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  1. Snowing again here in Nottingham, turned into a really good 24 hours
  2. Don't be too despondent yet as it was a BBC forecast I listened to that had any snow showers dying out in Nottingham yesterday Tea time. Then 7 o clock arrived & the rest as they say is history, virtually not stopped snowing here since
  3. Snow falling heavily again in Nottingham, from chucking a mardy this time yesterday to now having had almost continuous snow for over 12 hours, this has turned into some event for us, best snow in 5 years, no consolation for some I know but Nottingham missed out in December having been in the sweet spot right up until the event happened, so this really is welcome. As previously mentioned this was not forecast this time yesterday which I hope gives some hope to those still without snow. Things can change that fast
  4. Well what can I say, this time yesterday I was virtually throwing my toys out the pram that an Easterly could let Nottingham down so bad. How wrong was I, virtually snowing all night in Nottingham & still snowing lightly now, back garden when I left home had 5 inches of lying snow. Only downside I made it into work. For those without snow panicking, I feel your pain but this event in Nottingham was not forecast at all, In fact on the drive home yesterday the last forecast I heard was showers dying out, how wrong were they. Everyone is still in the game, anything additional Nottingham now gets will be a bonus as little chance of the lying snow we now have disappearing anytime soon given the forecast cloud cover/tempertures we have for today & tomorrow
  5. Fridays event needs to shift more Northeast for us the East Midlands which is currently looking unlikely. The only comfort I take is that for the snow event in December, on the Saturday Nottingham was in the sweetspot, only for the system to end up further South & West at the last minute, which meant we woke up Sunday to lightsnow while places 40 miles away to our west got hammered. Slight changes can make all the difference even at the last minute. Its a straw im clutching too
  6. Another whiteout heavy snow shower in Nottingham, settling everywhere again. Here is hoping that when the Sun inevitably returns that now we are getting later in the afternoon this snow sticks better
  7. Well that will teach me, steady snow now been falling for 30 minutes in Nottingham, no sign of the Sun & cloudy in every direction. Maybe this current Cold spell isn't done with us snow wise after all
  8. Well what can you say except another massive dose of disappointment for Nottingham again this morning, no snow whatsoever overnight that I can tell, if only one of those showers that came through yesterday had come through last night it may have been a different story. Doesn't look much shower wise today either & now Fridays event looks likes missing the East Midlands altogether. The real kicker though is normally Nottingham would do well out of this kind of set-up but aside the bitter cold today, another major disappointment. Given we missed out on the December event over in the East, Winter 2017/18 is looking like another example of close but no cigar, with very little snow.
  9. here's hoping Nottingham gets a couple of similar showers tonight because after dark they will stick & should put a decent covering down. if not Friday is probably our last throw of the dice to see a decent snow event even if it does only stick around for 24 hours. Unlike other parts of the Midlands, Notts did not do very well back in December, this winter for us will be a tale of what could have been. However with a glass half full attitude, if we can keep these showers coming in over night we should wake up to a decent covering tomorrow, & hope Friday turns out special to save Winter 17/18 for us East Midlanders
  10. Another very heavy snow shower passing through Nottingham, whiteout conditions again with massive flakes, settling everywhere but when the Sun comes out, anything not in shade vanishes. Lets hope these showers carry on after dark as Nottingham could get a decent covering tonight if they do, as they are that heavy
  11. Going to upset most of you now, we have absolute whiteout conditions in the City of Nottingham now, really heavy snow falling for 20 minutes, literally cannot see the other side of the road, settling everywhere including main roads. Only an hour ago Radio Nottingham was saying we had missed the worst as it would pass to our North, they were wrong
  12. Really hoping the East Midlands has its turn this time round, places like Nottingham really didn't do very well snow wise from the event back in December. Another case of so close but so far away for us, ended up with nothing more than a cm or so which was soon gone. Hopefully this time cities like Nottingham will be right in the firing line for a North Sea Streamer, have done well from this set up in the past. So fingers crossed
  13. You do if you live in Nottingham LOL, Jokes aside though I suppose at least this winter we have seen snow over in Nottingham albeit nothing in comparison to the West Midlands earlier this month As for todays event, still just heavy rain in Nottingham sadly, however pleased for others as like you say been a good winter so far for many in the Midlands
