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  1. GFS is going for around 60mm of rain for Thursday over south Yorkshire, could be a tricky one
  2. Going by the Meto looks like another miss, 3.c and rain. BBC is showing a couple of hours of sleet I reckon we'll see a bit of transient leading edge snow.
  3. Could be a snow event for high ground this Saturday if GFS is to be believed.
  4. I'm north of Leeds currently and right in the heaviest echoes, torrential rain and lightning though nothing out of the ordinary.
  5. A mixture of snow and graupel in Central. MOV_SM_P960F_20190413135755_000.mp4
  6. Lying snow in Central on pavements Roads etc. Just got this pic of twitter, same scenes here by Waterloo Station. https://twitter.com/Petetmooney/status/1113445865539108864?s=19
  7. Not tryna disregard the report of snow but looking at the lampost it looks like its just snowing but if you look at a puddle you can see that it's sleet.
  8. Some pictures of the current situation in Basingstoke A video as well....
  9. Uppers aren't budging any time soon till around midnight so it looks like another flop for London. I see the Meto is going for heavy rain from 5pm onwards dropping to 2.c. Sounds about right.
  10. A patchy dusting here but I suspect the UHI is a tad stronger in this part of London.
  11. I have a feeling its gonna be a flop for London even it snows all night.
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