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  1. No lying snow in central unfortunately maybe that will change
  2. Whooooo, falling nicely
  3. Heavy snow and settling down south...
  4. It's gone back sleety in central.
  5. Unfortunately there isn't lying snow in central, maybe on the very edge of zone 1 but nothing here by Covent Garden. Do you reckon it could improve?
  6. Snowing but no lying snow :-(
  7. I obviously cursed Yorkshire by deciding against going back north for this. Something told me it was edging too far south for comfort. Ironically Transport for London have been warned that there will be accumulations in London. And some models shows a complete snow event for this neck of the woods. Monday is also looking like a potential snow day for London, could see blizzards with the gale force winds.
  8. Latest ECM snow depth. Further correction south expected.
  9. EURO4 is in looks like it'll miss South Yorkshire.
  10. The Met Office UKV model that supersedes the EURO4 has come out and apparently pushes the front south again by 20×miles
  11. That's old. New warnings are further south unfortunately
  12. Another shift south on the EURO4. As it stands. West Yorkshire: Light patchy snow, covering at best, though very real chance of no falling snow at all South Yorkshire: 2-3cm though fragmented.
  13. It's a 2007 forecast lol. I should have posted it Saturday night.