddly drive to Epsom to drop off son and then Gatwick to drop off husband, rained all the way although the 'intermittent' setting on the windscreen wipers kept being a bit slow on the uptake. Very muddy too depending on the soil conditions. I walked the woofy in Nonsuch Park earlier in the week, where, barring a few large puddles it was just a bit sticky underfoot; our local park, however, has watery grass aplenty needing the wellington boots. Also agree @Daniel* this neither one thing nor another gloom with rain is tedious, it's been so tricky finding brighter days for filming walks around London, it's either too windy or too wet or too grey, and usually a mix of them all. My amateur skills aren't quite up to overcoming that lot! Have a nice day everyone:)
  8. I may have spoken too soon! Biblical, torrential, other 'als' rainstorms as we arrived for the lad's jujitsu class at Chessington Community College. Parents and kids were dripping their way through the building while mad footballers continued training on the astro turf. No thunder this time. The wind seems to be strengthening now.
  9. The next round of storms split around us so nothing as dramatic as earlier but the lovely cloudscapes and hints of storminess aloft continued.
  10. Ooohh, dare I say I hope you're right, or will it be a matter of being careful what I wish for?!
  11. I wish! The clouds as they built this afternoon have been ominous but I've been limited in what I can see as I am in my little office with a view of next door's window! I can only confirm those incredible dark cloud pictures posted earlier in the thread from elsewhere. This is the best storm in this location, short-lived as it is, in many, many a month. EDIT: just went for a look out all of our windows. There are some seriously threatening clouds all around us but I couldn't see any rotation, probably too late but I'll keep an eye out if another one comes through.
  12. Had it right overhead here in Surbiton, torrential downpours and thunder crackling through the sky every few minutes for about 10 minutes as the storm passed through. A rumble or two since then, with more as I type, but it's moved fairly rapidly to the east of us now. I felt sorry for those on the school run, really not good for them at all.
  13. Well that is quite a line of heavy rain and thunder passing overhead right now in Surbiton. I feel sorry for those on the school run as the rain is sporadically torrential and the thunder is every few minutes really crackling through the skies. Lovely to enjoy from the comfort of my home however over a cup of tea Seems to have passed through fairly quickly.
  14. Bless her, I think she has Asperger's too (my son has it, not me). In all seriousness, I am a passionate walker and walk anything up to around 2 miles rather than even take public transport let alone the car as does the lad. Yesterday, we sat in the heavy traffic around the college campus (we suspect timetabling this year has been 'streamlined' to get everyone arriving and leaving at the same time, it's causing traffic chaos and I can't imagine the pollution that's resulting) and I found myself wondering if a three-mile walk there and then another one back might be worth it after all (dog might not appreciate it on his little stubby legs and it wouldn't quite be as good as Nonsuch Park I suspect!). It's now not unusual for the journey to take 30 minutes for those three miles, up to double that on the bus. If the bus journey takes too long, as poor soaked @Daenerys has just pointed out, a canoe might be more the order of the day! And we are now in the second round of heavy rain, bringing with it a crack of thunder, although the dark reds just circled around us this time. Got to go into London later, hoping the trains manage with the 'leaves on the line';)
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