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  1. Cloudy and very muggy here in Surbiton. Can see bits of blue in the distance. 26 degrees in the lounge with the door open.
  2. Brilliant, thank you so much:) And yes, it's like a furnace in the garden; all windows and doors closed hoping to keep the temperature down - a cool 27 degrees in my lounge 'office'.
  3. Sooo hot walking around in London I got really faint and had to ask for help from lovely ladies at a juice bar on the South Bank. Stay safe chaps and chapesses PS Does anyone have a source for humidity levels around London?
  4. Disappointing to miss out on the storms. At least I just caught the end of a beautiful sunset. Still very hot indoors despite the lovely cooling breeze outside.
  5. Happy 10th anniversary to you and your wife and an even bigger one for your parents Have a lovely evening - just a few drops of rain here a couple of hours ago, so your evening out should be safe
  6. G'waan give us some thunder! Really feeling those Heathrow temps in this area!
  7. SOOOO hot with clear blue skies and a breeze getting up from time to time. Dog is working hard to find shady spots!
  8. Lovely weather today, feels hot in the sun with a bit of cloud to mitigate the heat and a breeze. Just had the strangest strong wind appear out of nowhere battering the open windows and sending the blinds flapping wildly, made me jump it was so sudden then it just disappeared again. EDIT, husband was in the garden when the hell-gust struck, sending everything flying and just missing the dog as the door slammed shut! As with others, the weekend was a bit grey-er than I would have liked. But I was able to sit in my mum's garden in the west country as the temperature just scraped in high enough plus yesterday afternoon the rain cleared and we were able to sit in the garden with friends to enjoy pizza before it got too cold. So overall usable weather.
  9. Indeed, quite a shock to the system walking the dog in hot weather gear after the rain came through. A lot of neighbours had just got barbies on the go - the sign of a true weather nut that I was disappointed the smell of petrichor was overwhelmed with the aroma of damped-down coals!
  10. Hot and sticky in Surbiton with mostly blue skies and the occasional breeze; to the east there are some towers building but we don't seem to be forecast anything particularly convective. My cheapo 'just for reference' temperature gauge says 33 degrees in the garden and 30 indoors, on a par with yesterday, although obviously not terribly accurate. We got a little rain this morning, wish we could get a good storm to round off this heat and to herald in a night where sleep becomes possible again - cheapo temp gauge showed 26 degrees in the lounge this morning, the coolest part of the house.
  11. Yes, under it here in Surbiton and it's just heavy rain; the earlier thunder was fairly weak. However as I type lightning and crackling thunder has just split the sky!
  12. Heavy rain here for the past half hour with a few rolls of thunder. As you mentioned in your earlier post, the heavier and more stormy stuff largely split around this area yesterday despite many hopeful clouds building in the skies above us. Hoping we get some heavy thunder and lightning as the day goes on; not sure if this early start might inhibit things going bang later of if it's a good sign of continued instability.
  13. A few bouts of storminess trundled through this afternoon accompanied by rumbles of thunder and lightning. The main stuff seems to have passed to the west of us, just about visible with the evening sun illuminating the cloud tops.
  14. Lovely pictures Mark:) Did you get the evening storm that passed over Surbiton then grew as it headed north west? It certainly drenched everything here, including our garden furniture cushions that were absolutely dripping! It's humid and cloudy here this morning with the sun coming through from time to time. Not sure if there are any storms forecast for today. It's the first morning in weeks that I have woken up actually able to breathe without suffocating all night and feeling like I have a head that weighs a tonne until lunch time. No idea if the storm is responsible, allergies, virus going on for months, all or any of the above. Ah well, enjoy it while it lasts, I'll no doubt be feeling like I've done 10 rounds with a whisky bottle again soon and sluggish, foggy normality will return...
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