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  1. Thanks, thought it was evaporation but didn't know why. Sods law, we seldom get them low enough for snow and when we do they are too low!
  2. What's the explanation for the radar showing snow but nothing happening? What conditions cause this?
  3. Anyone know what the chances are of that curl of snow hitting the south coast? Met and BBC are at odds just for a change!!
  4. Put a bottle of champers in, only to be drunk if it snowed...................yippee. It's still snowing, which right down by the sea is worth celebrating. (Although to be fair I can be persuaded to open a bottle in less extreme circumstances!)
  5. Well, so much for a cold snap it was more like monsoon season around here yesterday. We had a shower that developed yesterday afternoon and just didn't move, there's a video of the rivers of water that closed the roads in a village near me yesterday on the Wessex FM website. www.wessexfm.com/news/dorset-news/2786340/flooding-in-portesham/
  6. Well what a fab day. Heavy snow from 6ish, first sledging by nine, second sledging by 1pm. Nice roastie followed by a couple of pints and to finish off it's started snowing again. It's just a shame it only happens every 9 or 10 years, by my reckoning I've only got another couple of shots at this before I'm too decrepit!!
  7. I hoping that blob keeps heading north not west, it seems to have slowed in the channel a tad. MInd you this is the reader of the radar who thought this snow was going to miss me earlier this morning.
  8. I was very nervous when I looked at the radar at 5am to see the snow was just to my right and looked like it was going to miss me. Fortunately it is pepping up nicely in the Channel and it is snowing quite hard here now. Hope everyone else gets some too. Off for my first walk of no doubt many today. Just waiting for the fields to go white so I can go sledging. Fortunately there won't be any hidden frozen molehills like there were the last time, by god they hurt!
  9. Thanks all! All I want to do is put my bum on a bit of plastic tomorrow and bundle down a hill, then I'll be happy. I'm getting on a bit now so every bit of snow that falls has to useable!!
  10. I'm getting the feeling that this is going to be a non event, can anyone cheer me up?
  11. I bet the BBC forecasters must hate this set up with warnings issued by the MET and the forecast issued by METEO. It just makes them look stupid when their graphics don't match. I hope the Beeb are reviewing the accuracy of the new forecasts.
  12. Is anyone else noticing that the Met and the Beeb forecasts are widely different? As a trader who relies on accurate forecasting I don't know who I should be trusting. My instinct is the met but I have to say Meteo called the cold spell more accurately for my area. Has anyone done any analysis/comparisons?
  13. Well this is a nice pressie for my 50th birthday year. Got my bum on a sled and had a good laugh. Not pleasant hitting frozen mole hills at speed though!! Really hope we get a load more overnight.
  14. This snow is just like we had back in '78. It started steadily with heavy powdery snow blowing around and then just carried on snowing. Lets hope we get as much as we did then.
  15. Me too, Dad said at the time we only get decent snow up from France and he was right.
  16. Really strange set up with the Beeb using METEO, they gave the met office amber warning but their forecast obviously doesn't match it. I get Spotlight here so don't have the benefit for Ian F.
  17. The BBC forecast just now was pants, it seemed to ignore Thurs, jump to Friday and then with PLYMOUTH plastered across my location told me nothing!!
  18. BBC forecast and MET office forecast for my location are very different. Loving the MET, who will be right because one of them is going to be very wrong.
  19. David Braine didn't cover thurs in his forecast a few minutes ago, should I be worried?
  20. Because the graphics on their website don't match what they are saying then. I checked for my location this morning and I was underwhelmed by the forecast.
  21. I couldn't tell from the BBC forecast this lunchtime whether the snow forecast is going to turn to rain and when due the word PLYMOUTH covering most of south dorset. I wish they'd sort there graphics out, it's also difficult to distinguish between cloud and snow
  22. What a bizarre sky, it's as dark as dusk here with a yellow hue. It reminds me of the sky when we had the eclipse back in 1999. Don't like it!!
  23. Thanks for that. I've have removed all the diseased leaves as best I can and bagged. I've got some sprouts planted a bit further away from the diseased ones so I'm hoping they might survive. I've decided not to grow any brassicas for a year or two as they have been problematic over the last couple of years. I just need to check what other plants it could affect.............hope it's not many!!
  24. Can anyone help me identify the disease that is wiping out my brassica crops? So far it has affected my broad leaf, curly and italian kale and has just started to spread to the swedes, turnip and spinach. It starts with white lesions/splash marks on the leaves followed by the leaves at the centre curling and rotting. I'm not sure if I have a number of fungal diseases or just one that I can't identify. It's really important that I find out what it is as I sell my produce and am getting v worried I'm not going to be able to use the land next year. Thanks in advance.
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