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  1. I know some people are happy with it snowing for 48 hours but I'm over it lol.
  2. About 4/10 in intensity in central. Not enough for it to settle unfortunately.
  3. Looks like a bit of a flop up north judging by reports. Similar in London as well unfortunately.
  4. Intensity has increased in central will be interesting to see if this keeps up.
  5. About 2cm has fallen in central Shame its all fallen continually over 48 hours so hasn't had much impact on the streets.
  6. The models seem to be firming up on a streamer south of Sheffield, the flow is at a slight NE'ly which is why places that got lucky in 2010 might miss out this time. Potential for a bit of a shadow between Leeds and Sheffield where accumulations may not be as significant. This doesn't mean this area won't see lying snow just maybe in the lower bracket.
  7. I think we should air on the side of caution for next week and not have too high expectations. The met office is going for a cloudy flow, which would hamper convection for Monday and Tuesday. As time goes on the flow should become more showery but we'll see. Saturday is up in the air. EURO4 shows the heaviest precipitation clipping the south of the region, the higher resolution NMM is similar to that as well.
  8. Localised forecast not looking too bad. Models are firming up on a streamer on Tuesday morning, can't really say where will hit the jackpot. Currently parts of West And North Yorkshire but could easily switch to South Yorkshire.
  9. Ice day today surprisingly, a shame that the cold is at the surface so won't be conductive for snowfall.
  10. Not to be a debbie downer but I wouldn't expect their to be even transient snow for most of the North West. Freezing levels aren't even close to conductive for snow, even the hills away from the purple shades would see rain.
  11. Hello, has there been a data system breach on NW? I received this just now when logging in from Google.
  12. It's really on a knife edge. Uppers not getting any colder than -1, hovering between 0 and -1. Freezing level around 100m. South Yorkshire should be fine, I'd expect widespread accumulations of around 5cm to lower levels. The snow will be quite wet but the intensity should mean we'll see decent snow coverage.
  13. Not sure what to make of it but the localised meto forecast is showing 9 hours of snow followed by a period of sleet then back to snow from 2pm onwards. Which suggests perciptation over high ground could well be of a wintry nature after the main band has left.
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