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  1. Seems quite conductive out there though. Still a bit out but they seem to be coming from nowhere so still a good chance
  2. Should be a bit more activity in an hour or so for the Newcastle/ tyne valley area due to a long streamer being produced out in the north sea as P-M kindly highlighted in the post above.
  3. I would rather let them have it. Its polar maritime so it will be wetter than people expect. Snow precipitation charts always tend over do snow levels to lower elevations in this kind of setup, so unless you're in the hills in Wales or the Peak District it has the potential to become a slushy mess. So I'll pass this one
  4. Absolutely bewildered with the hype of this up and coming cold spell/snap. Posters are even booming charts that are just the normal winter weather and even worse they are polar maritime charts which gives the wrong type snow (sarcasm) . I blame social media!
  5. Didn't expect it this far down the valley in Prudhoe... Maybe up in the Pennines. Not bad for October!
  6. By Midnight it should start to get pretty heavy looking at the Radar. Large pool of darker red behind looking bang on for Newcastle and Wearside. Glad I'm off work all this week!!!!
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed how these fronts have evolved tonight. There seems to be a lot of convection out in the north sea tonight so hopefully it will surprise us with the amounts we may gain. Great input from the posters too! Moderate now in Forrest Hall!
  8. That's exactly what I'm seeing on both fronts. It did look like Teesside was in the firing line with the second front but I'm not so sure now. Seems more north now!
  9. Well a great start to winter so far up here. Snow is plentiful. Taking the little one out for his first experience of the white stuff and it's only November. Can't understand what all the fuss is about. Oh wait a minute the majority of the members (London) live in the wrong part of the country. Like we say it is grim down south enjoy!
  10. Well it's definitely feeling more seasonal on New Years Day with cold incursions after that with a promise of something on the colder side in the second week of January. Remember people! The last 3 Winters were woeful in respects to cold and snow and I'm enjoying today with still having a ground frost up till now with lovely blue sky and sunshine. So let the trend be your friend and not take 200± charts too much as gospel. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and fingers crossed for January.
  11. As we all know our weather is dynamic. So for you to be writing off winter when it has just barely started looking at ridiculous fantasy island charts really takes the fun away from this page. I never look beyond the two week time frame . You could be right or wrong who knows. But I wont be wasting my time looking beyond the New Year ;-)
  12. window until 11 59 31 12 15 Still all quite surprising at my elavation. So anything is a bonus today. Nice to see the kids sledging and snowman making. Almost forgot what snow was after the last two snow starved winters.
  13. Ramp ramp ramp! Written off ??? Enjoy my snow southerners lol
  14. Well thats me for the night! Was nice to see after last years lull . Going up to High Force in Teesdale tomorrow with the dog to throw some snow balls for him! Night all!
  15. Agreed! I was more thinking about it stopping around until the morning. But like you say it has been rather light here compared to closer to the coast
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