  14. Well another dose of disappointment for the city of Nottingham weatherwise, went to bed to heavy rain & woke up to heavy rain. travelled into work, car saying its 0 outside all the way (not the most reliable I know) but not a single flake in the rain. Made even more bizarre by places not that far away having heavy snow. As others have mentioned there are no doubt scientific reasons why Nottingham is getting heavy rain at zero degrees & other places are getting snow but just so disappointing when its such fine margins. After the disappointment of the last snow event where again Nottingham found itself on the edge, getting a couple of cms at most I have definitely decided that west is not best for us in Notts. We need a beast from the East or a decent Northeasterly to get a North Sea streamer going, sadly I probably have more chance of winning the lottery than seeing either of those this winter
  15. If last weekend is all we get snow wise this winter then I will be disappointed. Obviously pleased for you lot in the West Midlands but for us over in the East Midlands especially Nottingham area, its another sad tale of what might have been. Most of the snow that did fall was mostly gone by Monday. Just didn't happen for us again, made all the worse when your hearing places like Birmingham getting so much snow, a little over 40 miles away. that's how close we were The heavy stuff just never made it across However glass half full, the little snow we did get is still far more than we got last winter, when i'm not sure we even saw a single flake. Also plenty of winter still left so heres hoping we get a shot at another decent snowfall
  16. Not for us in Nottingham, the little snow that did fall yesterday is virtually gone now , very jealous reading feedback from the rest of the midlands, plenty of winter left for us in the East though so fingers crossed our time will come but disappointed by another near miss which like you say appears to be the best seen for years for many in the region
  17. Sadly a bit of an anti-climax for us over in Nottingham, yes it snowed yesterday but nothing like what was predicted, enough to make it look pretty but not much else. By all accounts the weather system sat further south, moving Nottingham from being in the sweet spot to being right on the edge. Jealous of you lot further south/west However it does mean we had more snow yesterday than in the whole of the winter last year. Im not sure I even saw a flake in winter 2016/17, so signs are good seeing as its still very early in the Winter. Just wish the hype had matched the reality for us in Nottingham yesterday
  18. My fear is that Sunday ends up too the south of Nottingham & we are still very cold but nothing, a horrible near miss. Sadly the showers the West Midlands are currently having show little chance of giving us in the East Midlands anything, bright sunshine here although cold. All our eggs are in this Sundays basket although past experience has taught me is expect the worst re snow chances so as too not be disappointed when inevitable disappointment pans out LOL
  19. Sunday has the potential to be very special for the most of the Midlands including us in the East if it comes off, one of those events you remember for years so fingers crossed
  20. I think for us over in the East Midlands our best chance of snow comes on Sunday, Sunday could be special or the usual anti-climax of the last few winters when its rain rather than snow that falls out the sky much to everyone's frustration. As for tomorrow & saturday, potential for some showers to make it across to us in the East & give a few a nice surprise but for me its all about sunday for us
  21. Yes it was bizarre, would be interesting to hear the views of the more technically minded amongst us as to just what went wrong for most of us snow wise last weekend in the Midlands.
  22. Well what a complete & utter waste of time that last cold snap was for Nottingham. looks like another winter will pass without a single day of lying snow. I suppose I should be grateful I have actually seen snow flakes albeit intermixed with pouring rain. So disappointed with last weekend, winds from the East, with decent precipitation yet dew points that marginal that we end up with periods of wet snow mixed with rain that never stood a chance of settling. You just couldnt make it up. Given latest output time to move on methinks
  23. Snowing more heavily in Nottingham but when I say heavy I mean you can actual see it, certainly not heavy enough to make any kind of impact
  24. The problem with the model thread especially with cold/snow in the winter or sun/heat in the summer is some are obsessed with how long something will last before its even arrived. Give me a 24 hour snow day this weekend with the kids & it can be barbecue weather all next week for all I care. Sadly I think it will be cold this weekend with the odd snow shower but not enough power in the showers to warrant buying a sledge LOL
  25. Well it rained in Nottingham but not a single flake however to be fair we were never forecast anything from that system coming up from the south. Lets hope tonight brings better news for us over in the East from the system coming down from Scotland however knowing Nottingham it will miss us & just affect lincolnshire
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