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  1. I see its turned back to snow at Leeds Bradford Airport well sleet but the temp has dropped to 1.c and the PPN was never particularly heavy.
  2. Well there was 3/4 inches of snow in November in Leeds just gone and 4 inches of snow in March 2016 so that's not true, there' been quite a few snowfalls and Leeds Bradford airport is reporting it back to snow and the difference there is there will probably be a covering by morning, nothing of the sort in London.
  3. Back to light sleety rain. I miss the North :-(
  4. Light rain/drizzle in central. We'll see what happen when the more intense echoes push through.
  5. It should be snow inland as dew points are around 0.c up until about 9pm, after that the DP are projected to increase to 1.c so we would need something fairly heavy heavy to bring the temperature down sufficiently otherwise a wintry mixture in Central London.
  6. Been snowing on and off in central London. Not that often you see it raining on the hills in the north and snowing here.
  7. Moderate snow, not sticking, can't imagine it will.
  8. Alternating between sleet and rain in central London. Sigh.....
  9. It can't be the temp is 5.4c. The cold air hasn't undercut yet, the winds are still from the SW https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ILONDON171#history
  10. 5.9c in central london. Still a long way to go.....
  11. Also for anyone who live in London and can see the shard its a good indication of where the snow line is as it usually fades out where the snow is falling.
  12. I hope so! Though I've lived in central London for nearly four years and yet to see lying snow. Thank the lord my family live up north to get my snow fix.