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  1. So glad to see the models have swung back around no rain for our region on Saturday, I’m getting married in the afternoon outside so have been watching each run behind the sofa like it’s winter all over again! Heavy shower just started here now
  2. Here we go again better get ready to start the snow machine up
  3. Yellow warning now out to cover the south east on Saturday
  4. Fantastic mate! Keep us posted 🌪️ This snow is not letting up, still coming down!
  5. Just battled the drive home to Leigh from east London, very icy conditions out there, and one last heavy snow shower before we wave good bye what a great spell it’s been this week though! What’s next..storm chasing?
  6. Frozen rain now turned to snow in east London
  7. I think that might be the one I’m thinking about Kold, I remember it being a Thames streamer and the warning coming out of an evening, I’m sure someone has the picture as there dp on this forum, good luck with your snow tonight
  8. Thank you! Iv been searching online too and can’t find anything! Sure I wasn’t going mad
  9. I keep hearing the news saying there has only ever been one red warning before this event and that was wales 2013, but I’m pretty sure London/Essex was issued a red warning in 2010? Anyone else remember?..can tell there is no snow falling here in Leigh
  10. I can imagine it’s being watched by the minute, little bit of hope for us on the east..
  11. Wish I stayed at home just looked on a127 progress road camera and roads are white!
  12. Made it into work this morning, light/moderate snow here near city airport
  13. Wind picking up, some drifting snow, shower just to the east..could the Thames be turning it’s snow machine on...
  14. Progress road/127 was like destruction derby on ice at 4:30am!! Had to have help to move my car from the centre of 127 and then decided to go back home, great covering last night with insane temperatures!