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  1. Thought for a second I had opened the wrong tab there Some cold uppers coming in there. -10 jobs. Will vary before the time but a decent length spell there...ahem
  2. It's a familiar pattern with many a cold spell modelling. The 0z tend to be shall we say 'glass half empty' a lot of the time Have to look at it really as a 24 hour comparison between runs rather than what it compares with to the 18z GFS. As for the longer range outlook, now these are guidelines and signals and the chaos theory being what it is, those are subject to change. At the monent though this is shaping up to be a longer and somewhat colder version of the last cold spell. Instincts tell me this may repeat at least one more time before winter is out with variations around the theme. H
  3. Probably a mixture of uncertainty (have always found snow forecasting here to be a bit more nowcast, more so these days, bar vague statements. Warnings pop up later) and past experience with northerlies which tend to end up being quite dry by and large. This one looks a bit more disturbed than the usual type when you look at that chart but the end effect could be still relatively dry for places Overnight models not bad at all for cold deep in to next week. Any release is going in to um bongo land where a mix of solutions are progged. Worth bearing in mind also the temps seen on the tv are max
  4. Not a fan of the azores high out of season (summer) but it can wander about a bit to give some occasional or temporary relief from mild at least. Its the euroslug which is the real winter killer
  5. Looking at the general theme of the outputs I would say that cooler/coldish snaps in the second half may be more apparent than in the tedious first half but on the whole I am strongly leaning towards this winter being succinctly described in future years as 'dump' by which I dont mean the amount of snow kind of 'dump', more the tip at the other end of town/stuff that comes out of people's bottoms kind of 'dump' hoping next year will be an improvement, but have to say am not sorry I aint in the UK at the moment. Christmas was a real Milan Jovanovic of a festive period for weather, and January
  6. Going back out to tropicana on Sunday My summary of the winter weather I have seen this year: the biggest load of absolute and utter jaff I have ever had the misfortune to witness in living memory wind, rain and filthy mild weather destroying our xmas and new year festive feeling. 14c on both days, it was as if Sian Lloyd rubbed a lamp and got her 3 wishes. Absolute purgatory still, at least when I am back next year hopefully, it cant really get a lot worse than this past year anyway. A ultimate low point for lovers of cold winter weather, this xmas holiday has been utter crap
  7. Sadly for me am out of here on the 9th Jan to the tropics for the rest of the year, i cant afford to be patient what the models have shown for late december/january has come as a bit of a kick in the tadger. Basically exactly what i didnt want to be shown for my window of opportunity is on show. How there are people who will enjoy this rubbish I cant quite get, bar those wanting easy travel journeys or old people of course Its really really boring and unfestive and next year I wont be model watching. At least then i can retain some hope to wake up the next day to something better
  8. Euro highs are in late autumn about as fun as kidney failure for cold watchers like myself but hopefully it will take a powder soon my bones of contention are 1. People writing off a whole month before it has started, saw that as far back as the 12th of November for the month of December...jesus 2. these bloody things after another crappy Euro-high dominated chart, gloating when having a minority view does not make you popular 3. The conditions we have experienced this novemer in the UK. Pretty awful only redeemed by not too much rain. Dont mind the odd indian summer type warm couple
  9. Classic Euro high there, looks very familiar. 1906 incidentally was also the year of 'the great Xmas snowstorm' which only goes to show that even unpalatable looking charts in late November dont always have to stay there in to winter
  10. mild rampers should be disembowelled...that includes that BINT on the bbc the other day :p

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