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  1. We have just got to Basingstoke station and trees have now falling down on the line, it’s chaos out there
  2. Currently stopped around Basingstoke, light/mod snow falling
  3. Travelling from Leigh on sea to Southampton, just got to Woking and it’s good to see some decent covering of snow on the ground, looks like a winter wonderland, good to see the SW of our region done well and now it’s snowing heavy aswell
  4. Nothing here at all in Leigh on sea, just rain and wet pavements lol travelling down to Southampton today by train so hoping to see some snow laying.
  5. And just like that, the transition to snow has happened in Leigh on sea
  6. Temp slowly coming down, still raining here in Leigh, expecting some transition really soon, weather map saying snow in Basildon, anyone confirm?
  7. Temps on the way down, notice on the last frame an under cut just creeping into the south east corner too..
  8. Patience will be needed tonight, can see From the giff Iv just run through on Metociel that the temperature is beginning to fall from Wales/Sw with the font sweeping east Dew points will follow
  9. Met office have now issued a yellow warning for snow for the south east & East Anglia Tuesday night
  10. Winds turning to the east..216, Short lived but hoping this to show up more into feb Have to click on the image for some reason..
  11. Did hammer down here in Eastwood too Paul, roads and paths were covered temporally all melting now! Still a nice suprise to see this winters first snowfall and I’m sure it won’t be the last
  12. Currently on A13 at barking with light rain, 3c, on way home to Leigh on sea, think we may get lucky with the pivot of the band tonight as the ppn is currently building towards the SE
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