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  1. Hi Tom, Just see your post on the SE thread, to add to my category 2 prediction as I forgot to mention the pressure etc. Date: 8th March, Storm Francis, pressure 956mbar, Bailey. Thanks! ?
  2. CATEGORY 1: (next date of "Settling Snow, in the S.E.Region) - 16th March CAREGORY 2: ( exact date and name of last named Storm to enter Shipping Forecast area) - 6th March, Storm Francis, Bailey. CATEGORY 3: (exact date/Temp. to nearest degree Celsius, of last AIR Frost of the Season, in S.E.Region) -1.4, 17th March CATEGORY 4: (exact date that 21c (70f) is first recorded, in the S.E.Region) - 12th May 2020 ??
  3. Hi @TomSE12, can I enter the competition and go for the 16th March please, this is the due date for my first child and I know Sod’s law it will snow and settle! ?
  4. Gone from heavy rain to heavy sleet here in Leigh on sea, colder air digging in, at last a touch of winter! Just a touch lol
  5. Squall Line about to hit me in Eastwood- Leigh on sea, been waiting for this all day ?
  6. Quite a few power cuts in the region at the moment showing on Uk power network site! And the Strongest winds are not even here yet!
  7. We have just got to Basingstoke station and trees have now falling down on the line, it’s chaos out there ?
  8. Travelling from Leigh on sea to Southampton, just got to Woking and it’s good to see some decent covering of snow on the ground, looks like a winter wonderland, good to see the SW of our region done well ?? and now it’s snowing heavy aswell ??
  9. Nothing here at all in Leigh on sea, just rain and wet pavements lol travelling down to Southampton today by train so hoping to see some snow laying.
  10. And just like that, the transition to snow has happened in Leigh on sea ?
  11. Temp slowly coming down, still raining here in Leigh, expecting some transition really soon, weather map saying snow in Basildon, anyone confirm?
  12. Temps on the way down, notice on the last frame an under cut just creeping into the south east corner too..
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