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  1. Was hit head on, torrential rain with hail and thunder. Now sunny again.
  2. Big fluffy flakes the type you only get in Westerly flows. VID_20200303_004324~2.mp4
  3. Sleet down to sea level in the north west so we'll see. Could be another case of Sheffield missing out again and just a bit further north into Leeds it's snow.
  4. It's hard to say if there'll be snow. The meto thinks it'll be sleet at this elevation which sounds about right. The winds aren't coming directly of the sea for now but when they veer more westerly it'll rise temps plus we'll have slightly warmer 850's coming in. Regardless even at this elevation it'll be marginal.
  5. Sleeting in town now, across the Pennines the snow is settling down to 200m.
  6. Completely rain in town not even a hint of snow. Snowing at LBA. The meto computer generated forecasts seem to think it'll briefly turn to rain before turning to sleet on the back edge.
  7. Snow signal largely dropped for tomorrow, a mixture of rain sleet and snow for high ground.
  8. A band of rain and snow pushing through on Friday. It's marginal but should deliver to higher ground. Would be the last chance of seeing seeing lying snow this winter.
  9. No snow here but I wasn't expecting any such is the nature in these situations. It was snowing earlier but we missed the heavier precipitation. A covering down to lower levels in the Pennines all the way into the outskirts of Manchester.
  10. I'd be surprised if there is lying snow at your elevation tbh, at most a dusting. 850's aren't really good enough.
  11. The met office automated has gotten a bit excited. Also showing heavy snow for Friday as well before turning to sleet on the back edge.
  12. Also Friday is gearing up for several hours of snowfall during the afternoon as a front pases through turning to snow.
  13. There's gonna be a fair bit of instability north of the low tomorrow morning which will instigate some streamers for long spells of snow. Local forecast showing one example of how it could look if your under one.
  14. Lying snow line is about 350m at present in Saddleworth where I am, we've got a long way to go.
  15. The models are showing alot of uncertainty to the northern extent of the low so we can't read too much into the position of it yet. I do think it'll be mostly higher ground event around 150m+ if we do see a favourable track. Maybe localised accumulations down to 100m. For now keep up to date with the meto Yorkshire and Humber text forecast found at the bottom of the local forecast page. The local forecasts going for snow here we well.
  16. Current shower over north Leeds at 130m is raining, zero sign of anything sleety. Literally up the hill at 186m just got sent a video of it snowing.
  17. Really slippy conditions out there couldn't even walk at a normal pace. VID_20200224_074736~2.mp4
  18. Maybe 5cm in places can't tell as I don't have a ruler but doing quite well on the car.
  19. Just took a video really starting to come down now. VID_20200224_064853.mp4
  20. I think Sheffield will still see a decent enough covering. Sweet spot generally areas North West of Leeds and West of Harrogate on high ground. Here looks prime position, could be a little further north but I'm happy with our prospects.
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