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  1. Hi Kevvo. For info about freezing rain. I grew up in the north cotswolds and was at secondary school in the 1962/3 winter. We had about three weeks of freezing rain. When you were out in it it was just rain but all the trees, paths, telegraph wires etc.were coated in about an inch of ice. The wires and branches would keep snapping off. The previous drifted snow was rock hard and covered in a layer of solid ice. We used to walk right over the hedges as the snow was like concrete. Not seen freezing rain now for about 20 years. We have a place on the south coast in Christchurch and none of the n
  2. My thoughts exactly. I'm in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I was in the house when suddenly all the doors and windows started to vibrate and there was a rumble akin to a heavy vehicle going past the house. I remember thinking "Earthquake" as a similar thing occurred many years ago when I was playing the piano in the top floor of a house and the piano moved. It was an earthquake then also.
  3. Yes I've noticed that sometimes. Though when I lived in the Forest near Cinderford the snow didn't seem to want to thaw under those trees. Always seemed very icy over there. My photos from today were from a site near The Camp just North of Bisley.
  4. Chris55 is so right about elevation affecting snow in his earlier message. I was in Stroud town centre this morning and you would not know it had snowed. The roads were dry. Whereas where I live in Thrupp Lane nearby, at 350 ft we still have a couple of inches. However, I needed to go to a Nature Reserve just five miles north of Stroud this afternoon as I volunteer there for Butterfly Conservation and these images were taken there at 2 pm today, I kid you not. I was unable to get the car into the car park so to get it off the road I had to use a warning triangle while I dug myself a parking sp
  5. Rain has turned back to snow now and wind has just changed from South to North-west so that gives me hope for those of you further south. The view is of Rodborough Common from our bedroom window.
  6. I do feel for you all further South as we have a winter wonderland of around 4 cm here, However, it is now turning to rain so I think the milder air must still be creeping north although I understand the cold air will push it back south later today, so good luck!
  7. Temperature 1 C here in Stroud. Radar says sleet but just checked and light snow is falling so I'm off to bed happy and hope to dream of a winter wonderland!
  8. Yes, I'm sure it is. I was quoting what I saw on the charts but I note that the Net Weather station reports are often way out. 0 C would make it colder than it is where I am in the Cotswolds!
  9. Net weather Radar showing rain for Portland even though the temperature in Portland is 0 C
  10. My old school pal lives near you in Greatworth. He'll be leaping up and down with joy. When he tells me its snowing I usually have to tell him that its raining here!
  11. I've really missed you TEITS. As a learner and still a learner I always looked forward to your posts as they seemed to me to be the most reliable and balanced. I've been really put off by all this recent bickering ansdwas thinking of taking a break from this site for a few days until things calmed down - that is unless you are going to be posting on here! Thanks.
  12. Agreed! it so good to be able to follow what is being said, represented by step by step charts. I'll look forward to further posts from you Quicksilver 1989.
  13. You are our only hope, Frosty. Its only your optimistic posts which keep me on this forum! Sorry, posted in the wrong place just now, but you need to know that its only your optimism which keeps me on this forum!
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