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  1. There are higher lapse rates in Spring plus solar activity will beef up the showers so snow is more likely, especially with troughs forming in the flow that have a better chance of making inroads with a stronger sun. You'd be surprised by what can be achieved in sub -5 airflow in Spring. Ofc you can't expect winter weather but April 2008 in London is a good example.
  2. Of course the ppn decides to intensify and form a proper band the moment it passes through central
  3. Its been snowing for a while but even if we were under the heavier echoes I doubt we would see lying snow, a complete flop. You'd think the meto would take note of ground temps before bashing out these warnings, temperatures in central are 1.c hardly enough for lying snow
  4. 0-3.c going by the EURO4 2.c in London
  5. I'm surprised the meto never update their warnings when it goes tits up.
  6. Interestingly there is a new residential development opposite me and where they have put all the new paving there is a covering of snow even in between the two new buildings, and these are big 20-30 story buildings. I wonder if the type of paving used is having an impact in blocking the heat from escaping the ground allowing snow to settle.
  7. Heavier stuff looks to be moving into central
  8. No covering in central A dusting on cars and benches, even the pavements aren't fully wet it's patchy and still dry in places. Certainly need an increase in intensity
  9. Leeds looking to be the sweet spot judging by the radar a steady stream of heavy showers pushing in. Just in time for sunset. Hopefully here in London will get hammered.
  10. Yes Leeds definitely in the firing line as the wind starts to veer slightly more easterly.
  11. The amber warning isn't till 4pm so don't expect anything yet.
  12. Surely we should be focusing on the high resolution models at this range. EURO4 looks very good for much of Yorkshire, probably deeper snow by Sunday morning than the last spell
  13. The EURO4 at T48 is further north than the GFS at the same time frame for the position of the high. A good window of opportunity exists and the models appear to be enhancing snowfall potential especially for the south.