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  1. Not much going on in Chelmsford here? Radar looks naff until much later in the morning due to that gap?
  2. Incredible performance from the ECM. Expectations should be managed though. As someone said, it would surprise me if the ECM were the first model to pick up on the overwhelming cold retention. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited as much as the next person but more verification is required. I rarely post but the model watching and twist and turns of late has been truly fascinating.
  3. Yep, westerly skies here in Chelmsford are slowly turning a weird shade of grey/yellow....apocalyptic not quite, but something interesting on its way....
  4. Give it another couple of hours to reach maximum gust levels. Biggest gusts/winds really reserved for the coastal areas though.
  5. Yes, completely agree with what others say about the stronger winds being further north than what is being suggested by the current MO warnings. I've attached a map tweeted by Essex Weather which demonstrates this and in more simplistic terms too!
  6. Had sideways hail here around 30mins ago. Looks like another band of rain and whatever else passing through now!
  7. Can always tell when something cold is afoot - 700+ currently reading the MOD!!!

    1. Dancerwithwings


      1437 users are online (in the past 15 minutes)over a 1000 on the model thread now WOW.. At 18:49

  8. About time the Met Office gave us an amber for wind in the SE. I was amazed they didn't put it to amber yesterday. Bit belated if you ask me, although I appreciate they're having their work cut out down in Exeter at the moment.
  9. And yet this event seems to be not as widely publicised as Jude was (if you consider the general SE media bias).
  10. I don't know why the wind warning is yellow only and not amber. Based on what peeps are saying and general agreement on models, surely it should be an amber wind warning for the South?
  11. Expecting ambers from the Met Office later today for the Mon/Tue storm. It will be interesting to see which parts of the UK they think are in the firing line...
  12. Yes, the earlier you start your drive on Monday the better I would say.
  13. Hmm, does this mean no upgrade to red then? I was quite looking forward to seeing that on the MO as it's not often you get to see it. Still can't rule out some nowcasting and an upgrade to red later as it remains clear that it's difficult to get a precise handle on things. As it currently stands, the Southernmost parts of the UK are in for a jude awakening.... (get it?!).
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