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  1. It's snowing at LBA
  2. Turned to rain briefly back to snow. Whooooomggggg
  3. I can't believe it's still heavy snow whooooooo
  4. Still snowing heavily here
  5. Yeah still snowing moderately here, likely to last till 12 at the very latest
  6. The meto forecast has massively upgraded its now showing 9 hours of heavy snow!!!!!
  7. Heavy snow on high ground in Somerset and Bath area, uppers of 0.c, trying to settle
  8. Well its 1.c in Bristol under the ppn so a bit colder than forecast.
  9. I've just got of the London train and it's freezing in Leeds, the station feels extra cold. The temperatures in SW England are surprisingly cold at 2-3.c and this is with a strong southerly wind under the precipitation. The cold air didn't even make it that far south. I think it's a now cast situation.
  10. It's 2.c now already colder than forest let's get them Temps down even further
  11. It's more of a high ground event but the NMM/icon/Hirlam all go for a period of snow Met office is going for a mixture of sleet and heavy snow from 2am till 12. BBC is going for a period of sleet and heavy snow for 6 hours lasting from 12 at night till 2 in the afternoon.
  12. The ECM still looks good for our region, prime spots Leeds to Harrogate area, snow from 2am-11am
  13. A slight upgrade on the 18z. From am imby perspective living north of Leeds Bradford airport bordering North Yorkshire (we've moved house) the GFS shows snow starting 12 at night till 9am at the latest. The snow line is tantalising close from 9-12. Even for high ground South Yorkshire there could be up to 6 hours of falling snow.
  14. Prime spots Leeds to Harrogate, the further north the better due to the track of the heavier pulses. For Leeds its showing snow starting around Sunday 11pm on high ground, getting down to lower levels and lasting till 9am. The front is coming in alot earlier than originally expected earlier in the week. Sheffield high ground snow starts around 11pm till 6am. Snow no further east from a line to Doncaster to Tadcaster.
  15. ECM maps have it mostly snow so we'll see.