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  1. Big stork in North Leeds several flashes of lightning and torrential rain
  2. I'm in Leeds atm and the radar shows a viscous storm about to hit.
  3. Big flash of lightning in waterloo! (central London)
  4. Thanks for posting! I live by Waterloo station and that map perfectly shows why when I stood for ages trying to get a video of the lightning it was so hard as it was always directly overhead. That map shows it perfectly. .................... Just had some thunder.
  5. I'm in London but I've seen LBA has seen 6 inches of snow this morning.
  6. Heavy snow in Waterloo with a flash of lightning!
  7. And its snowing in Leeds!
  8. It's been snowing at LBA for a good few hours now so it'll probably get wintry where you are soon.
  9. The EURO4 accumulation charts for Wednesday 6am are interesting. Snow accumulating on high ground
  10. ECM/GFS goes for another temporary period of snowfall for high ground across West/North Yorks on Wednesday. I'm back in London now so won't see anything but could be interesting if you live around 200m+
  11. I dunno about rain but its turning to sleet here, LBA reporting it.
  12. Bingley is at 260m so at higher elevations it may turnn wintry.
  13. Yeah but there was a warning for it, the warning has gone now as the snow levels have retreated. Unfortunately I'm edging towards it not turning to snow again, temps in the city are stuck at 3.5c and show no sign of budging.
  14. Typically you wouldn't get a warning for snow if its over 300m And its not like its snowing above say 200m, its raining at 260m.
  15. It started to turn to sleet about 20 minutes ago under the slightly heavier echoes so we could well see it falling as snow again. Considering we had all rain from 10 am up until now is a good sign temps are slowly dropping.