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  1. It's been snowing here for the last 15 minutes or so. There's seems to be a little band that's developed across North Kent. Not sure how long it will last. 0.7c here.
  2. The winds trying to change to more of an Easterly at the moment, so they could be in for something later if that carries on.
  3. Chucking it down. Looking at the radar we might be in for a bit of a prolonged spell that's heading towards Sittingbourne and Lenham area. -2.4c here.
  4. Gust of 68 about half an hour ago. Average wind speed 36.6 Not a good hair day
  5. Biggest gust recorded here so far today was 60mph at 10:28 this morning. Average wind speed currently 33.1
  6. Wind really picking up here now. Wind speed in the 3os. Getting gusts up to 55mph. My garden plants don't look at all impressed.
  7. Really howling now. 65 mph just now, getting up to storm force 10. Can hear windows and doors creaking under strain & sounds like a train going overhead.
  8. Part of a shopping centre has come down in Sittingbourne. They haven't said what caused it yet, but it's been very windy here.
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