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  1. Anyone fancy starting a go fund me page for Nick so we can send him to Siberia on holiday for some real snow. . He deserves it the torment he's having over the last days. Fingers crossed for you tonight! If you have a good dumping tonight I want to see the biggest ramp ever from you
  2. It's not about been a hill dweller and winning it's about stating a fact that it's intensifying Tyne Valley Northwards
  3. For you they are but not the Tyne valley and Northumberland. They are getting heavier and lasting longer.
  4. Model/radar fatigue kicking in here on the thread. I advise to step away for a few hours. Anyways as we get into tonight things will start to pick up drastically with more organized streamers forming once the high cloud shifts a little further south. Looking good all in all!
  5. That's going to put us in an Amber... It's amazing watching it form in the straits of Skagerrak.
  6. Winds now turning more NE with winds coming through the the straits of Skagerrak. Perfect for convection and potential for huge streamers which will be formed in the straits then rapidly grow over the North Sea heading straight to the North East under the right conditions (this evening/overnight) Convection picking up now around 80 miles out.
  7. Radar starting to look very good over the North Sea now around 50 to 100 miles heading towards Northumberland. Should be really picking up around 7ish.
  8. Nothing has really changed. South coast has always flipped from rain to snow. So the hype is justified for the majority of eastern UK. Hope it switches back for you though
  9. Fantastic ECM! -10 to 12 uppers right out into late next week.
  10. I'm expecting a lot of convection especially with the temperature difference from uppers to sea temperature. Very promising and I wouldn't take any notice of the snow amount charts as they don't model convection accurately. Fingers crossed Chris
  11. Its that bad I'm praying for that low to come a 100 miles north so it gives them 0 degree uppers to shut them up
  12. I'm thinking I'll use this thread for the next week or so now. The model discussion thread has now turned into the south discussion thread of will it won't it snow. It's awful reading Anyways things are looking up for us in the regards of entrenched cold over the next 7 days.
  13. In general weather apps are computer generated and only accurate up to 48 hours the rest after that is nonsense. So I wouldn't worry too much. Fingers crossed!
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